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8 family chore apps to manage chores

Family chore apps to manage chores

The family chore app helps you to manage the time optimally. You can plan the daily chores of your family members effectively. Select the right app which fits your needs appropriately. You can fix appointment timings, shopping and family time effortlessly using this app. Catch up with the running time and sort out the daily chores of your family using the right family chore app. It is possible to work out things if you plan it properly. Use effective tools to plan workable solutions for your needs. Schedule the daily and essential family activities and spend the valuable seconds constructively.


What are the benefits of a family chore app?

Build an organized Family

When every member in a family completes their assigned tasks at the right time, then there is no chaos living atmosphere. You can build an organized family if you plan the daily chores effectively. Using the family chore app, you can easily organize the daily tasks of the family members for progressive results. Everyone in the family learns to manage the time constructively and complete the given tasks without any procrastination attitude. The kids and adults build a positive attitude towards the daily chores.


Clean Home

Everything has its place at home. Use the family chore app to assign household duties for all the members including the kids and toddlers. Involve the kids into the household chores from early-stage to maintain a clean home. You can set up a chore app to assign daily cleaning activities to each member of a family. The kids will begin to enjoy household chores and develop a teamwork attitude gradually.


Joyful kids

When you use the best family chore app, the kids automatically develop time management skills. The kid starts to plan the given task wisely, and build an effective way of approach to complete the assigned work successfully on time. When all the tasks at home are sorted out quickly through teamwork then the whole family can spend extra family hours to bring up joyful kids. If there is plenty of family hours in a day, then the kids get excited and enjoy to the core.


4 best family chore apps on Android

Cozi Family Organizer

It is a free app and you can use this program to track grocery lists, maintain the to-do lists, set dinner plans etc. The kids can use this app to check out their allowances for completing their chores successfully. The parents can use this tool to organize the daily activities of their kids. They can schedule their playtime, study time etc.



This app is a free program and contains a reward system for the kids. Here, the parents can set rewards for successful completion of the assigned chores for kids. It can be a real-time reward like chocolates, ice creams, extra playtime etc. This family chore app comprises of a spin wheel to have fun as a break time for the kids amidst their busy work schedule.



This platform contains privileges, allowance and rewards for successful completion of the assigned tasks. The members receive a notification if there is a due chore yet to complete. This alert signal serves as a reminder to finish the assigned task as quick as possible. Homey allows the parents to offer a money reward to kids to encourage the timely completion of the chores. With the help of this app, the kids will realize that every penny is earned through hard toils. For unlimited access subscribe $4.99 per month.



In this chore app, parents can assign daily chores for the kids and rewards money soon after the completion of the tasks. There is an option for the kids to transfer the reward to saving account, donate it to charity or invest in the stock market. You can use this app from toddlers to teens to obtain progressive results. The parents can purchase BusyKid prepaid card for $7.99/ year for a child.


4 best family chore apps on iPhone

S’ mores up

It is a free family chore app and comprises of family calendars for every member. You can assign tasks on those individual calendars and set up recurrent activities repeating on specific days in a week. With the help of this app, the parents can plan for playdates, family events, dinner date etc. The kids can mark the completed tasks and keep track of the pending works and the earnings optimally.



It is the best free app to organize the regular tasks of the family members sophisticatedly. You can use this program to assign homework and housework for kids and toddlers. When you cultivate this unique skill using the family chore app at the early stage in kids then automatically your kid will learn to discipline his/her daily works effectively in future.


Chore Pad HD

In this app, the parents can set tasks for the kids and teenagers to convert them as responsible adults. There is a reward system in the form of starts to encourage the child to stick to the assigned schedule effectively. This program costs $2.99 and the HD version costs $4.99



The iAllowance app teaches the kids to complete the tasks on the assigned time limit and the value of money. When you use this app, your kid will quickly learn how to save and spend the money optimally. It costs $3.99 and compatible with the iOS version. This application permits the parents to set goals for kids and grant money rewards for successful completion.


What can FamiSafe help for the better family schedule?

The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare is the perfect family scheduler. It protects the kids from the online dangers and limits the gadget used for productive purpose. By limiting the screen time of your kid, the FamiSafe plays a vital role in figuring out the creativity in kids. When you restrict gadget usage, gradually the kids spend valuable time with friends and family members. The FamiSafe builds a bridge between the kids and parents by providing extra family time by limiting smartphone usage. The Smart Schedule option FamiSafe assist the parents to plan the daily activities of the kids progressively. Surf through the mind-blowing features of FamiSafe below.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Awesome Functionalities

  • If you find any unwanted apps in your child’s phone, then quickly block it using ‘App blocker’ option.
  • Limit the app usage by setting a time limit and the FamiSafe assist the kids to spend extra family time
  • Plan the daily activities of your child using the ‘Smart Schedule’ feature
  • Optimize the time spent on the gadgets with the help of ‘Screen Time’ option
  • The ‘Activity Report’ from FamiSafe help the parents to track the gadget activities of their child regularly.


Features in Detail

Block Apps and Usage

The FamiSafe parental control app allows you to remotely supervise the installed application on your kid’s phone. During the monitoring activity, if you find any risky apps then immediately block the app by enabling the ‘App Blocker’ option in the FamiSafe parental control application.

If you find your kid is getting addicted to any specific apps or games then limit the app usage by setting a time limit. You can select the time factor for each application in your kid’s device remotely. When the time limit expires then the app becomes inaccessible. Your kid will not be able to continue work with the apps or websites once it is locked by FamiSafe parental control app.


Smart schedule

Build excellent time management skills in your child with the help of ‘Smart Schedule’ option. Using this feature, you can plan a progressive chores chart for your kid to follow. You can effectively assign activities in a day to bring constructive changes. With the help of this ‘Smart Schedule,’ you can discipline the daily activities of your child.


Screen time limit

The FamiSafe parental control app has a ‘Screen Time’ functionality to set a time limit for gadget usage in kids. No need to yell at your child nor pull the gadgets from their hands instead set time limit using ‘Screen Time’. The smartphone locks automatically when the time limit expires. Your kid will not be able to unlock by any means. You can regulate the screen timing by enabling this option in FamiSafe.



Therefore, you had an enlightening discussion of the exclusive family chore apps which converts the kids and teens into a responsible family member. Use the app effectively if you want to obtain the desired outcomes. The FamiSafe parental control app provides complete control on the gadget activities of your child and you can schedule the daily chores for your kid using the Smart Schedule feature. Connect with FamiSafe, make effective daily plans for kids and help them to realize the worth of time. Assist the kids for constructive usage of time and the FamiSafe becomes an important factor in converting the kids and teens into a responsible individual in a society.

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