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Top 6 Text Message Lock Apps That Teens May Use

Top 6 Text Message Lock Apps

It is really a great challenge for the parents to handle teens in the current situation. Due to technical advancement there are many pitfalls at the internet space which requires attention for successful survival. The message lock app helps the teens to hide their privacy messages precisely. Sometimes these type of apps drives the teens to danger zones because of their immature attitude towards society. The parents should monitor the teen’s gadget activities closely to safeguard them from online monsters.

Message Lock App

Six text message lock apps

Go SMS Pro

It is a message lock app which employs encrypting techniques to protect the text messages in your Android phone. The Go SMS Pro version provides a convenient interface for the users to enable the locking procedure easily. To make use of this app you do not require any technical skills. You have to choose the right option to set the lock appropriately.

This app encrypts the text messages, mail, social media app messages precisely. You can add the messenger apps in this platform to impose the encrypting techniques on the sent and received messages. It is the professional message lock app which performs in a satisfactory mode for a long run without any compromises.

Go SMS Pro


It is an awesome lock app to hide the text messages from anonymous persons. The interesting fact about this lock app is that you will not find this message lock app icon in your phone. The third person will have no idea about the presence of Value app in your device. It operates in a hidden mode. You can choose vault-app if you want to implement the message locking system professionally. All sorts of text messages whether in the form of email, social media texts etc are optimally encrypted with complex algorithm and safeguard the content wisely. You will not face any issues while making use of this message lock app. The procedure is clear and concise and you can use it on any message apps effectively.

Vault Message Lock


It is a sophisticated message lock app for iPhones. In this app lock, you can hide texts, images, videos etc any sort of multimedia files get hidden itself in this safe lock efficiently. To access the messages in this lock app you should enter the pin or authentication code. Similar to the Vault app you will not be able to figure out the Secret lock app icon in your device. The launch icon becomes invisible soon after successful installation process.

Secrets App

Message Locker (SMS Lock)

It is a basic form of text message lock app process. In this lock app, you can only protect the text messages from the standard messaging platform. It is compatible with Android devices and locks the text messages effectively using pin and pattern lock authentication procedure. It is applicable only for texts and you will not be able to use this strategy to lock media files which comes along with the messages. This lock app does not perform well with social media related messages.

Message Locker SMS Lock

Protect SMS

If you want to protect your text messages safely from the third person then Protect SMS app is the right tool. This app has a built-in algorithm with the encryption technique. Every text has a lock with authentication procedure and only the device owner will be able to reveal the message. The specialized professionals are the masterminds behind this incredible algorithm.

Protect SMS

Private life texting

This message lock app is compatible with iOS devices. A simple click is sufficient to lock the message precisely. It alerts you if there is any threat to the locked message. A sophisticated encryption strategy is employed to build a strong lock on the text messages. This app is highly recommended for iPhone, iPad, smartphone users. It is a simple app with extraordinary features.

Private Life Texting

Teens may use these apps to protect their messages

As you all know that adolescent is the age of mystery. You have to learn a lot to guide your teen kids on the right path. It is the age of fun and challenges. They will sense a lot of changes in their body, emotions etc. The message lock app serves as an effective tool for teens because they can make use of this app to hide private messages from the third person. Here the third person also includes the parents. So when they try to hide any messages from you then you have to find optimum ways to unlock their app to reveal those mystery messages.

The immature minds are highly prone to risks and they become a vulnerable victim for the predators in the society. To safeguard these teens you have to take respective measures. You should try to disclose those locked messages without the knowledge of your children. The teens are is a safe zone until those hidden messages are nothing much serious but if it includes any suspicious texts then it will ultimately lead to unwanted issues in future.

What can parents do when parents find this

The child psychologist suggests parental control apps deal with the gadget activities of the kids and teens. The app must be reliable and it should record precise data on the gadget activities of the teens. Added to this the monitoring should take place in a remote manner. The FamiSafe parental control app is the right tool to handle the teen's gadget usage. You can figure out various cyber issues if you watch out their online activities on a regular basis.

FamiSafe App

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection
The features of FamiSafe parental control app are as follows

Detect suspicious texts :

In case if your kid gadget comprises of suspicious texts in their device then FamiSafe parental control app will be able to send alert notification to their respective connected parent device immediately. This app helps the parents to develop complete control of the teen's gadget easily. You can get rid of unwanted cyber issues if you are able to figure out these inappropriate texts in advance before the situation becomes worse.

FamiSafe Suspicious Text

Add suspicious content :

This app allows the parents to add suspicious texts with the default available word list at its storage. When it finds a match with the text in the kid’s device then immediately the parent’s gadget receives an alert message related to the suspicious texts. The parents can take necessary action at the right time without any delay.

You can store a lot of suspicious texts without any limits. For effective detection of inappropriate texts in your kid’s gadget, you should prepare a potential word bank in this app to obtain desired results in the long run.

FamiSafe Explicit Text

Thus, in this article, you had better knowledge about the message lock app.You must be clear about how to handle teens when they make use of these lock apps in their gadget. To avoid unwanted cyber issues in future you have to install FamiSafe parental control software.It is a simple and effective tool to control the online activities of kids and teens. Download and launch this incredible app to protect your children from online monsters. Create a danger-free internet space for your kids to grow in an intellectual manner.

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