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How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

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Aug 30,2018 • Filed to: Internet Filter • Proven solutions


Internet filters are important software programs that restrict access to some websites. They are used not only at home but also in the school and workplace for different reasons. Due to their function, Internet filters are highly valued by parents and teachers. However, this software is not always free. Some of the best online filters charge a monthly and annual fee which discourages some from using the product.

However, there are free Internet filters available online. We did some research and discovered the best one for your home.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

Why we need Internet filters?

You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a family Internet filter for my kid’s mobile device?” Well, the answer is a big yes, you do. Internet filters are vital for several reasons, like protecting children from bad content, useless gaming, and gambling sites. Although the Internet has its share of educational and entertaining sites, you cannot deny the fact that there is also a huge chunk of inappropriate content. In fact, to be honest, in my opinion, there is more inappropriate content than useful ones.

Therefore, you need a free Internet filter that can protect your children from these websites by blocking them completely.

People who run these websites are very shrewd. There are plenty of e-commerce website owners who rely on legitimate marketing tactics to reach out to new customers. However, pornography marketers, online stalkers, and hackers use unethical methods to reach innocent visitors. To make matters worse, those who run malicious websites are incredibly cunning and use devious ways to reach children. As an example, simple typos for an online search can direct children to inappropriate content. Some websites contain spam and it can easily take personal information from your mobile device. These websites are dangerous, and mobile devices are not secure, so having free internet filters is your best chance to protect your kids.

Internet filters don’t just protect your children but they can also protect your device as well. Some websites come with viruses, spyware, and phishing emails which can affect your mobile device immediately upon visiting the site. These websites are harmful because they contain spyware and malware that damage the internal software. Hence, your smartphone/tablet can slow down and get infected just by visiting these websites even once. You can even have your information stolen if without proper protection. Hence, installing the best Internet filter for free goes a long way toward protecting your device. The filters can block websites that contain viruses, spyware etc.

An Internet filter can be used to manage social media which is a place where children spend a lot of time these days. Studies indicate that children spend a whopping 9 hours a day online and over 30% of those nine hours is spent on social media, through their mobile devices. This thereby affects their academic performance. I can very well understand that it is very difficult to control kids’ time online especially when they are on a mobile device.

So, a parent’s best solution is to opt for a family Internet filter that can help regulate social media activity. With family Internet filters parents can monitor their child’s online usage, and even block social media apps. Thus, parents have an easier time curbing their children’s social media addiction with family filters.

FamiSafe - The Best Free Internet Filter for Parental Control

FamiSafe is the best available Internet filter for free. The app comes from Wondershare, the developers behind various software packages concerning parental control and many others. FamiSafe is designed to keep your children’s small device safe and make sure they are not visiting inappropriate websites. The app is a perfect family filter for your kid’s smartphone/tablet. You can monitor your children’s online activities remotely, making it easy to enforce your rules. The option to filter websites comes free because it is a part of a security app that offers several other features.

Besides web filtering, FamiSafe comes with the various features as follows:

App Blocker

App Blocker is an excellent feature on FamiSafe. It allows parents to block certain apps for a specific period of time. Parents can use this feature to block web browsing apps, social media apps, and games during certain times of the day. This is an excellent tool for restricting children’s distractions at times when they should be doing something important like studying for exams.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

Screen Time Tracking and Control

If you do not want to block certain apps but the entire device, screen time tracking is the choice for you. The option allows parents to ‘lock down’ a smartphone/tablet for some time. When Screen Time Control is on, children cannot use the device in any way. Even when they are using the device, you can track how much time is spent online. Parents have the option to implement Screen Time Control remotely, i.e. from their own device. Hence, parents can track their children’s device usage even when they are not in the same building as them.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

Web Browser Monitoring

FamiSafe acts as more than just an Internet filter free software, it functions as a monitoring app. Parents can use the app to discover what their children are up to when they are not around. It is a very convenient function that gives you a lot of valuable information like:

  • Amount of time spent on a website.
  • The most frequently visited websites.
  • Timestamp, date, and URL of the site visited.

Parents can use this information to confirm if their children are visiting inappropriate websites or not. If you need to confirm your children are exposed to threats, you need to monitor their browsing history.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter


FamiSafe gives you the freedom to place geofences on your kid’s phone. Geofencing is the process of setting boundaries around certain locations. These boundaries are virtual and invisible but if your children cross the boundary, you will be notified immediately. Geofencing is a very useful way of monitoring your kid's activities even if you are not there. As parents we need to place boundaries on our children, but we also need to enforce these boundaries, otherwise, there is a high probability they will not follow the rules.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

Smart Settings

Are you concerned about daily micromanaging? Does the prospect of placing a Screen Limit on a weekly basis unnerve you? If yes, then go for FamiSafe’s Smart settings wherein you can present a number of functions like scheduling Screen Time and blocking apps. FamiSafe will take note of the settings you place and will remember them. Hence, you only need to place the settings once before using the app for weeks and months on end.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

How to get FamiSafe -Internet Filter?

Are you interested in FamiSafe? Well, then consider trying the family Internet filter, which can be activated by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Click on the download link at the top of the page, either from the official page or by visiting the App Store. Once downloaded, install and then launch it.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Step 2 – Register a FamiSafe Account inside the app. (For that you can choose any of the device, yours or of the child)

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter

Step 3 – Now, take your kid’s phone, log into your account. Identify the owner of the phone as your child and enter basic information like name and age. You will have to grant permissions for app usage, location tracking, app supervision and device administrator.

Step 4 – Return to your phone, and log into your account. Connect with your child’s phone.

FamiSafe has an Internet filter function which allows parents to control children’s access to websites. The Internet filter is incredibly effective because it gives parents several options like:

  • Restricts access to certain websites.
  • Make exceptions to the filter i.e., allows access to certain websites.
  • Blocks website based on category or domain name.

Parents can decide to block entire websites based on categories like ‘Entertainment’ or by adding specific names. The filter is great for parents who need to make sure their children are not visiting inappropriate websites when they are not in the house.

How to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet FilterHow to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet FilterHow to Get FamiSafe - Free Internet Filter


Free Internet filters are a valuable asset for any parent looking to protect their children. They are very important to ensure that children grow into responsible and well-functioning adults. Hence, we recommend FamiSafe, the parental control app that doubles up as a free Internet filter. There are plenty of security options to choose from including App Blocker, Web Filter, and Web Browsing Monitoring. All these features are very important for parents who need to protect their children. Lastly, we would say that if you need to regulate your children’s online behavior then consider downloading the app at the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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