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Teen Text Slang Decode: What Should Parents Know?

Teen Text Slang Decode

Teen speak, also known as slang, is in simple terms an informal language popular among adolescents. It is because they are considered primary drivers of language change and are more daring and innovative with regard to communication.

I don't know why I am even defining this! I mean, if you are human, you know what teen speak, and teen text is all about! It is a rite of passage for every teenager since language creativity is part of every teen's cognitive development. It gives them a sense of belonging and connection to their peers. The only difference between slang in the past and today is technology.

Today's slang is jibber-jabber to your ears. Damn right, what would be the fun in it if you, the parent, understand what your teenagers and their friends were talking about to each other? So yeah, the bonus tip, besides gaining independence and feeling accepted by their age-mates, teen-speak is meant to keep you in the dark.

teen text slang decode

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Well, all is normal and okay if the teen texts are just funny, harmless words they exchange with one another. But when teen-speak becomes offensive, abusive, illegal, sexual, and harmful in context, it is high time you took it seriously.

In this article, we address sneaky texting codes, give lists of harmless and risky text slang you should be on the look-out for, and how to deal with teen-speak among your teenage kids. Read on.

Popular Teen Text Slang

Now, we look at some of the most popular sneaky texting codes among teenagers in today's digital world. You must have come across several. Find out which and what they mean in the list below.

Harmless text slang

  1. Scoop: to pick an individual up, e.g., at their house,
  2. Yeet: expression of excitement over something,
  3. AMOSC: acronym for adding me on Snapchat,
  4. Rn: Right now,
  5. Curve: to reject a person romantically,
  6. LYAAF: love you as a friend,
  7. 123: I agree,
  8. NC: no comment,
  9. WRU: where are you?
  10. WUD: what are you doing?
  11. Salty: implies someone is talking in a sassy or bitter way,
  12. IMO: in my opinion,
  13. Dime: a beautiful person on a scale of 1-10,
  14. Hml: hit my line, call or text me, I will be waiting,
  15. Woke: implies being aware of current affairs or social issues, being in the know always,
  16. Fam: an excellent and close friend,
  17. Thirsty: used to imply desperation, impatience, overly eager,
  18. Gucci: very impressive,
  19. SMH: shaking my head,
  20. Huggle: a combination of hugs and snuggles.

These are some of the okay text slang that is frequently used among teens while conversing on their devices. You have to admit they are so strange, and some words (numbers) mean a different thing from the usual meaning of the word (name) as you know it. Well, that's teen-speak nowadays. Now let's have a look at the red-flag text slang popular among teens.

Risky text slang

  1. 121: stands for let's chat in private,
  2. F2F: this is an offer to video chat or meets in person (face to face),
  3. 1174: an invitation to meet at a particular place, mostly for a wild party,
  4. Aeap/Alap: referencing to parties, as early as possible or as late as possible,
  5. Wth: what the heck/hell??
  6. Af: as f***, implying extremity,
  7. 9, CD9, Code 9: parents are around,
  8. 99: parents are away,
  9. WTTP: want to trade pictures?
  10. TDTM: talk dirty to me,
  11. 182: I hate you,
  12. Sugarpic: implies a sexually suggestive or erotic image,
  13. KPC: keep parents clueless,
  14. A3: anytime, anywhere, anyplace,
  15. MOS/POS: mom/parents over the shoulder,
  16. SWYP: so what's your problem?
  17. Shade: means to "throw shade" or "throwing shade" to put someone down,
  18. Zerg: to team up against someone, or gang up on somebody,
  19. S2R: send to receive,
  20. LMIRL: let's meet in real life.

Other dangerous teens sexual and drug-related phrases include:

  1. Pharming: the act of getting into medicine cabinets to find drugs to get high on,
  2. Robo-tripping: consuming cough syrup to get high,
  3. Blue boogers: snorting Adderall or Ritalin,
  4. White lady: cocaine, heroin,
  5. Speed, crank, uppers, Crystal, or Tina: meth.

What to do if you find out your kids are using the above teen-speak for sexting?

Sexting is not uncommon among today's teens. Teens are curious and love to try things out. If your teens are sexting, here are few things you need to do.

  • Talk to them about the possible dangers of sexting.
  • Ask them not to share pictures of their body.
  • Let them come to you for help when needed.

Parents can also check out more about whether sexting is legal or not here to learn more about it.

To mention but a few, these are some of the risky and dangerous text slang teenagers frequently use to indulge in harmful, immoral, and health-threatening activities. Teens communicate all these risky slangs right in front of their parents/guardians' eyes without them figuring out what in the world is they are talking about.

It must be so devastating seeing your teenager waste away right before your own eyes.

Hence in this article, we talk about software that can assist you in saving your teenage kids and help them get the necessary help they are in dire need of today. There is always room for restoration. Keep scrolling.

How Parents Can Get Alert at Any Time

The good thing about technology is every difficulty or problem that arises from it has a matching technological solution to it. Sometimes, teens are using bad slang, or slang with cyberbullying risks, and parents should be aware of it. In this case, FamiSafe has got your back.

When it comes to monitoring the dangerous text code on kids' devices, FamiSafe would be of great help. It comes with the Explicit Content Detection feature that can be used to detect suspicious text on kids' messages, social apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Kik, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube (for Android only). It frees the burden of parents to check the messages on these platforms one by one.

The best of FamiSafe's Explicit Content Detection feature is that you will be able to add the word you want to monitor to the monitoring list and receive notifications when such messages are detected. Parents can add the risky teen text to the list and start monitoring their kid's devices easily.

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You may be wondering what other features are supported by FamiSafe. Here, let me introduce some of its most-loved features by parents to you.

- Geo-fencing and real-time location tracking

With the live location feature, you can monitor the whereabouts of your teen in real-time. It is, therefore, easy to track down the places they go to. You also get to know when they leave and enter the areas you set up via geo-fences.

- Monitoring activity and blocking applications

You can follow up on how your kid uses their phone, what media apps they use more often, which ones they installed or uninstalled. If an app is proving to be harmful to your child, you can always block it.

- Filtering web content & Enable Safe Search

The internet is a place full of all kinds of information. It is normal for parents to worry about which website our kids may be visiting. Using FamiSafe to automatically filter harmful websites or enable Safe Search to allow online censored content to show up.

- Tracking and controlling screen time

It is undeniable that today's kids can spend 24 hours a day glued to their phone screens without any restrictions put in place. Thanks to FamiSafe, you have the power to control when to use the phone and when to put them away. You can also find out how much screen time has been used on the kid's device to decide whether they can use the devices anymore.

- Flexible remote control & wide compatibility

You don't have to worry about sneaking up on your kid's phone to figure out what is going on. With FamiSafe installed on the teen's phone, you can monitor activity on their phone after setting everything on your device. By supporting Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, and Windows, FamiSafe covers almost all the popular devices on the market.

use famsiafe to monitor text speak

Due to the everyday use of teen-speak among teenagers, it is a must for you as a parent to familiarize yourself with the words, abbreviations, and numbers. You have to pay attention to what your kids are talking about and who their friends are.

Find out how technology impacts their lives, adding to instilling good morals or eroding and replacing them with dangerous characteristics. Furthermore, strive to develop open communication between you and your teenager, don't let technology get in between your relationship with your teen.

Also, make use of FamiSafe to stay woke about your kid's phone activity. It is a safe and effective way to track their locations, get alerted on any suspicious SMS, and detect explicit content sent or received on their devices.

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