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WhatsApp sexting: what should parents know?

what is WhatsApp sexting

WhatsApp sexting: what should parents know?

A trending app that focuses mainly on teens is WhatsApp. It is widely used by most people worldwide despite their ages. Initially, it took its attire for Android gadgets and later on extended the working platform. At the early stage, it was a basic chat app but now there is a wide range of built-in features to make great fun free of cost. It is a free app and you can connect with your friends and families anytime and anywhere. As you all know that every innovation has its threats in a similar note one of the serious cyber issues is WhatsApp sexting. This application is now under the control of Facebook and this transition took place in recent times.


Fascinating features of WhatsApp

  • The audio picker feature allows you to send 30 audio files along with a preview option to your friends and groups
  • This app allows making a video and audio call even in your groups by permitting four participants at a time.
  • Automatic finger lock system. This functionality enables you to lock the app within a period like after 1 minute, 30 minutes, etc.
  • You can now send consecutive voice messages to your friends without any manual intervention. At the receiver side, the consecutive messages play one after the other automatically.
  • While chatting in a group you can reply privately to a particular participant easily.
  • Share the WhatsApp status on Facebook and Instagram pages easily

Few more innovations are still under process and so you have to wait for a few days to explore more about WhatsApp's incredible functionalities.

Why teen sexting on WhatsApp?

Privacy mode:

The one-to-one chats seem to be private and the end-users are only aware of the conversation between them. As per the psychologist, the adolescent age is where children move apart from their family looking for privacy. The private mode excites them a lot which is now fed by social media apps like WhatsApp. They easily get attracted to the opposite gender and these private mode chats in WhatsApp assist the teens to try out WhatsApp sexting activities.

WhatsApp sexting-priivacy mode


Friendship is a vital part of the teen’s life journey. WhatsApp builds friendship by connecting their pals always despite the distance. It connects people across boundaries and this phenomenon attracts teens a lot. The group feature in WhatsApp links many participants in a single window to have fun with each other.

WhatsApp sexting-friendship

Instant sharing:

A single click is sufficient to send multimedia messages to the list of friends at a time. The instant sharing feature excites the young minds to connect with their dear ones whenever they face lovely and memorable moments in a day.

WhatsApp sexting-instant sharing

All these above features serve as the main reason for the teens to connect with WhatsApp and it turns to be a threatening moment when they make friends with anonymous people around the world. It would lead to WhatsApp sexting some point in time.

How private is WhatsApp?

The end-to-end encryption technique increased the privacy mode in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become an inevitable source of communication in the current scenario. People share their IDs for various purposes and there are chances for the predators to track it. In the private mode, you can send images, videos, etc effortlessly to anyone in your contacts. This feature triggers the WhatsApp sexting issues from the monsters who are invisible behind this technology. Teens and kids are the primary prey for these anonymous predators.

Sometimes even a known person becomes a sexual predator and starts with sexting by sending nude pictures and videos with the teens and kids after building a reliable friendship with them. Unless the teens and kids reveal the happenings to the parents it is very difficult to sense the dangerous consequences in the future. The WhatsApp chat is highly private and it is implemented for security purpose which has now become a weapon for sexual predators.

Teen sexting code on WhatsApp

There is a sexting code widely used by teens during private communication. The kids make use of these acronyms without knowing the awaiting dangers ahead. Take a quick look at the few sexting words

  • IPN: I am Posting Naked
  • PAL: Parents Are Listening
  • ASL: Age/Sex/Location
  • WTTP: Want To Trade Pictures?
  • KOTL: Kiss On The Lips
  • WTF: What The F***
  • LH6: Let’s Have Sex

The list goes on and it never ends. Parents should be aware of these sexting codes to protect their teen from the hidden dangers they might encounter in the future.

How can parents monitor WhatsApp sexting messages?

To monitor WhatsApp sexting the digital parents need a sophisticated weapon to monitor the gadget activities of the teens and kids remotely. You can emphasize good digital habits with the help of FamiSafe parental control app. A perfect alert at the right moment protects teens from unnecessary cyber dangers. The FamiSafe parental control app carries special functionalities as follows

  • Track, Control, and Detect are the three mantras it implies on the kid's gadgets remotely
  • You can establish control on your child’s gadget usage using the Screen Time feature
  • Create a danger-free cyber zone for your kids by eradicating the potential risks like cyberbullying, sexual predators, etc with the help of the detection features in FamiSafe
  • The FamiSafe‘s real-time location functionality assists you to keep an eye on your teen's whereabouts.
  • Wash away adult content websites from reaching your teen’s web browser using the Web Filter option.

FamiSafe Parental Control

A detailed description of focused features of FamiSafe parental control application

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

App block & Usage

To overcomeWhatsApp sexting issues you can block the app or limit its usage by altering the App Usage settings in FamiSafe. This application allows you to carry out these tasks even without the knowledge of your teen. The blocked apps become inactive and deny access effectively. Your child can't unblock it at any means. This feature gives you an immediate remedy to get rid of WhatsApp sexting issues.

Famisafe-Suspicious photos

Activity Report

Most parents have the inquisitiveness to find out what their kids do with the gadgets all the time. The FamiSafe has come up with the Activity Report to find better solutions for your curiosity. This app records the entire gadget activities of your child and prepares a report every day. You can view the content on request and witness the gadget's activities when you find anything suspicious in his/her gadget activities. This Activity report comprises the time spent on apps, websites visited, etc. From this data, you will get to know about the frequent usage of WhatsApp. This report helps you to identify whether your kid or teen is addicted to any apps or gaming websites.

Famisafe-activity report

Explicit content detection

In the current scenario, social media turns into a great threat to teenagers. The built-in features of social media apps target innocent minds and ruin them quickly. This functionality in FamiSafe easily detects the WhatsApp setting swiftly without any difficulty.

The library carrying the offensive language, sexting codes, etc is fed into this Explicit content detection module. The FamiSafe scans every message which enters your kid’s device by mapping with this library. If it finds any match then immediately sends an alert signal to the connected gadget pointing out the matched word. This signal is very important for the parents to take respective measures on time before the circumstances become out of control.

Famisafe-Explicit content detection

Suspicious photos

To overcome the threats related to WhatsApp sexting issues you need an effective detection weapon and FamiSafe is a perfect choice. There are chances for your kid to share or receive nude images or inappropriate photos with strangers without knowing the consequences on social media. The FamiSafe performs an efficient scanning operation on your child’s devices and notifies the parents if it finds such suspicious images on their phones. The parents take immediate action using the quick notification feature of FamiSafe.

Famisafe-Suspicious photos


It is a tough task to nurture young minds amidst threatening internet platform. Internet and social media play a vital role in the life of every individual. It has accommodated in essential lists for survival. It is high time to look for an effective monitoring app to control the gadget and online activities of your child. The FamiSafe parental control app is the right choice and it serves you well without any compromises. It is a reliable program that records precise data on your child’s gadget activities. Install FamiSafe and get rid of the hauntingWhatsApp sextingissues which prevail in the present situation. Join with FamiSafe and provide a safe internet and social platform for your kids and teens.

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