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Emoji Sexting App: Why Should Parents Notice?

Emoji Sexting Apps Parents Should Know

What is the emoji sexting app?

Emoji are more than a millennial messaging craze; they are more like a primitive language. Emoji aren’t exactly sexy. They are simple, insipid, and accessible icons that work like a charm in conveying basic emotions. The tiny, emotive fonts characterize the first language born of the digital world, designed to add emotional shading to the otherwise bland text.

Emoji have been popular from the late 90s when they first appeared on Japanese mobile phones and has grown in popularity, becoming a hallmark of the way people communicate. But all is not good with emoji, as they have grown into a sexting language, and teens are warping the signs to show sexual intent and phrases.

Sexting is performing a sexual act in a digital world, such as sending an emoji, a photo, video, or anything like that to another person. In its entirety, emojis are just symbols or ideograms that represent an object or idea rather than using words. They permit an individual to express something without really having to say it.

This can explain why people, especially youngsters, are using emojis while sexting (sexually explicit messaging). Finding something like this on your kid’s online messages or phone can be shocking for parents, and they need to be aware of how to deal with any situation like this.

JAMA Pediatrics reported, one in seven teens are sending sexts, and one in four are receiving sexts, with the study taken over 110,000 teens from around the globe. This phenomenon got widespread media attention, and warnings were issued of the potential protruding dangers of sexting.

Parents need to take stock of the fact and be proactive in persuading their children that all these habits are not good for their health and security. Getting a closer look at the Emoji sexting apps kids use is an important thing that parents should do.

Why is the Emoji sexting app so popular?

The advent of the digital world has unlocked a multitude of opportunities in a teen’s social life. The use of electronic media for sharing and exchanging sexual content has become an added form of intimate sexual communication adapted to today’s technology-driven society. Sexting refers to an exchange of sexual content through technological devices.

The popularity of these emoji sexting apps resides in numerous factors. The first one is the prevalence of emoji as a secret language among teens and adolescents. A sense of being the language that could only be understood by them and not their parents played a big role in popularizing emoji texting. The massive availability of mobile and other digital devices also played an integral role in the prominence of emoji sexting apps.

Then the advent of online dating and social media craze boosted emoji sharing, and a peer-to-peer understanding of the new language spread all over the social community. The need to be popular has been shown to be a factor that could increase the probability of being involved in sexting.

5 Popular Emoji Sexting App Among Teens

Today the world is filled with all kinds of online relationships and sexting apps, but virtually no app can completely protect your privacy and the illegality of it in some parts of the world. Kids aren’t aware of the dangers they are putting themselves and their loved ones in, as they can’t assess the motives of the person on the other end of the screen. Here are a few of the popular emoji sexting apps, that other than being famous, also use a lot of emoji libraries to attract users. Sexting has amplified in recent years, boosted by so many factors, but the results seen not just by the intended recipients could lead to harassment and cyberbullying. Possibly even sexual assault and suicide.

1. Flirty Emoji Adult Icons

The app offers more than five hundred sweet and romantic, flirty dirty, and sexual emojis. The flirty emoji adult icon app has a vast range of emotional and sexy icons that you can use to be creative in your digital sexting life. These naughty emoticons are completely not appropriate for youngsters under the age of eighteen, and parents should, without reservation, make sure their underage children stay away from these kinds of apps.

sex emoji app review - flirty emoji adult icons

2. Sexy Emoji & Sexy Emoticons

Sexy Emoji & Sexy Emoticons is another emoji sexting application that focuses on not only emojis but also has a collection of sexy emoticons. It is not intended for users below the age of seventeen, and you will find diverse variations of each emoji-like kissing. The app also has GIFs, text stickers, and quotes divided into eleven categories for different occasions with a romantic app design. The concerning factor for parents is the app doesn’t require any registration to use these sexy emojis for sexting.

emoji sexting apps review - sexy emoji & sexiy emoticons

3. Flirty Dirty Emoji – Adult Emoticons for Couples

The app has a massive library of emojis and gifs, which can be used for sexting. This is another flirty, dirty, and sexy emoticons app that has every kind of sexy emoji needed for sexting via emojis. With this app, people can spice up their digital relationships and add more intimacy with the use of dirty emojis. With hundreds of romantic lovely flirty, and dirty sexy emoticons categorized in nine themes such as party, sexy, naughty, etc., to add extra flavor to online relations. Apps like these can be very dangerous for kids’ grooming and upbringing.

