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Top 8 Educational TikTok Accounts for Kids

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TikTok has become one of the most popular social applications amongst teens today. A survey suggested that TikTok has taken over Instagram as the most popular application teens use, with 63 % of the Americans using the application compared to the 57% on Instagram. A huge reason for TikTok’s success is the variety of content present on the platform.

When using the application, you can access everything, from entertainment to educational content. Here, the focus is to provide information about the top 8 accounts that help teenagers use TikTok as an educational tool. These educational TikTok videos can provide consistent learning for the children, making them learn and enjoy concurrently. Below is the list of 8 best TikToks to learn.

educational tiktok account for kid

Top 8 Educational TikTok Accounts for Kids


297.5K followers on TikTok

Mathswithmisschang is an account created by an aspiring teacher from London who offers comprehensive videos about different mathematical equations, topics, and niches. The account has over 4.2 million likes, and videos are uploaded frequently to help students learn and grow. Kids using her account can become well-versed in mental mathematics, deep mathematical equations, and common questions that can be hard to understand without proper guidance. Plus, she provides a link to her other social media platforms through which children can reach out and ask questions about different issues they are facing in learning mathematics. Her videos are watched by thousands online for the same reason.

best tiktok account to learn


4.9 million followers on TikTok

One key skill that most teenagers may have to learn during their college life and live independently is cooking. TikTok learning extends to this requirement with the account of Tabitha Brown, who helps provide useful self-cooking tips that can be followed easily by everyone. Teenagers love her videos because she presents herself as a cool mom everyone can resonate with. Consequently, her work has received massive appreciation online.

best tiktok account to learn 1

Currently, her videos are liked over 86.1 million times. Another best part about her videos is the information she provides on social communication and related factors, helping teenagers improve their social communication and progression.


2.9 million followers on TikTok

Learning about fun science experiments is always a great way to boost a teenager’s educational achievement. Nancy Bullard helps students to learn through her educational TikTok videos. Her account is the best TikTok to learn about science experiments that can be done at home. Teenagers who use TikTok as an educational tool follow her account to learn about different scientific experiments during the pandemic. Currently, her videos have received 39.7 million likes, making her one of the top channels for science learning on TikTok. With her account, teenagers can learn cool science tricks to impress their friends and family members.

best tiktok account to learn 2


3.9 million followers on TikTok

Physics is one field where students often get confused and require additional support to learn the content. However, with the help of this TikToker, their physics learning can reach exceptional levels. Being a well-known and highly respected physicist worldwide, Neil discusses scientific ideas and concepts on his TikTok account. Plus, he regularly uploads videos that help to clarify different doubts that may exist regarding common scientific knowledge. Children can follow his account to boost their TikTok learning to the maximum. Currently, his videos have received over 37 million likes on TikTok over a few years, making him one of the best teachers on the platform.

best tiktok account to learn 4

Here is the video conveying the tips regarding the kid's online safety.


477.6K followers on TikTok

Teenagers are often in an age where learning about different diseases and their possible cures can help them ensure healthy long-term living. Plus, such learning can protect them from habits and actions that threaten their health. Therefore, many teenagers follow the account of Kelvin Fiagbe, who offers reliable information about medical issues and common medical problems. Currently, his videos have received over 20.3 million likes, making him one of the most liked educational content makers on the platform. You can find many videos on his channel detailing medical history, issues of medical importance, and steps to improve your health.

best tiktok account to learn 3


2.6 million followers on TikTok

Learning about the animal kingdom and sea life is always interesting and a great educational experience. The best TikTok account that children follow for such information is AquariumofthePacific. The account has received over 44.9 million likes on its TikTok videos over the past few years. Here, they upload regular videos about different forms of wildlife, their issues, and how they are treated for various diseases. Teenagers interested in learning about different forms of wildlife can follow this account and enhance their learning experience manifold. The account also conducts many different sessions about specific animals on request.

best tiktok account to learn 5


7.1 million followers on TikTok

Being multilingual is a huge achievement in today’s world. It can help teenagers form meaningful connections with people worldwide and gain better opportunities in their lives. The most useful language to learn is English, given how it is globally spoken. Consider following the account EnglishWithGeet to learn the English language easily. Currently, the account has received over 50.7 million likes, making it one of the most successful language teaching channels on TikTok. Plus, you can learn many different words, letters, and compliments to use in daily life.

best tiktok account to learn 6


2.6 million followers on TikTok

Teenagers are often interested in seeing history from a different perspective. For this purpose, accounts like History Avenue have been highly popular on TikTok. Currently, the account’s videos have received 1.3 million likes over the past few months. Plus, you can always check out their new videos to see interesting stories about many important historical events and developments. Currently, the account is focused on different monuments, events, and occurrences from the past. However, they are uploading many different contents as well. Teenagers who follow the account can improve their knowledge of history massively.

best tiktok account to learn 7

How to Ensure Your Kids Are Not Watching Inappropriate Content?

While TikTok learning is a huge tool that can help kids and teenagers enhance their knowledge, parents are often concerned about their child’s safety on the application. Being unable to access your child’s device, you can access their activity history on TikTok with Wondershare FamiSafe. The best part about using this application is that the child wouldn’t know that their TikTok history is being monitored, which means that you can fully monitor their activities on social media.

Follow the following steps to check your child’s TikTok history:

Step 1. Download the app from your Google Playstore or AppStore, register on the application, and create an account.

Step 2. Once the application is registered, install it on both the child’s and the parent’s devices.

Step 3. After the installation, connect both devices using the web portal or the dashboard of Wondershare FamiSafe.

Step 4. Once your applications are connected, check your portal for a dedicated section on the TikTok search history of your child.

best tiktok account to learn 8

Step 5. Monitor the results to check if the child is engaging with any inappropriate content on the platform.

This way, parents can ensure that children are only using TikTok for learning and educational purposes and are not accessing any inappropriate content on the platform.

Other Features of Wondershare FamiSafe

Apart from checking the history, Wondershare FamiSafe also offers other features to keep your children safe on TikTok. Check out some of the prime benefits below:

  • Screen Time: Restrict and limit your child's screen time on TikTok so that they can manage their studies and other tasks effectively with TikTok usage. If the child uses the platform excessively, they may become addicted to its usage, causing serious concern for the parents.
  • App Blocker: You can block your child from using TikTok remotely if you feel that their usage is becoming a matter of concern. If the child is constantly engaging with inappropriate content, block out the app to keep your child safe.
  • Location Sharing: Check where your kid is to ensure their physical safety in case they are hanging out alone while it’s school time.

Apart from these, numerous other features are offered by Wondershare FamiSafe as well to ensure maximum protection of your children.

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