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Most Useful Anti Bullying Apps for Parental Control

Anti Bullying Apps

For parents, nothing is more distressing than not knowing where their children are or if they are safe. Yet parents have to deal with this anxiety every day and send their children to schools where bullying has become a serious problem.

The world nowadays is full of predators and kidnappers. Even in the online world, children are currently victims of cyberbullying, pornography, cat-fishing, and many other harmful activities.

So, how can you protect your kid from being bullied? Here, in this article, we’ll tell how you can tackle these situations and how you can keep an eye on your kid’s daily activities.

What Can Parents Do If Their Kid Is Being Bullied?

  • See for any signs that your kid is being bullied: Many times, kids are not open about being bullied or harassed in some way or other. This could be because of fear or embarrassment. So, make sure you look out for any signs for bullying such as decreased appetite, crying, nightmares, and excuses while going to school, anxiety, or depression and ripped clothing. So, if you notice your kid is bullied, instead of ignoring it, have a nice and comfortable chat with them about what’s going on with them at the school.
  • Teach them how to handle a bully: Before going to the school administrative talk and work with your kid to handle a bully without being defeated or crushed. Help them learn new strategies and ways to deal with or ignore the bully. Share some great anti-bullying ideas with them, so they know what to do in those situations.
  • Limit their screen time: Teach your kid about cyberbullying and tell them not to maintain contact with bullies and not respond to threatening texts. If your kid has a mobile phone, make sure you keep a tab on their phone activities. There are a number of parental control apps and anti-bullying app available that could help you in keeping track of all the inappropriate activities.

Best Anti-Bullying Apps

1. FamiSafe Anti cyberbullying App

FamiSafe is a reliable and cross-platform parental control app that works on both Android and iOS. The comprehensive dashboard empowers the parents to locate their kid’s phone, monitor app usage, site usage, and screen time. The app also allows the parents to filter web content and block certain apps.

The parents can also enable geo-fencing that gives alert when a kid enters and leaves geofence. Also, the app provides access to the kid’s location history.

Also, the suspicious text feature of the app proves to be one of the best features. With this feature, parents can keep an eye on their kid’s communication and know if they are being bullied. Parents can set a keyword, and whenever the kids receive a text with that keyword, parents will receive an alert notification.

anti bullying app - FamiSafe


  • Location Tracker
  • Blocks inappropriate apps
  • Filters Web
  • Control Screen Time
  • Remote access to the child’s phone
  • Can monitor suspicious texts

2. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a great parental control app that offers the best web filtering features. This app can masks profanity and blocks inappropriate images and sites. It even has the option to warn the kids about the sites instead of blocking it completely. Parents can also change the settings so that to get a warning notification if the kid types in a particular word, such as ‘suicide.’

The intuitive interface of the app offers easy app blocking and setting filters. Also, the appropriate filters of the app make sure that the kid has no access to unapproved websites and content.

anti bullying app - Net Nanny


  • Filters online activities
  • Profanity settings
  • Remote access to children’s device
  • Masks vulgar language in the content without blocking the whole content
  • Alerts through emails about kid’s online activities
  • Setting internet hours limits a child’s phone usage
  • Appropriate filters ensure the child is not going through inappropriate web content

3. Web Watcher

We watcher is a great application that can be used as an anti-bullying app. With this powerful app, parents can keep track of their kid’s messages, which include deleted photos, texts, call logs, web browsing, and location. It also enables the parents to see the activity on apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, and Kik. Parents can even capture screenshots of the target device’s phone screen.

anti bullying app - Web Watcher


  • Set time limits
  • Can monitor texts and call logs
  • Allows capturing screenshots of kid’s phone screen
  • Can block apps
  • Can record all the activities on kid’s PC
  • Detailed reports about kid’s activity

4. FamilyTime

With FamilyTime, the parents can customize what content their kid should have access to. This app can help monitor texts and calls with which parents can know about whether their kid is a victim of cyberbullying or not. The software allows the parents to block and control an app, apply internet filters, track location, and supervise contact lists.

anti bullying app - FamilyTime


  • Keep track of contact lists
  • App blocking
  • Monitor texts and calls
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Supports geofencing
  • SMS and call logging on Android

5. My Mobile Watchdog

This is another solid program that handles the basic monitoring of the kid’s phone. The app can temporarily block an app if your kid is spending too much time on it. Also, the newly installed apps won’t open unless the parents approve of it. The app has a feature of approving a list of contacts, which help to get your child contacted only with trusted people and gave an alert when an unapproved person tries to contact. Parents will also be notified when a kid tries to access blocked sites.

anti bullying app - My Mobile Watchdog


  • GPS location tracker
  • Syncing with the child’s contact list
  • Review text messages, call logs and photos
  • Blocks App
  • Restricts time slot for usage
  • Customized report of all activities of children’s phone
  • Alerts when a child attempts to access blocked sites
  • Limits phone usage with time blocking
  • Tracks the last 99 locations of the target device

What Can Kids Do To Prevent Bullying?

If in any case, your kid is being bullied, he/she can do the following things:

  • Look at the bully and tell her or him to stop in a calm, clear voice. They can also try to laugh it off and use humor, which could catch bully off guard.
  • If they can’t speak, tell them to walk away and stay away from that person.
  • They can seek help from a teacher or talk to an adult whom they trust. Sharing feelings will make them feel less lonely.

With the above tips and anti-bullying apps, you can keep an eye on your kids and retrieve information like the target device’s SMS, photos, videos, browsing history, and call logs. However, the best app that can help with preventing your kid from being bullied is FamiSafe. Along with keeping an eye on your kid’s activities 24/7, you can also access any suspicious messages that are sent or received on their phone. The app has numerous great features such as GPS tracking, monitoring apps, checking history, etc. that could help you in keeping your loved safe and protected.

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