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How to Block WhatsApp on Kid's Phone

How to Block WhatsApp

How to Block WhatsApp on Kid's Phone

WhatsApp is easily one of the most popular social apps among tech users of all ages. Over one billion users send and receive messages via the app every single day, ranging from adults running their businesses, friends staying in touch via group chats, and your children socializing.

However, as with any social messaging app, it's important for parents to be aware of what their children are doing on the app, what messages they're sending, and who they are actually talking.

Today, we're going to explore the ins and outs of the app. We're going to detail why it's used, what dangers parents need to about regarding the app, how you can protect your children from said dangers, and ultimately how to block WhatsApp.

Why Is WhatsApp a Favourite Social Tool for Your Kids?

There have been several studies and researches about children like using WhatsApp so much. In fact, a Statista report shows that around 80% of children aged between 18-24 use the app daily, and children below this age are rapidly approaching this mark. Bear in mind that WhatsApp has a legal age limit of 16 or over.

A Net-Aware study went and asked children what they love about the app so much. In short, they described how the app made things incredibly easy when it came to messaging their friends and family, and there aren't many steps when it comes to sending a message.

WhatsApp is a no-frills attached messaging solution. Perhaps most notably is the fact that WhatsApp is completely free to use, regardless of whether they're on a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

There's also the ability to use group chats, which means large groups of friends can stay in contact with each other simultaneously. However, there are many dangers present that may encourage you to learn how to block WhatsApp.

Primary Dangers Facing Teens WhatsApp

As with any free app, there are several problems that can arise. While the same Net Aware study found that topics such as suicide, drinking, drugs, and crime were relatively low risk on the app, there were some notable dangers.

Primarily, these involved things like cyberbullying, where children will contact each other to send hateful messages, or talk about other children behind their backs. This can sometimes lead to violent messages, and hatred messages.

Since there are no administrators on the app, these messages can be sent unchallenged, allowing the hate and anger to multiple and become a very serious problem that leads to problems in real life.

What's more, WhatsApp has the ability to send and receive pictures and videos directly from your child's device. This runs the risk of sexual content, whether pornography or from the child themselves, being produced and distributed.

Since you can also easily acquire phone numbers from social networks like Facebook, it goes without saying that if your child has posted their number in the public eye, they could also end up messaging strangers without realizing it.

Why Is It Necessary to Set Parental Control on WhatsApp?

With the dangers we've listed above in mind, it goes without saying that parents should be aware of the parental controls that are available to them. By using parental controls to block the app, you can restrict access which lessens the chances of your child encountering these dangers.

Not only can this minimizing the psychological effects of harmful content, but you can also help your child disconnect from their device to form a much healthier digital diet. If your child should be in bed, studying, or at school, blocking access to the app can also help it become less of a distraction.

These are all important reasons why you need to know, as a responsible parent, how to block WhatsApp.

FamiSafe - The Best WhatsApp Parental Control for Parents

FamiSafe is one of the newest yet increasingly popular parental control apps to come into the industry. The app is designed to help you manage your child's device, blocking access to apps and monitoring all kinds of data that smartphones and tablets use.

It's worth remembering that children averagely use their devices between 4-7 hours a day, and if any of these hours are spent on WhatsApp, this can cause a problem. By limiting the amount of time your children are using WhatsApp, you can help them to stay connected with the real world. This is made easy using FamiSafe's App Blocking features.

Block Apps

What's more, if your children need to study or go to bed, you can use FamiSafe to block access to the app which will make it impossible for them to access it. This means they can focus on what they're doing or go to bed without the distractions that the app causes.

For easy time management practices, you can use FamiSafe's Intelligent Scheduling feature where you simply input the times you want the app blocked, and then it will continue this blocking process until you change it.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Why FamiSafe?

In addition to learning how to block WhatsApp and the scheduling features, WhatsApp also has plenty of other features that make it easy to see why FamiSafe is one of the most popular parental controls. Some of these features include;

  • Real-Time GPS Location Track (with Geofencing)

Using FamiSafe, you'll be able to track the real-time location of your children based on their device's GPS location. Of course, your children will keep their phones on them, so this is relatively accurate most of the time.

You can see their location on a Google-Map styled map, and even set up geofences; a feature where you set up boundaries on the map which then sends you a notification if these boundaries are crossed.

  • Web Content Filtering

With this app, you'll also be able to see exactly what websites your child is accessing through their phone or tablet, so you can see what kind of content they are viewing online. This gives you all the information you need to make the right decisions.

You can also block access to individual websites or set up content filters that can block types of content that you deem unsuitable, such as pornography, gambling, or other violent content.

  • Screen Time Tracking

One of the best features of FamiSafe is to see exactly how often and how much your children are using their devices throughout the day. You'll be able to see how long they are using their device, how often they're unlocking it, what apps they're going on the most, and more.

This way, you'll be able to see exactly how your child is using their device, whether it's too much, and when you can block access to help your child have a balanced and healthy life with technology.

  • All Remote Control

Unlike other parental control apps out there, whenever you want to block something or make a change to the FamiSafe settings, it doesn't matter where your child is because you won't need access to the device to make said changes.

FamiSafe also installs onto your own phone, which means it doesn't matter where in the world you or your child is, you can change the settings on your device for an immediate change on theirs.

What Parents Need to Know

There are many details regarding the WhatsApp app that parents need to know in order to understand how it works and what they can do in order to help protect their children. Let's explore some of them here;

  • WhatsApp Basics

Firstly, remember that WhatsApp can only send and receive messages to people who also have WhatsApp accounts. These people must be in the contacts list of the phone, so if your child is speaking to somebody they shouldn't, you'll be able to find their contact number in the Contacts list.

WhatsApp also has a location feature which is great for when you're meeting up with your friends, not for a user with malicious intent to find out where your child is. Make sure you're searching the settings to turn this feature off.

  • Privacy Settings

In the Privacy menu of WhatsApp, not only will you be able to control the location settings, but you'll also be able to change your child's status icon. This means when they are using the app, the app will tell all their friends that they're online. You can turn this on and off as you please.

  • Message Content

While there are no resources to report harmful or unsuitable messages, there is a block feature that stops people from being able to contact your child. For this, simply tap the menu option inside the chat window and tap the block button.

If you want to see who is blocked on the account, go on the settings main menu and tap the block list option. You can also use FamiSafe to learn how to block WhatsApp completely.


As you can see, while WhatsApp can bring many benefits into our lives, as a responsible parent, there are also many dangers you need to be aware of, but this is easily controlled with knowledge and using parental control apps like FamiSafe.

FamiSafe is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free via your respective app store. There's even a three-day free trial available so you can easily see whether this is the app for you.

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