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5 Discord Scams: Don't be the Victims!

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Online scammers are everywhere; they never stop steps from finding victims. As a popular communication platform among teens, Discord has become a perfect place for online scammers. Unfortunately, the temptation of free nitro, free games, and lack of info-protection have made teenagers become the first victims of these scams.

According to the data, there are 6.7 million active servers on Discord. And the number of users that are not game-related is increasing year by year, which can tell us the possibility that teens can encounter scammers on Discord.

Thus, to help parents understand the prevalent Discord scams to protect kids from, we’ve collected 5 most common Discord scams for parents to help them prevent kids from being victims to the scammers. We will introduce what the scam looks like and provide several suggestions to help parents protect teens from the potential dangers. Just dive in to get the information you need!

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5 Common Scams on Discord

1. Discord Cryptocurrency Scam

discord crypto scam

Besides gamers, Discord has become home to trending channels and communities. And the most mysterious yet famous club is cryptocurrency. Free Cryptocurrency is the variable scam that scammers on Discord use to lure users. Their goal is to get users’ personal information and even money.

Scammers will send messages to several victims at random, claiming that you’re the lucky one to receive an impressive payout. The news is always filled with emojis, a code to redeem the gift, detailed instructions, and one link for registering on a cryptocurrency exchange. And the link will lead you to a site similar to a cryptocurrency exchange. It will ask you to finish registration, which requires you to make a cryptocurrency deposit or go through an identity check. The procedure will ask for your address, contact details, identity document picture, and so on, which is the same as the legitimate cryptocurrency exchange site. Once the information is collected successfully, the scammers can get an excellent price on the dark web.

So that’s important to recognize this scam in advance before getting involved too further. And the main point is never to trust any free offer.

2. Discord Nitro Scam

discord nitro scam

The Nitro scam is one of the oldest scams on Discord. Nitro is a paid subscription term on the Discord server that will offer more features and privileges to the users. Previously it included more exciting games, but now those games are used as bait by scammers.

Coming back to the scam, it can be of two types. It is either Discord bot scams, sending messages to the users at random, or uploading public posts on a channel or server, from which users can get a Free Nitro subscription. Still, a phishing link leads you to a fake login page. Once you log in through this page, the scammers can record all your credentials. Its goal is to collect your account information, other login details, even money.

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Secondly, the victims may receive a message from a friend offering to try a new game which will, of course, be a virus or another spamming bot. We know that friends’ accounts can be hacked and might be used by scammers to send phishing links or lure the victims to remit money. Remember, there is not any free game or stuff to gain. Instead, just free Nitro scams.

3. Discord Steam Scam

discord steam scam

Steam is a video game digital distribution service and storefront by Valve, containing numerous popular games among teens. But most of them are costly. Discord Steam Scam is identical to the free nitro scam, which makes the use of the users’ hope to get the products, usually games, for free. This scam is mainly about: clicking the link to get the game for free!

The link they provided will require you to link your Steam account to gain the game. But of course, that can cause you to lose your account entirely, and all the fun you purchased before will not be available anymore.

Don’t hesitate to report the message if you meet any subsequent time. Remember that Steam will not send any free offer through Discord. Trust the official website only.

4. Discord Ban Scam

Another scam you need to look out for is the Ban scam, which still has something to do with Steam. The victims will receive a message from other users claiming that they mistakenly reported your Steam account, and now you may need to complete several procedures to unlock it. First, they will ask you to contact one of their friends who is a Valve employee. And once you do that, the “employee” will tell you that you need to buy a wallet card and send them the code to validate the purchase.

discord steam ban scam

Of course, that’s a liar. All they need is your account information, credit card account, and password. You need to know is that there isn’t any pending ban on Steam. If Steam bans your account, it would be an immediate thing. So you can sign in to your account to check if that’s true or not. And contact the official supporters to ask for help instead of following the steps provided by an unknown Discord user.

5. Free Stuff and Giveaway Scams

Sometimes scammers will pretend that they are offering free stuff like popular game skins or any other appealing prize. But that’s an alluring scam where you invite viruses or give away sensitive information. And even the user’s email address looks legitimate such as support@XXX.com is also a scam.

The best way to deal with this scam is to take a screenshot instantly, then contact the official supporters from the website to ask for a favor. Never hesitate to report the message once it’s proved as a scam.

discord giveaway scam

What Can You Do about Discord Scams?

As a parent, educating your young kids on online dangers is inevitable. But just as we teach our kids about staying away from strangers, the same goes with online interaction. Secondly, make your kids understand that there is no clicking of links or any free offers. Last but not least, cultivate kids’ awareness of the importance of personal information. Never share any personal information easily on the internet. The scammers have their ways of tracing the message record and will sell the information to the dark web.

Usually, a spam link or phishing giveaway is easy to spot as it often comes with many emojis, which can help them avoid being blocked by the system set up with particular keywords. It is their way to work around the detection and our way to spot a scam.

And for parents, you also can try to monitor and supervise kids’ online activity to protect them from any online scams or other trouble. But this may not be as easy as it sounds because teenagers fantasize about privacy. It may not be easy to get hold of their interactions and activity as they will not easily allow you to do so.

Don't worry! We have a solution.

Wondershare FamiSafe—monitor kids' devices to avoid scams

Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control app through which you can monitor kids’ online activity on their devices. But, of course, you would prefer to check what your kids and teens are watching and searching for.

The app is quite simple to install and use; follow the instructions listed below to install the app and start monitoring.

Step 1. Download the FamiSafe app from Google Play or App Store.

Step 2. Launch the app on your devices.

Step 3. Create an account on the signup page. You can create one with your email ID or continue with third-party accounts.

Step 4. After registering, start adding your kid's devices to monitor their online activity.

Step 5. One pairing code will appear to help you match your device with your kid’.

Step 6. Complete the setup process by filling in the pairing code on kid’s device.

Once all is done, you can now remotely check your kid's online activity, browser searching history, real-time chatting messages, app usage record, etc. It gives you a complete insight into all that has been done on the device.

For example – The Activity Report feature enables you to:

  • Have a timeline of all the phone usage on that day.
  • Get updates on what apps have been used and which websites are accessed.
  • Have access to the activity report of any other date easily.

Moreover, you can add restrictions and limit screen time, which will work best with the younger ones.

As it is, being a parent is a never-ending job. Given the dangers of today and the increased screen time, the cyber menace is at its peak. It is not unusual for you to worry and feel insecure.But work smarter rather than harder. We can find solutions to high-tech problems using technology itself.


The community behind Discord is always on the lookout for scams and is trying to make it a safe platform. But with everything evolving, it's a given that it will never be an easy task. Something will keep coming up, or the same old scams. Unfortunately, you cannot keep your teens entirely out of the loop; hence be a part of it. It will be easy to check and control suspicious online training with parental apps like FamiSafe. And enlightening your kids about the cyber dangers will keep them safe.

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