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How to monitor Snapchat on iPhone for free

how to monitor snapchat on iphone


Most of the children are getting addicted to communication apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It is high time to control their activities in order to provide them a safe and secure internet ambiance. There is an urgent need for an effective tool to record the activities of the children. You need a wise program to monitor the kid's online moves without their knowledge. The children should be spied on secretly and corrective measures must be taken by the parents on time to bring constructive changes in their life journey.

Snapchat is one of the popular chatting apps getting popular among youngsters worldwide. Snapchat allows sharing text, pictures, videos, etc. To overlook the activities in the Snapchat platform you need a special tool. This article helps you to explore unique software for spying on your kid's phone in your absence. You will be able to find an optimum solution for how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone. These spying applications serve as a boon to the parents. The working parents make use of these types of apps to control the online activities of the kids. Read through the detailed description of the spying tools which are available for free of cost. You can make use of these built-in apps to establish complete control on your children's devices remotely.

How to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

2 ways that can monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

You can now easily spy on Snapchat on iPhone for free with the help of efficient applications. Have a look at the 3 unique tools which spy on Snapchat precisely without much difficulty. It is enough if you follow the steps carefully while trying out the spying activity on the target device.


As its name indicates this app minutes the phone activities on the target device. This tool is compatible with both Android as well as the iOS platform. You have to follow appropriate steps for a successful spying process.


  • Make use of this tool to monitor the activities on the installed apps at the target device
  • You can also view the weblogs easily
  • This tool assists to spy on Memos, Reminders, and calendar activities precisely.
  • View the SMS and messages from your target device without any issues
  • User-friendly environment and tracks the data accurately

You can make use of this tool and learn how to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

Visit the official website of FoneMonitor to sign up for a FoneMonitor account. Enter the required data to complete the sign-up process. Next, you have to set up the tracking data. In this stage, you need to enter data related to the target device and the data such as name, age, mobile device, etc. You have to record accurate data for successful tracking. For the iPhone, you have to log in to the target's iCloud ID and verify it to spy on the device efficiently. Finally, go to the dashboard of the FoneMonitor tool to view the activities of the target’s s device on the Snapchat environment.

The FoneMonitor tool is available for a free trial and you can make use of this opportunity to spy on the target's iPhone for free.

How to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free


Another effective tool to watch out for the online activities of your kid accurately and remotely is Webwatcher. This firm has recently acquired a Pumpic monitoring tool. Get to know about how to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone with the help of a Webwatcher precisely without any issues. Just follow a few simple steps to establish the tracking process quickly. It is enough if you are aware of the procedure to complete the tracking activity successfully.


  • To track the iOS device there is no need for jailbreak and lockouts
  • It is compatible with iOS 6.0 and above
  • You can also view even the deleted texts from your target device
  • Watch out for the call logs
  • Control the app usage from the target device easily.

Install this tool and explore how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone.

Go to the Webwatcher log page and sign in to the Apple account of your target device. In this step, you have to disable the iCloud account. Authentication takes place twice to carry out the tracking process. Open the Webwatcher dashboard in your device and record the activities of the target phone. Finally, you can now view the online actions in the target device easily. View and record all the data pertaining to your target device remotely.

How to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

Famisafe: Monitor Android Snapchat app activity from iPhone

It is an incredible cross-platform parental control tool. This application is highly compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Utilize this tool to explore the online and social network activities of your children secretly. In this article, you can learn how to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone with the help of this reliable software. It provides a safe online environment for the kids and gives peace of mind to the parents.


  • Limit the app usage with the help of screw time for each app
  • Monitor the moves of the kids carefully and notify parents to create a geofencing.
  • Awesome tracking tool with mind-blowing functionalities
  • Prevent the entry to adult content websites using the web filtering technique
  • You can also enable the block app feature to get rid of addictive games.

Surf through the steps to make use of this tool effectively to monitor Snapchat activities of your children on the iPhone.

Step 1: Enroll for a membership account in this Famisafe platform and download this tool.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Step 2: Install this parental control app in your device as well as in your kid's iPhone

How to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

Step 3: You are now connected to your kid's device and follow the Snapchat activities with the help of App usage features.

How to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

How to monitor Snapchat on the iPhone for free

A comparative study with Famisafe

If you make a comparison with the above-discussed tools in the digital market you will arrive at the conclusion that Famisafe is a better application that offers a comfortable online surrounding to the kids. Famisafe from Wondershare firm serves the customer with the 3-day trial version for a better understanding of its features. A complete guide about each and every task is available at its official website for customer reference. These tutorials are sufficient to carry out the necessary tasks without much difficulty. You can handle this tool optimally and try out all its features just by surfing through the steps. Moreover, this app is compatible and performs consistently despite device models. You will not face any issues while carrying out the monitoring and tracking process.

You can trace out your kid's location, monitor the usage of the installed app, and control the screen time of the kids remotely in a precise manner. All these features may not be available as a single pack in any parental control tool including the above-discussed software. You can explore all these features in the trial pack and acquire better knowledge about the tool to make a further purchase. The cost of the subscription seems to be very less when compared to other tools in the online market.


You can expect Famisafe as a complete parental control tool providing a safe and secure environment in the online platform. It guides the parents to establish a better monitoring strategy and assists them to take preventive measures before the situation becomes worse. It is the best preventive tool for the current generation of kids. Parents seem to get benefitted enormously from this incredible tool. They can detect the suspicious activities of the kids on their devices even without their knowledge.

Parents can establish complete control of the kid's device with the help of this fabulous software. Famisafe is an effective tool to schedule screen time for the kids. It prevents the children from getting addicted to the device and protects them from cyber threats and harmful websites. This software ensures the kids perform their school activities on time and go to sleep early without spending much time on the device. Famisafe is the best tracking and monitoring tool.

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