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Best Android Heart Rate Monitor Apps

android heart rate monitor

Being Healthy is the most important part of a happy life, as the famous saying “Health is Wealth”. Hence we cannot ignore the need for a regular health checkup especially for people who need to visit a hospital on a regular basis to regulate their pulse rate or heart rate. However, there is an easier answer to all the hassle you may have to go through in a hospital, Heart rate monitor apps. Well, there are various heart rate monitor applications available for Android for heart patients. Yes, you can now take the help of heart rate monitor applications for helping yourself or your loved ones track their heart rate regularly and avoid any mishap. You all would know the fact that heart patients and people with cardiovascular problems need intense care and frequent check-up to avoid further complications.

Therefore, we are here today to help you with some of the best Android heart rate monitor apps of 2018 in this article. Read further to explore.


5 Best Android Heart Rate Monitor Apps

To determine your physical condition after any training session, or when you feel stressed, it is very important to measure the heart rate level. Now, you can do that anywhere and anytime with the heart rate monitor applications that are now available for Android phones as mentioned below.

  1. Runtastic Heart Rate


Seeking an immediate heart rate monitor? Then you should try the Runtastic heart rate application that is which can turn your Android phone into a heart rate monitor without any external hardware and chest straps. Operation of Runtastic rate monitor is too easy, simply place the tip of your index finger over the phone’s camera and your instant heart rate monitor is ready.  From here you can take the readings of your pulse right on your Android phone screen. The Runtastic application is not a medical product but operates with the help of a camera sensor to measure the pulse rate. Runtastic supports both iOS and Android.

Features of Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

  • Runtastic Heart Rate is a free Android heart rate monitor application that gives an accurate measurement.
  • The application has an amazing interface and the results are depicted in the form of a Graph.
  • Runtastic Heart Rate has three measuring modes like Maximum Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate, Pre and Post Workout Heart Rate.
  • With the help of this app, you can upload your results in Runtastic.com and you can compare your previous heart rate to analyze with restored measurements after a week or a month.
  • You can also create an account in Runtastic and upgrade to the Runtastic Heart Rate Pro application for $1.99.

Tips to use:

  • Never press your finger too hard on the flashlight and camera.
  • While taking readings, keep calm and never move your fingers as the accuracy might be less.
  • Avoid wet fingers during measurements.


    1. Instant Heart Rate


Instant Heart Rate is one of the most popular heart rate monitor applications that support both iOS and Android. Instant heart rate is an invention from Azumizo and is best known for its user interface and simple operation. In addition, you can add voice tags or details to each measurement that will give a clear idea of when the measurement was taken such as during exercise, after waking up, etc. Instant Heart Rate consists of a target zone calculator, notification sessions and provides clear instructions.

Features of Instant heart rate

  • You can save all the older measurements CSV format and keep it in your Azumizo account for future reference.
  • This application is free of charge but it can store details of only five measurements. You can upgrade to Instant Heart rate Pro that will cost you around $1.99 to add more.
  • Instant heart rate can be used daily to take measurements and is of high accuracy.
  • It is approved as one of the trusted apps by top research institutions to measure heart rate and pulse rate in BPM (Beats Per Minute).

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  1. Heart Rate


The Heart rate monitor from sport.com is one of the crucial Cardiograph Android applications that operators without the help of any external hardware or sensors. It is more useful in real-time as it is of high accuracy. Heart rate monitor follows the mechanism of generating the heart rate result by analyzing the flow of blood at your fingertips.

Features of Heart Rate application

  • The Heart Rate app has the ability to measure the heart rate through your finger with the help of your Android camera. You can put your finger on the camera and once the app icon turns green, the measurement is done.
  • You do not need a chest strap to measure heart rate.
  • This application uses graph representations for better understanding.

Get The Android Heart Rate Monitor from Google Play >>


  1. Cardiograph


Do you require a simple and pleasing Android heart rate monitor that would act as a cardiograph? Well, then the Cardiograph application will be your best bet. Another advantage of Cardiograph is that it has been built with the help of Android Wear support that helps it to work on smartphones too with the help of sensors.

Features of Cardiograph application

  • You can create your user profile in Cardiograph and share the results with your friends. There are multiple people who can use the Cardiograph application.
  • Cardiograph acts as a clean and intuitive design with navigating screens and clear operation.
  • It is a free heart rate measuring app with which you can keep track of multiple profiles.

Get The Android Heart Rate Monitor from Google Play >>


  1. Polar Beat


Is there a Bluetooth-based heart rate monitor in Android that will help me in my daily training sessions and also guide me? Yes, absolutely, you can try Polar Beat. It is specially designed to measure your heartbeat, plan your schedule, train as per your schedule, analyze the results, and share your results with your friends. Polar Beat is the best if you are in need of a real-time heart rate monitoring app to help you improve your health.

Features of Polar Beat

  • You can track live heart rate.
  • With the help of GPS location, you can map your route and distance estimation for your training.
  • To reach your goals and targets, Polar Beat has voice guidance that will provide you with tips and strategies.
  • It also helps in sharing your fitness result with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Get The Android Heart Rate Monitor from Google Play >>


FamiSafe - The Best Android Monitoring Software

With the help of the above discussed Android heart rate tracker applications, you can keep yourself and your loved ones fit and away from heart problems.

So, now, in this section, we shall talk about FamiSafe which will help in the welfare of your family and in your parenting job too. It is very true to say that parenting job is not easy but it can be made simple and manageable with the help of parental control applications like FamiSafe. FamiSafe is proven to be the best parental control software of 2018 for its simple operation and numerous exciting features. I strongly recommend this app if you have growing kids at your home.


Features of FamiSafe

  • You can track your kid's browsing history as well as their real-time location history.
  • The geo-fence feature of FamiSafe is extremely effective as you can restrict your kids from entering unsafe and far off places.
  • Another exciting feature is the Screen Time option which locks the phone during sleep time and the time of the study.
  • The app also blocks harmful applications on your kid's phone.
  • FamiSafe is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it a complete parenting app.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Technology has sprouted its roots in all departments and has made what was once impossible now achievable. In this modern world, everything is available with a single touch and the small machine in our hand called smartphone does the entire job for you. However, it is our duty to use it in the right manner and upgrade our knowledge level in a positive way. Likewise, both FamiSafe and heart rate monitor applications are the best example of technology today. So, download the applications to safeguard your kids as well as your heart for a better tomorrow.

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