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Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

monitor snapchat without jailbreak

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In the current scenario due to technical advancements, protecting the kids from cyber threats seems to be a challenging task. You can now monitor Snapchat without a jailbreak in your kid’s online activities. To overcome cyberbullying and internet fear you have to explore innovative measures. As per the statistics, report kids spent much time in this virtual world and it is the responsibility of the parents to guard them against unwanted issues.

The youngsters are very much excited about the chatting apps. Snapchat is one of the popular communication apps in this cyber world. Monitor the Snapchat activities of the adolescent kids to guide them on the right path. The parents should try to prevent their kids from involving unwanted internet activities, which might ruin their future. In this article, discover the unique tools to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak.

At the present situation, you should monitor the children’s gadget activities to mold their future towards a right and successful path. By controlling the online activities of the kids, you will be able to focus them in their passionate field rather spending their precious time in this virtual world. With the help of the Famisafe software, you can access your children’s gadgets accurately and record their activities remotely. Take a quick look at the three different tools, which provide amazing access to your kid’s device to implement better control.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

3 ways to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak

Read the three innovative apps to overlook the Snapchat activities of your kids optimally. It is the right time to look for effective software to monitor the online activities of kids to get rid of unwanted cyber traps. Parents will really feel comfortable if they are able to view the gadget activities of their children remotely. Every tool is unique, and you can explore its features easily. Let us discuss in detail below with the clear illustrations.

1) Spyzie

Spyzie is an effective app to monitor the online activities of the kids. Spy on your kid’s phone using this tool and monitor their actions without jailbreak. This innovative software records the online chats accurately flawlessly.


  • Compatible to iOS and Android devices
  • Monitor call logs by recording the call history
  • This app also displays the most frequently dialed number in your kid’s phone
  • Tracks down the usage of the app accurately
  • User-friendly tool
  • Easy to handle

Steps to track the Snapchat activities of your children through Spyzie tool

Step 1: First, you have to create a Spyzie account. Purchase the subscription and create an account immediately if you want to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak. During the setup, you have to provide information about your kid’s device for tracking purpose

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Step 2: Download the tracking app in your device and install it.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Install the tracking app in your kid’s device and enter the credentials of the Spyzie account to start tracking out the Snapchat activities of your children.

Step 3: Finally. After the setup process, you can easily trace out the activities precisely.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

2). mSpy

This app is an amazing platform to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak. You can make use of this alternative tool to protect your children from cyber bullying, internet threats like adult content, addictive web games etc.


  • Awesome customer support round the clock
  • Availability of family kit for effective parenting
  • Track the activities of your children in WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat etc
  • Great compatibility
  • Two versions are available such as mSpy with jailbreak and mSpy without jailbreak

Stepwise procedure to monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak using mSpy

Step 1: Initially you have to purchase the mSpy product by completing the transaction process and then make use of its features. Visit the official website if you want to make a successful download.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing this tool. Make use of email guidance to carry out the installation process. Follow the wizard and install the mSpy tool in your device. You can also take the assistance from the 24/7 support team if you encounter any issues while installing the tool.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Follow the wizard carefully and complete the installation process quickly.

Step 3: Start monitoring the Snapchat history of your kid easily with the help of mSpy software

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

You can easily record the Snapchat messages, images, and videos from your kid’s device easily with help of this fabulous tool. You can spy on your kid’s gadgets to guard them against internet threats and cyberbullying.

3). Famisafe

An incredible family kit from Wondershare. This tool assists the parents in protecting the kids from internet problems like addiction, porn videos, adult content websites, gambling web pages etc. It is the perfect tool to guard your children effectively. This user-friendly tool helps the parents to provide complete protection for their kids from the untold dangers of the internet. Create a protective fence for your kids from this unsafe cyber world with the help of the effective tool. You can track out various online social network activities of the kids remotely. Monitor Snapchat without jailbreak with the help of this awesome tool. This software is highly affordable, and you can purchase it at discount rates as per your needs.


  • You can try out the trial version and then make a purchase after learning the features in this app.
  • Monitor the kid’s activities in their device, and you can control it with the help of screen time functionality. Screen time feature enables the parents to set time for device usage. Make use of this option to set timings for every app in your kid’s device.
  • Create a Geo-fence using this app and protect your kids from the entry of prohibited areas near your locality.
  • Ease installation, and you can work on this platform easily. It is a user-friendly app. You can make use of the stepwise instructions to carry out the desired tasks successfully.
  • Monitor and block the unwanted apps in your kid’s device remotely and your kid will not be able to sense you monitoring activity by any means.

Explore the systematic process of this fabulous parenting tool

Step 1: Visit the official website of Famisafe and download the trial version for better understanding. You can also download it from the app store easily.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Step 2: Install the app by following the wizard. Set up the app in your kid’s device by connecting it to your phone to carry out a precise monitoring activity. Start the app by tapping the Famisafe icon in your device

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Step 3: Select ‘Activity Report’ from the home page to monitor the kid’s online activities optimally. This tool will generate the report displaying the time spent on each app and its related details. You can also monitor in a deeper note by looking at the activities carried out by your kid in each app accurately and trace out the suspicious messages sent and received from your kid’s device with the help of this innovative tool.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Why FamiSafe stands out?

Famisafe stands out in the digital market due to its ease usage with outstanding features and trial free version. You can easily explore the features of this tool even if you do not have any prior knowledge. To work on this software you need not require any technical knowledge, it is enough if you follow the guidelines to carry out specific tasks. During installation just keep up with the instructions given by this tool. This software provides you complete family protection from internet threats and other forms of cyber issues.

  • This tool allows the parents to track the location of their kid’s device easily
  • With the help of the location history, the parents will be able to learn the movements of the kids during their absence
  • This software serves as the best tracking device, and it records precise information
  • Blocks the entry of adult content websites
  • The web history displays the online activities of the kids
  • The parents can set screen time for their kids to restrict the device usage

Therefore, Famisafe is a unique tool to control the gadget activities of the kids in the absence of their parents.


Thus, it is high time to monitor the activities of the kids in the social networking websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat etc to protect from unnecessary issues. The parent’s key responsibility extends by providing safe internet environment in order to explore their capabilities. Famisafe offers a blissful online experience for the children. Trace out the online movements of the kids precisely and take preventive measures on time. Choose Famisafe to provide a safe environment in this digital world of the internet. Make use of this tool optimally and explore its features to build a secure ambiance for your kid to have fun in this cyber world.

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