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10 Best Internet Content Filters | Web Filtering That 100% Works

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

The Internet is the biggest source of information today. Millions of people head online on a daily basis so as to find data about various topics. Some are in search of academic information, while others simply surf for leisure. The World Wide Web also contains various types of entertainment facilities. There is video, animations, audio, movies, TV and much more. Some of the websites contain constructive material. On the other hand, there are some that contain inappropriate content. Our children regularly visit the Internet for leisure or academic purposes.

Therefore, it is important to use an internet filter so that they do not end up viewing or consuming inappropriate material. There are software tools that we can use for this purpose. Here are the 10 best content filterings today.

web content filtering

What is an internet filter?

An Internet content filter is a special program that is designed to limit the website material which can be viewed on a particular device. This program makes use of technical strategies to block certain content and allow the rest to be viewed. Some examples of these strategies include blacklisting, white-listing, MITM processes, content flagging, and more. A web filter is customizable. This means that you can change its settings so as to determine the exact websites that should be blocked as well as the ones that can be viewed. Web filtering software is ideal for children. This is so as to protect them from harmful digital material delivered by inappropriate sources. Examples of these are adult sites, racial sites, and extremist websites.

This software can also be used to limit the use of specific Internet resources. For example, a content filter program can be used to limit the amount of time that a child spends on social media. In addition to that, some of these applications have special features. They can log web activity, send you an alert in case your child attempts to visit a black-listed site and more. Therefore, the Internet content filter applications are ideal for use in families today to protect children.

Why use a web filter?

The main reason why you would need to use an Internet content filter is to protect your loved ones. Just like the real world, the Internet has many hazardous locations. It also has a variety of dangerous people lurking on social media platforms and online chat rooms. An Internet content filter can prevent your children from visiting these locations. As such, they are protected from the harmful effects of such websites. Furthermore, the special surveillance features of the Internet content filter programs can assist you in knowing the digital behavior of your child. These are two main reasons why you need to use an Internet content filter.

Best Internet Content Filters of 2020

1. FamiSafe - best internet filters for families

By using this innovative and highly capable application, parents can safely and securely monitor their children's smartphones. In addition to that, As an internet browser filter, the FamiSafe Parental Control app also allows them to filter the content that is flowing into their children's devices. This effective program is available for both 105 and Android mobile platforms.

Besides, it is developed by Wondershare. During the use of this surveillance app, the child is aware that their parent is monitoring their digital activity. The parent has also set some restrictions on the application. As such, if the child breaks any of these restrictions, an alert will sound and warn the child in real-time!

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


This application has several features. They are

  • Check kids' browse the history, even in private or incognito mode.
  • Filter or block dangerous web content like gamble or porn sites on kids' smartphones

best internet filters for families best internet filter for families

  • Digitally fencing your child using GPS coordinates and check real-time location
  • Displaying daily app usage reports and block suspicious apps like gamble apps or porn apps
  • Set screen time limit and let kids sleep at a reasonable time by scheduling screen time
  • Detect explicit content on main social media apps and Detect suspicious photos on kids' phone album

best internet filters for families

A major highlight of this internal content filter application is that it is very easy to use and is a great internet filter for iPhone and Android. To do this, the first step is to download the application into the parent's and the child's smartphones. It can be found both in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Once the download is complete, you need to create some membership accounts for both smartphones. This process will require the submission of personal details. These are securely protected behind 256-bit encryption.

As a result, your identity is completely secure. After registering the accounts, the parent can start up the application and connect to their child's smartphone. From there, they can begin to filter Internet content and never let kids bypass internet filters.

2. Pumpic Internet filter - filter for phone and internet

This is an application that can be used to perform Internet content filtering for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is legal and operates visibly. Pumpic essentially cleans up the Internet experience for your child. This means that the app restricts all form of access to any websites that contain material that is explicit.

internet filtering software - Pumpic


This Internet content filtering application has a variety of features. It can effectively block websites according to age presets. Pumpic also uses multiple strategies for filtering. These include white-listing, black-listing, and blocking of obscene words from the website copy. In addition to Internet content filtering, this application also performs child parental control. It can perform geo-fencing, check the child's location, control the child's smart device remotely and even view all logs of SMS and calls. This application does not charge a fee and is compatible with the Android platform.

3. Net Nanny phone filter for internet

This is one of the most popular Internet content filtering software available today. Net Nanny utilizes a real-time strategy for controlling web content. It is very easy to use and can be applied to the horn. The software is designed as a customized browser app. Your child can use it instead of their regular smartphone browser. Furthermore, this internal filter can be set to be the default browser on your child's smart device.

internet filter for android - Net Nanny


You can use this Internet content filter application to block websites that contain adult or obscene material. It makes use of blacklists as well as real-time content filtering. In addition to that, Net Nanny can also perform surveillance by informing you of your child's web activity. Moreover, you can limit the applications which your child can use on their device. This way, you can block games until after they are done with homework. The app can send you alerts in case your child tries to override the settings. This Internet content filter is available for Android at no cost.

