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With the advancements in technology, access to the internet has become very easy. This is further improved with the introduction of smartphones. Adults and kids use a smartphone to browse the internet. But, it is very important that kids are given a safe environment on the internet, free from any vile or illicit content. For these purposes, website blocker apps are introduced so that your kids don't wound up on inappropriate websites.

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A website blocker is necessary for every parent who has either bought their kids a personal smartphone or allows them to use their own smartphones. There are lots of websites on the internet that can be detrimental to your child's growth like adult websites. It is very easy to reach an adult website on the internet by typing the wrong search query. So, to ensure that your kids don't stumble upon the mountain of inappropriate content on the internet, you need a web blocker that will block inappropriate websites from opening, ensuring a positive environment for your kids.  

FamiSafe is a parental control and child monitoring tool that has a web blocker feature that helps parents restrict their kid's internet activities. Once you setup FamiSafe web blocker on your kid's smartphone, they won't be able to reach blocked websites. Moreover, you can also view the web browsing history of your kids to see which websites they view the most. FamiSafe is an ultimate monitoring tool because -

  • You can view the websites which were visited by your kid with their complete URL.
  • It is also possible to view the date and time a particular website was visited.
  • FamiSafe also records the number of times a particular website was viewed by the target.
  • By viewing their web history, you can know which website to block and then block than with the web blocker feature of FamiSafe.

best website blocker app

Free website blocker apps

Free website blocker chrome extensions

Free website blocker apps

1. WebGuard

WebGuard is a website blocker that protects users from dangerous websites and viruses. WebGurad not only blocks inappropriate websites, but it can also block the advertisements on various other websites.


  • You can hide your IP address when using WebGuard.
  • Block malicious websites with viruses.
  • It can also block fraudulent websites.
  • You can also block ads on websites.

Supported OS - Android 4.3 and up

free website blocker - WebGuard

2. Mobile Fence Parental Control

Mobile Fence Parental Control is a free website blocker and parental control app that protects children from accessing harmful websites like adult sites.


  • You can block inappropriate websites on your kid's device.
  • It is also possible to monitor the web browsing history of your kids.
  • Block harmful apps.

Supported OS - Android 2.3.3 and up

free website blocker - Mobile Fence Parental Control

3. Blacklist

Blacklist is an iOS-compatible website blocker that provides advanced features for blocking distracting websites. You can set rules for blocking a website and those websites will be blocked.


  • You can specify which websites to block.
  • Block websites for a certain time.
  • One website blocker for all iOS devices.

Supported OS - iOS 9.0 and later

free website blocker - Blacklist

4. Parental Control Light

Parental Control Light is a website blocker, web filtering, and parental control app. It allows parents to enable strong content filtering features on Android smartphones and tablets. It is very easy to use this website blocker to block access to inappropriate websites.


  • Block illicit websites with pornographic and offensive content.
  • Set customized web filters.
  • Filter images, text, and video content on the internet.
  • Set internet usage time limits.

Supported OS - Android up to 8.0

free website blocker - Parental Control Light

5. MMGuardian

MMGuardian is both a parental control app and a web blocker that allows parents to block inappropriate websites on their child's smartphone as well as other monitoring features.


  • Block websites manually on your kid's smartphone.
  • Web filter for blocking inappropriate content on other websites.
  • Also includes a safe browser with advanced content filtering features.
  • It can be remotely controlled.
  • Vie visited websites.

Supported OS - Android 4.0 and up

free website blocker - MMGuardian

Free website blocker chrome extensions

1. Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow is one of the best website blocker chrome extension that lets you block distracting websites for 25 min and then unblock it for 5 min.


  • Easy to use chrome extension.
  • Block websites with just a single click.
  • Customized timers for blocking websites.

Supported OS - Windows and Mac

free website blocker - Strict Workflow

2. Block Site

Block Site is a website blocker chrome extension that lets you block all the distracting or inappropriate websites like Facebook or adult sites.


  • Create custom blocklists.
  • All websites or web pages
  • It can also block adult websites.
  • Also works in incognito mode.

Supported OS - Windows and Mac

free website blocker - Block Site

3. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is another website blocker chrome extension to block distracting websites so that you can focus on your work. It can block websites, pages, sub-domains, as well as content on individual pages.


  • Block entire websites or specific pages.
  • StayFocusd blocks all the distracting websites.
  • Advanced protection features against changing settings.

Supported OS - Windows and Mac

free website blocker - StayFocusd

4. Website Blocker

As the name suggests, the Website blocker is a website blocker chrome extension that you can use to block websites for a certain time period. Though, it is a little difficult to use as compared to other browser extensions.


  • You can block websites for a particular time period.
  • It is possible to customize the warning message.
  • Block websites using specified character strings.
  • You can also set a password on the Website Blocker.

Supported OS - Windows and Mac

free website blocker - Website Blocker

5. Site Blocker

Site Blocker is a simple and easy to use website blocker chrome extension for blocking websites. You can block individual websites or a list of websites to block those websites automatically.


  • You can password protect the blocked sites.
  • It is possible to block entire websites or their subdomains.

Supported OS - Windows and Mac

free website blocker - Site Blocker

The presence of distracting and inappropriate websites is a cause of concern for parents. It is very easy these days for kids to access questionable websites on both their smartphone and computer. As a parent, you wouldn't want your kids to browse distracting or adult websites and neglect their studies. So, parents can use the website blocker apps and chrome extensions to block websites on their kid's smartphone and computer. But it is very easy to remove these apps and extensions. So, you can use the FamiSafe monitoring app to monitor web browsing history and block websites. You can visit the official website of the FamiSafe official website and sign up for a free FamiSafe account and start monitoring the web browsing activities of your kids.

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