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Teen sexting: why sexting addition is dangerous?

dangerous teen sexting

The word “Sexting” is derived from two words, “Sex” and “text,” which form the basics of its definition. Sexting is defined as the act of sending sexually explicit content via text messages. The activity can be carried out on many social media apps like line, TikTok, Tellonym, and so on. Sexting can also come in the form of sending explicit photos or images. Also, note that sexting addiction can occur when it gets compulsive or uncontrollable for any person engaged in the act.

Teen sexting

Why Sexting Is Addictive?

Sexting is like combining both sexual addiction and internet abuse. Sex addicts are usually guilty of the acts. They are the type who get sexual gratification from sending explicit messages or anything that portrays pornography. Sexting addiction, like any other addiction, is progressive, and it can destroy lives. Those addicted to sexting often desire to get more experience or gratification by carrying out such activities.

But why exactly is it addictive?

This addictive tendency can be explained as it relates to human biology and psychology. Sexting addiction is a compulsive action of the mind. In terms of brain biology, this type of action that seems to provide body gratification is induced by the release of dopamine, and this makes no difference with sexting.

The Dangers of Sexting Addiction for Teens

  1. Emotional Imbalance:

Teen sexting-Emotional Imbalance

A teenager who is addicted to sexting is setting a pace for a series of emotional imbalances. Becoming addicted to sexting could set the pace for anxiety disorders. As with the worry of things not going on the downside, if such a teen does not take up therapy to deal with such addiction, he or she could pay a higher cost with depression. From depression, such teens might eventually consider suicide. In essence, sexting addiction comes with a huge emotional burden to whoever is engaged in it.

  1. Legal consequences:

Teen sexting-Legal consequences

This is the worst-case scenario. Sexting addiction could imply legal consequences, especially if the victim is below 18 years. It could mean a jail time penalty of 15 years for sharing sexually explicit pictures of themselves via text messaging. It could eventually set-up chain reactions that could damage a teenager’s future.

  1. Exposure to Sexual Predators:

Teen sexting-Exposure to Sexual Predators

An addiction to sexting is quite costly, especially in the online world. Malicious or sexually explicit content shared can be randomly circulated by the recipient to other people. When it gets to such a case, there is no way such teenagers can control who sees those explicit contents. They pose the risk of contact with a sexual predator who gets the contact and may want to establish direct contact—thus causing a series of unfortunate events like sexual abuse or rape.

  1. Destroys Reputation:

Teen sexting-Destroys Reputation

A teen who always sex-texts with other teenagers could be ruining their reputation. In their young state, they may not be able to discern who to trust with such content. Some of the friends who receive such content could circulate shared explicit photos or videos to the public. These contents could get to their parents, teachers at school and in worst cases to the whole world.

The Signs of Sexting Addiction

There are visible signs parents should watch out for in ascertaining if their teen is a sexting addict.

    1. Increased secrecy:

One of the ample ways to confirm if your Kid is addicted to sexting is when you observe some secretive behaviors. Such teens may act withdrawn from you and won’t want any sort of interference. They would take any kind of parental concern as an obtrusion of privacy. That aside, they treat their phones like a second partner and may lock them up before sleeping just to safeguard any inversion.

    1. Change in behavior:

A teenager involved in sexting addiction may change their behavioral patterns. Such as the way they act towards home and school work. It becomes evident if your teenager was once open-minded but suddenly decided to go into a private space.

    1. Increased screen time:

Another prominent sign to show your teen is addicted to sexting or something obscure is when there is a sudden spike in screen time. And when they use their mobile gadgets, they do so secretively.

How Parents Prevent Teen from Sexting Addiction

  1. Prevent obsessive use of mobile phones: The more screen time your kids or teens spend on their mobile devices, the likely the exposure to sexting. They might get involved with a stranger through social media who might send them sexually explicit content or even demand from them. As a parent, always set downtimes on gadget-use, so they can concentrate on other social activities. You can also go to the extremes of preventing gadget use for a period. Make them realize they can survive without the use of gadgets for a time interval.
  2. Have an open dialogue on the issue: As uncomfortable as this sounds, parents must create an open conversation on issues surrounding sexting. Make the conversation more informative and less judgemental. Having this kind of conversation allows your kids to open up to you about issues surrounding them. Through this means of communication, your kid can let you know if they are involved in sexting. This gives you an edge in taking actionable steps in curbing such acts before it becomes an addiction. Let them know there are legal consequences for sharing explicit content, and they should desist from such actions.
  3. Set Rules: If you can set rules for your teens when they start to drive a car. Nothing should stop you from setting rules restricting their gadget use. While it may seem creepy, make random checks on your Kid’s phone on who they contact (call or message) daily. You can set rules to limit their screen time or gadget use.
  4. Use of Parental monitoring apps like Famisafe: The use of parental control apps like FamiSafe has proven to be an effective means of preventing sexting. With the FamiSafe app, you can monitor what your kids do on their mobile gadgets without direct interference on privacy. It comes with features that can help in preventing sexting addiction in your kids. These features include;

FamiSafe Parental Control

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection
    • App Block & Usage:

Famisafe App Block

There are messaging apps that promote sexting activities. The best thing a good parent can do is use FamiSafe in blocking such sexting apps on their mobile phones. This brings control to parents in preventing the use of some apps that promotes the transfer of explicit content. You can also use the app to help your kid gain self-control, especially if they are addicted to sexting.

    • Browser History & Web Filter:

Famisafe Web filter Famisafe browse-history

FamiSafe app allows you to set special keywords associated with explicit content. Therefore, whenever your kid attempts to surf websites containing these explicit keywords. The URLs of sexting websites checked containing these keywords are grouped into categories, making it easy to block their URLs. The FamiSafe feature also allows you to access your Kid’s browser history even when it’s deleted or on Incognito mode.

  • Explicit content Detection:

Famisafe Explicit content Detection

FamiSafe app comes with an explicit Content Detection feature that notifies you when some suspicious content are detected with risky keywords. Once these explicit contents are identified, you can then take the appropriate steps in ensuring the safety of your kids.


In this digital era, sexting addiction is getting on the rise, especially among teenagers. Such teenagers find pleasure in sending explicit content in the form of texts, videos, or images. Therefore, this website aims to educate parents on the sexting, signs you observe when your kids get addicted to sexting. It also keeps you aware of the inherent dangers of sexting addiction.

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