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How Does Cyberbullying Start and How to Deal With Cyberbullying?

How Does Cyberbullying Start


This is when an anonymous identity uses threats, rude texts, photos, posts or messages. Generally, it takes place over digital devices like computers, cellphones, or tablets. The end result is now wanting as the outcome may lead to serious problems, especially on young children. They may feel upset, experience reduced appetite or even lack of sleep. You may be wondering how to prevent cyberbullying and end such menace before they rain havoc in your territory. But let's first look at how to detect that cyberbullying is crippling in.

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How does cyberbullying start?

A little teasing may appear okay but it is hurting to most people. In the quest to know how to deal with cyberbullying, it is vital to know when did cyberbullying starts? Bullying, in general, existed even before the cyber world. But as technology continued to evolve, bullying was not left behind. It transformed into a destructive activity that is widely used to inflict pain on innocent victims. Intense cases emerged from counties where violence and other social intolerances carried the day.

When it comes to the modern world today where explicit games on PCs and other digital gadgets carry the day, violent gaming and TV shows are fully tolerated. This is what has greatly impacted the actions of most young online users. And what's the end result? It has slowly taken the global world by storm. Cyberbullying is starring with open eyes in this era of affordable technological use.

Why do people cyberbully?

Even with all the quest as to when did cyberbullying start, the major concern is why people cyberbully others? This is a complex affair and each person's motives differ for various reasons. It is basically to embarrass, threaten and harass a target person. And in most cases, the person under attack could be innocent.

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Since most cyberbullies are anonymous, bullies find pleasure in hiding behind dark curtains. They may be doing this to inflict pain on their targets. It could be that they are not bold enough to face them in the real world and so, find it pleasing to hide and cause havoc.


In most cases, a bully may feel wronged by his victim and wants to prove a point. It may not be clear to the victim as he or she is not able to tell who really is behind the queer deeds of maybe text messages or other posts.


Some bullies may just want attention from the wrong people. And since they are bored, they may find pleasure in denying their victims peace of mind. To them, it may be a way of adding excitement to their lives but eventually, it may turn to be their lifestyle.

Peer pressure

A bully may just join the bandwagon without any clear motive. But since their friends are on to the business, they also opt to join so that to maintain their status quo.


In some cases, a fellow colleague may feel that you are outdoing them in all sectors. So, to distract you from attaining higher grounds, they may resolve to tease you online by cyberbullying you.


It is also possible that a cyberbully may not have any hidden motives behind attacking their targets online. Some of these bullies are very young and could only be acting out of ignorance.

How to deal with cyberbullying and how to prevent it?

If you are at the receiving end, it is surely not a pleasant feeling. It is also hard to approach people aimlessly with your problems. In such a situation, it always requires calmness. Besides dealing with cyberbullying, you need to know how to prevent cyberbullying in the future. Let's see the 3 normal ways on how to tackle such a situation.

How to deal with cyberbullying

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    1. Ignore the posts

This is the simplest mode on how to deal with cyberbullying, especially from anonymous senders. Try to remain calm because the target of the bully is to upset you as a person. In most cases, the bully always wants the target victim to respond. This will just cause you more problems and deny you your peace.

    1. Block your attacker

Most online services have policies where they keep their users safe. There are lots of inbuilt tools to help you stay safe and also deal with such cases as cyberbullying. There is the blocking option for most online accounts. You can as well report the bully and let the law take its cause.

    1. Trace the person

It may be surprising that your attacker is well known to you. Again, with suitable software available in the market, you can trace your attacker. But ensure you've got evidence in place. Take screenshots of all the content being channeled to you. With such, the authority will be at your service once the attacker is gotten hold of.

How to prevent cyberbullying

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    1. Protect your password

Guard your password and deter intruders from accessing your account. In most cases, bullies may post false information on your page if they get hold of your password. It is advisable to use different passwords for different accounts. By this, online hackers or bullies will find it hard to crack your password.

    1. Be well informed

With the emerging trend of technology, it is possible to get any information online. Check for any reliable sources on what cyberbullying is all about. Also, check for possible ways to deter unscrupulous individuals from messing up with your account and other information.

    1. Ensure to log out on public computers

This is the number one opportunity that bullies use to secretly get to your account. You may not know that an enemy is sitting right next to you in that cyber café. In order to ensure your safety, log-out from your account whenever you are using public computers. Make it a habit not to leave traces of your security data and other vital information without a guard.

Introducing FamiSafe

It is a good gesture to know what kind of content your kid gets access to. And since it's said that prevention is better than cure, FamiSafe is here to help prevent any online attacks on your kid. This parental control app comes with powerful features that are able to give you alerts on when your child is experiencing cyberbullying. It is among the best ways to prevent cyberbullying in just a few steps. Apart from the prevention of cyberbullying, you can use this App to do web filtering, for screen time control and also to block inappropriate Apps.

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Screen time tracking

Control the manner in which your child uses his or her phone during the day. With this feature, you are able to tame your child to strictly follow class lessons during school time, use their phones at the right time and also go to bed during the right sleep time.

Real-time tracking

This will help you track the location of your kid's physical location. Besides, you can also follow his historical location and help him stay safe amidst all tribulations. This is one of the surest ways to be at peace whether you are away on a journey or busy at work.

App block and activity monitor

This feature is also useful when you want to control your child's sleep time or study time. Furthermore, you can see how your child uses his phone by knowing what apps are available for use. If you feel that some apps are not deemed for their ages, you can block and deter their further usage.

Prevent cyberbullying

Explicit content detection is useful for detecting inappropriate content. The App will notify you whenever offensive messages or content has been sent to your kid's phone. Likewise, you can include all the offensive words that you may wish to get alerts on. This is a sure way of preventing your child from harmful online perpetrators.

Web content filtering

This is another powerful functionality of FamiSafe. This feature is necessary for keeping your kids safe from accessing dirty sites. They could be sites full of violence, gambling sites or those that expose them to adult content.


This article has tackled most of the touching issues of cyberbullying, including how to prevent cyberbullying. If though the worrying trend is the adverse use of technology, it is, therefore, still in the limelight from the normal smartphones that kids use to the normal text messages that they receive every day and usage of other online tools. In most cases, restricting your child from accessing such devices may not be the solution. Want to know the best part? Educating your kids on the forthcomings of online activities may help them learn proper ways of safeguarding themselves. The options are endless. They can report the culprit, block them or talk openly and get further advice.

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