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How to Protect your Kids from Text Bullying

Protect Kids from Text Bullying

Cyberbullying is a well-established issue that has increased across the world as the aftereffect of a progression of deaths and suicides of late. Bullies are not new, and before, a tormented tyke could escape by returning home. However, now technology enables bullies to cyberstalk their targets, giving them no recuperation time.

Regardless of whether they are bullying messages, for example, terrible remarks posted on web-based life pages, or notes sent to mobile phones, the present domineering bullies electronically pursue people wherever they go. Hence guardians must know about the dangers their youngsters may face.

text bullying

What is texting bullying?

Text bullying has turned into a difficult issue among teenagers and youngsters. It can have annihilating results, and guardians may not know it is happening. Guardians have an imperative job in counteracting bullying text messages and help teenagers who have been the casualty of torment through instant messages.

By definition, text bullying is sending mean, humiliating, false, or harmful messages to or about somebody utilizing mobile phones. This can likewise incorporate sexting or sending explicitly suggestive instant messages to somebody or about somebody.

Who is the victim of text bullying?

Any school-matured kid or high schooler can be the casualty of a harasser. No single factor puts a kid or youngster in danger of being tormented. However, as a rule, the domineering bullies will target any individual seen as "different", powerless, less prevalent, calm, or somebody who appears to be an obvious target.

Regardless of this general proclamation, youngsters are at higher risk. Teenage harassing and text bullying are more typical among teenagers than more seasoned adolescents.

Young men are generally just harassed by different young men, while young ladies report being tormented by young men and girls.

Kids who are hefty, differently oriented, or have incapacities are 63% bound to be tormented than other kids. Moreover, kids who are extremely timid, not exceptionally prevalent, "appear" not quite the same as other children or who are younger for their age are likewise practical targets.

Additionally, youngsters and teenagers might be harassed depending on different components, for example, sexual orientation, race, religion, appearance, apparel, haircut, emphasis, or any trademark that the domineering bully sees as different, exploitable, or effectively focused on.

What negative effects will bullying messages bring?

  • Youngsters who are regularly digitally harassed are bound to play hooky, get terrible scores, lose enthusiasm for going to school, or use medications and liquor.
  • Cyber and text bullying can have many negative repercussions for the person in question, such as discouragement, uneasiness, social withdrawal, brutality, suicide, and deaths.
  • Cyber and text bullying may also adversely affect the bully, the person in question, and spectators (individuals who witness it).
  • Individuals who are tormented may encounter uneasiness and sadness, which can proceed into adulthood.
  • Their eating and dozing propensities can be influenced, prompting an assortment of physical medical problems.
  • They're bound to miss school, which can harm their scholastic execution.
  • Bullies frequently participate in dangerous or rough conduct, including liquor/tranquilize misuse, youth violence, criminal movement, and being harsh to mates and sentimental accomplices as grown-ups.
  • Observers can have comparable issues to unfortunate casualties, including missing school, gloom, and nervousness.

What are the cautioning signs of the bully & victim of text bullying?

Individuals who are being harassed may give any of these hints:

  • Wounds they can't clarify
  • Changes in eating and resting
  • Faking ailment or professing to feel debilitated
  • Migraines and stomachaches
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from social circumstances, including individuals who were at one time their companions.
  • Diminished confidence
  • Self-hurt or different perilous practices
  • Losing assets
  • Compounding scholarly execution

Individuals who are tormenting others may give any of these suggestions:

  • Getting into battles
  • Getting into more inconvenience at school
  • Ending up increasingly forceful
  • Having companions who bully
  • Appearing confrontational about their notoriety and ubiquity

What is spectator impact?

Spectators are individuals who witness or hear harassing. A spectator can be useful (by getting assistance from a confided in a grown-up, or, if conceivable to do securely, mediating by protecting the person in question or requesting that the harasser stop) or unsafe (by giving a shout out to the domineering bully, participate, or tolerating the circumstance by doing nothing).

What can parents do to protect kids from text bullying?

Unlike physical bullying, text bullying is more obscure and is not easy to be noticed or prevented by parents, which makes it difficult for parents to take precautious actions. Nevertheless, there are things that parents can do to help keep kids away from text bullying.

  • Know your kids' friends. The friends your kids have in real life can be the one who is text bullying your kids. Get to know who your kids are hanging out with to spot the suspicious and stop your kids from playing with them to avoid further troubles.
  • Be the most reliable support for your kids. For your children who are being text bullied, they may be threatened by the bully and asked not to tell parents about it. Therefore, parents should always ensure their kids that they can always come to them for help. Otherwise, the kids may not report the bullying and get stuck with the bully for a long time.
  • Show kids how to handle bullying. Get your kids prepared for things that could happen to them is the best protection. Let them know the different types of bullying and ways to handle it to opt for the correct methods to protect themselves.
  • Use modern technology to detect text bullying. If the kids refuse to tell you and are acting strange, parents can turn to modern technology for help. Using FamiSafe can help parents detect suspicious text in a kid's message to determine if their kids are being bullied.

Explicit Content Detection of FamiSafe

To help parents protect their kid's from text bullying or cyberbullying, the team of FamiSafe has come up with the Explicit Content Detection that can monitor the content on kid's messages on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail. Parents can customize the word list that they would like to receive alerts from. This feature is extremely helpful when it comes to protecting kids from possible online threats.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

There are many other features of FamiSafe, as discussed below:

1. Constant Location Tracking and Geo-fencing

You can track your child's whereabouts and see the history to guarantee they have not been to "abnormal spots". Set Geo-fences as protected zones, and get cautions when your kid enters or leaves geo-fenced zones.

2. Application Blocker

Screen how your children utilize their telephones, what applications are for the most part utilized, what applications are introduced and uninstalled, how the web-based life applications are used, and more.

3. Web Content Filtering

Repel your child from potential online dangers by obstructing any undesirable or unseemly sites with hurtful substance, for example, mature entertainment, betting, viciousness, and so on.

4. Screen Time Following and Control

Set screen time points of confinement and ensure their telephone cannot be utilized amid study or rest time or in certain special places, for example, schools.

5. Adaptable Remote Control and Personalization Setting

Once the application is introduced, you can set everything all alone gadget adaptability.

6. Cover a wide range of devices.

FamiSafe supports Android, iOS, Fire OS, Mac, and Windows devices. One subscription can be used to monitor up to 30 different devices at the same time.

All things considered, it would be alright to state that the application is extremely incredible. You will have the capacity to control your kid's activities and be fully informed regarding their whereabouts, which is unquestionably noteworthy. FamiSafe is even better and greater as compared to others since you can check messages. With youngsters, it's hard for you to know whether they are in contact with the wrong individual or not. It's even harder to detect some instances of text bullying. However, please note that you won't have the capacity to follow iOS gadgets when contrasted with Android. Even then, it is certainly an application worth downloading and paying for. Best of all, you get to keep your kids safe from bullying text messages.

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