4. MMGuardian family internet filter

This is an Internet content filtering application that is designed to assist parents in controlling the activities of their teen children on the Internet. By using MMGuardian, you can effectively block or restrict specific websites on your child's smart device. The application allows for remote control and is effectively tamper-proof.

phone filters for internet - MMGuardian family


This application can perform active content filtering as your child surfs the Internet. In doing so, it protects them from cyber-bullies, unsavory characters, or adult material. The application can also track SMS messages, calls, and all smartphone activity. An interesting feature of MMGuardian is that it cannot be uninstalled without your approval through a master password. It is free and compatible with all Android smart devices.

5. Funamo Internet filter - internet browser filter

Built with multiple functions within it, this application is capable of monitoring and filtering web activity on your child's smart device. Funamo has a built-in technology that automatically identifies and blocks adult websites. In addition to content filtering, this application is capable of performing a variety of other parental control tasks.

internet filter for iphone - Funamo


This application delivers a full suite of content control facilities. It can filter the web results and content that your child views on their smart device. In addition to that, it can monitor all the activities which are performed within the smartphone. Funamo can identify and log the history of SMS messages, calls, applications used, and websites that have been visited. In addition to that, the Internet filter is based in the Cloud. Therefore, you can perform settings online and they will automatically synchronize with those in your child's phone. It is available for Android devices at no cost.

6. Kidslox home internet filter

Innovative and effective, this smartphone application can perform Internet content filtering for your child's smartphone or tablet. Kidslox is capable of filtering the content that your child views on their smart device. The application makes use of a combination of black lists, white lists, and active filtering to achieve this. In addition to that, it can block in-app purchases.

family internet filter - Kidslox


This is a comprehensive application for Internet filtering. Kidslox can block Internet access to adult websites or any other web resources. You can use this application to completely block access to browsing applications. In addition to content filtering, this app can limit the screen time for your child, lockdown applications, and allow for remote control. It is compatible with iOS devices for free.

7. OurPact internet content filter

This is a highly capable application that you can use to block unwanted Internet content for your child. OurPact performs intensive blocking of specific websites. The application relies on automatic content filtering, black lists, and white lists as well. It can also perform a wide collection of other activities on demand.

internet content filter - OurPact


By observing all the prompts that your child enters in their smartphone's browser, this application can limit the material which they can watch. OurPact can perform filtering on a universal basis. It can also be set to perform this filtering on a scheduled basis. Its capability extends beyond web access. The application can also block specific applications from being activated. As such, it is an effective parental control application for the iOS platform.

8. Cedar Creek Filter - website filter

Versatile and capable, this filtering application can protect your child from obscene material on the Internet. Cedar Creek Internet content filter is equipped to prevent your child from accessing harmful websites. By using a combination of strategies, this application blocks website that contains adult material, suspicious social sites, and extremist content.

home internet filter - Cedar Creek Filter


This application puts the control in your hands. This is because it effectively allows you to pick from more than 70 different categories of websites that you can filter. You can create white lists and black lists in the app. Moreover, it can block malware and adware that may harm your child's device. The application also applies real-time filtering thanks to an internal database of malicious websites. It is compatible with all major smart device platforms.

9. Secureteen Internet content filter

This application is capable of filtering all web content that your child views on their smart device. Secureteen makes use of a secure portal. By doing so, it allows you to make a collection of universal settings so as to protect your child from harmful digital content.

internet content filter - Secureteen


This web content filtering application is designed to use multiple filtering strategies. It makes use of lists as well as real-time filtering. It can also block applications and performance monitoring according to a specific schedule. Secureteen also tracks your child through GPS and provides logs of their smartphone activity. It is free to download and is compatible with Android devices.

10. Norton Family - content filtering

Built by the same team that develops effective antivirus software, this Internet filter also provides ample digital protection. Norton Family works to supervise your child's web activity and block all suspicious or inappropriate websites. The application can effectively track their web browsing activity and limit it to the specific white-listed sites that you have approved.

internet content filter - Norton Family


This application makes use of constant filtering as well as lists to protect your child from unsuitable content. Norton Family has a constantly updated database of sites that are unsuitable for your children. In addition to that, the application also blocks games and other apps from being launched by your child. It is free and available for the Android platform.

It is important to protect your children from the harmful parts of the Internet. The apps indicated above can perform this task through content filtering. The best among them is FamiSafe Parental Control, which is more than content filtering. It is available for download in the App Store or Google Play. Try it out and discover an excellent parenting tool!

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