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5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

iPhone Sleep Monitor & Tracker

Getting proper sleep has become a big issue in the busy lives of most of the people. The proper way to give rest to the body is to take healthy naps. Undisturbed sleep is the factor that determines that your mind got relaxed while you were asleep or not. So, if you face issues like insomnia or restlessness while you sleep, then it is time to take some actions that will help you monitor your sleep. Many iPhone sleep monitor apps or sleep apps for Apple watch have been designed to get the users' reports of sleep to tell them whether they are getting the rest they need or not. Since the Apple Watch has been introduced, tracking sleep conditions and issues has become simple and easy. You can use the sleep monitor apps that are listed in the article for sleep monitoring.

best sleep app for apple watch and iphone

5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

The best sleep tracking apps for iPhone and Apple watch are listed below:

1. Sleep++:

sleep monitor app for iphone and apple watch -  Sleep++

The Sleep++ uses the apple watch for its motion and health monitoring capabilities. It can measure the duration and quality of sleep. It is well known that the better you sleep, the better your health will be. That's why it is important to keep an exact track of your sleep so that you will have proper knowledge of your body functions. You will get a straightforward report of the time period you slept and whether your heart was at rest or not.


  • It has both an automatic and a manual mode for monitoring.
  • Sleep++ integrates precisely and provides a safe and private way to share your sleep chart.
  • You can also add Sleep Analysis into your Health Database.
  • Improved morning sleep summary notifications.

best sleep tracker app apple watch 3 - Sleep++

2. Pillow:

automatic sleep tracking app for iphone and apple watch - Pillow

Pillow is an advanced iPhone sleep monitor app that can effortlessly track your sleep routine. It provides a complete knowledge of the benefits of good night sleep. This app has been included in the list of best Health and Fitness apps. You can easily track your sleep using the Apple Watch and view the watch's report with your heart rate analysis.


  • The app has innovative Apple Watch support and an easy to use interface.
  • This app will automatically add your sleep duration and quality to Apple's Health app after every sleep you've had.
  • It uses an advanced sleep analysis algorithm to provide an accurate report of your sleep.
  • You will get a detailed sleep stage diagram and session statistics.
  • It records sound using the smart audio algorithm, which discards the other noises.
  • You can also make a backup of your data on iCloud safely.

best apple watch sleep tracker - Pillow

3. AutoSleep:

best sleep app for apple watch 5 - AutoSleep

This iPhone sleep monitoring app will automatically track your sleep quality and the time span from your apple watch. It is not compulsory to wear your watch to bed; the app will still track your sleep. It will send you a notification the moment you unlock your iPhone in the morning. AutoSleep provides a smart and simple wizard that has the option to tweak in case you are a restless sleeper.


  • The first widget tracks your system and heart rate while you sleep to see if your batteries are charged.
  • The second widget tracks the time you took to fall asleep and is also optional.
  • When you wear the watch to bed, it will also analyze the sleep quality and provide you a comprehensive analysis of your night.
  • It will automatically update your sleep report to the Apple Health App.

apple watch sleep tracker free - AutoSleep

4. HeartWatch:

best apple watch sleep tracker - HeartWatch

The HeartWatch application was built so smartly to sync with the Apple Watch as if Apple designed the app itself.  The Apple watch is really a sophisticated iPhone sleep monitoring tool to capture your heart rate during the day. It allows the user to see their heart report using 4 points, i.e., waking, regular, workout, sleeping. You will be able to monitor your heart rate during all these activities efficiently.


  • It is a fast and easy to use the app with automatic sync with the Apple watch.
  • You can navigate the irregularities of heart rate and check on the day's high and low points.
  • The Health kit takes notes about your day and tracks sleep accurately.
  • Every time when the app sees an irregularity in your condition, it will send a reminder to your iPhone.

best sleep tracker app - HeartWatch

5. Beddit:

best sleep tracking app for apple watch - Beddit

The Beddit app is an ambient and automatic iPhone sleep monitoring app that can track your sleep, heart rate, respiration, snoring, bedroom temperature, and humidity. It is specially designed to solve the sleep problems, not just track it.


  • The app will provide you a brief detail of why that would help you get a good night's sleep.
  • This app can connect you with expert physicians to help you with your sleep problems.
  • It has a digital crown feature which helps the user to get a sleep score for every night.

how to track sleep on apple watch - Beddit

FamiSafe - The Smart Sleep Schedule APP for Parental Control

It usually happens that kids don't listen to their parents because they want to play the phone on bedtime. What's more, whether they are in bed, at breakfast or dinner, or at school, they regularly use their phone without limitation. FamiSafe app will allow the parents to put a stop to their inappropriate behavior and control what time should kids go to bed by setting a smart screen time schedule at a specific time and place.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Features for sleep monitor & parental control for iOS:

  • Screen time Tracking and Control: it will help the parents to put a screen time limit on the kid's device and check daily screen usage.
  • App Blocker: if you found your kids are chatting with their friends on social media or playing games at bedtime, you can block the apps.
  • Device Block & Smart Schedule: By setting schedules at specific places, help kids stay focus at homework time or give kids reasonable sleep time. Besides, block devices when you want to curb your kids' phone addiction.

FamiSafe Parental Control - sleep tracker app FamiSafe Parental Control - sleep monitor app

Other Useful Features of FamiSafe for Parental Control

The above-listed features are useful when it comes to limiting the usage of phones at bedtime. As a powerful parental control app, FamiSafe also has other useful features for parental control

  • Web History & Content filter: parents can check and filter the content their kid sees on the various platforms and browsers. For Android devices, parents can even check private history or in incognito mode.
  • Explicit Content & Photo Detection: Through FamiSafe, parents can detect all the explicit content and comments sent on YouTube. FamiSafe also gives flexible offensive words setting to prevent your kids from online threats. It also allows parents to get alerts when suspicious photos are detected from the phone album.
  • Real-time location & Geofencing: the parents can track their kid's location anytime, anywhere. Besides, the Geofencing feature will set a boundary limit for the kids, which acts as their safety zone. The moment they get out of that zone, the parents will get a notification.

FamiSafe Parental Control - iphone sleep tracker FamiSafe Parental Control - sleep app iphone

Apart from the above-mentioned app, some other iPhone sleep monitoring apps are available on the app store. But these iPhone sleep trackers have stayed on top for a long because of their incredible features and functions. All the other apps only have the sleep tracking feature, but the FamiSafe app provides much more than that. That's why FamiSafe app is recommended for parents to track and monitor their kids' sleep and study activities from any place. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows, and Mac. With FamiSafe, have a big advantage to have a proper check on your kid.

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