emoji sexting app - flirty dirty emoji

4. Flirty Love Emoji

Flirty love emoji app has a massive sexy emoji library with the aim to lure anyone and everyone into the trap of sexting online. In the app, you can also find sexy GIFs, stickers, and quotes with some colorful messages related to love, romance, and flirting. The Adult Dirty Emojis App brings fantastic adult, romantic, flirty, dirty emojis for making your texting too romantic.

best emoji sexting app - flirty love

5. Naughty Stickers

The regular emojis are not enough for expressing sexual expressions, but with naughty stickers emoji, you can get an effective solution for sexting. With a naughty emoji keyboard, you get hundreds of sex emoticons and can equip your messages with erotic massages and sex emoticons. This app is the richest sexy and saucy emoji keyboard app, filled with every kind of emoji you’ll need to convey your message and works on all mobile phones. Categorized in several categories for easy use like Naughty stickers, party emoji, xxx emoji and stickers, kiss emoji, etc.

sex emoji app review - Naughty Stickers

Why is the Emoji sexting app not safe for our kids?

As we all know, the Emoji sexting app has become a tool for people to make their sexting more fun. Thus, there are factors that are not for our kids. Below are the reasons why the Emoji sexting app is not safe for our kids.

  • Photos and videos can be interrupted by people around you or hackers.
  • Teens can be easily manipulated or forced into sharing sexual content.
  • All the apps stress on connecting with strangers is a major red flag and makes them not safe for kids.
  • Electronic media is reproducible, and the emoji sexual content you share can easily get out of hand.
  • Teens can face things called ‘sextortion’ or ‘revenge porn’.
  • All the emoji sexting apps don’t have any mechanism to verify the age of the user. Most producers don’t even care.
  • These kinds of apps are, most of the time, used by predators and perverts.

"There is an unavoidable risk that your sexts will be seen by someone other than the intended recipient," said Erika Moen about the danger of sexting.

What can parents do to protect their kids?

Parents need to know what their kids are up to and what apps are not good for their safety in the digital world. They should know all the potentially unhealthy things for their kids’ growth and upbringing. Changing times require parents to keep an eye on the different texting apps the children are using for any possible sign of sexting because it can be very detrimental to their health and career in the future. These sexting habits can lead them to psychological problems if anything goes wrong and their personal lives exposed to the world. They can employ optimum solutions to prevent kids from sufferings and legal issues.

In the world of the internet, emoji sexting apps have gone on a rampage with their massive use and advertisement to attract kids. Where certain apps are specifically built to persuade kids and teens into sexting and to provoke other kids to take part in this illicit activity, sexting is very destructive for children’s mental health, and in some parts of the world,d it is considered illegal, and the person can be charged for doing so.

Parents should ensure their kids don’t get exposed to these apps and get their hands dirty. But one will ask how is that possible with no virtual limitations on the usage and number of gadgets nowadays available to kids – we have just the right tool for parents to keep a strict watch on their kid’s digital activities and apps they use, wait for just a second more.

1. Talk to kids

Parents can try talking to their kids about the potentially harmful impacts of emoji sexting apps, which can be quite futile as the app is very popular, and children might have difficulty understanding why they shouldn’t use it. Try to persuade your children by explaining the risks associated with using sex-related emoji to talk with strangers or even friends.

2. Restrict Device Usage

Parents can enforce a restriction on devices altogether to make sure their kids are not exposing themselves to the dangers out there. Practically, parents need to ensure privacy settings on kids’ electronic devices are high and parental control is in place. Or at least don’t allow smartphones or tablets to your children below fifteen age, and if you do permit, only let them install positive social media apps with constant monitoring.

3. Contact authorities

Parents can constantly be on the look for the latest sites, apps, and games that kids are likely to be using and take safety precautions for online safety. If you are concerned that your kid might be sexually groomed or at any kind of online sexual abuse risk and report it immediately to the cybersecurity authorities of your locality.

4. Seek help from the parental control app

For parents, it is not easy to monitor kid's phone usage 24 hours a day. That's why we need to seek help from the parental control app.

FamiSafe is a spectacular all-in-one parental control designed to shield and protect kids’ presence in the digital world around the clock. It can aid parents in keeping a close eye on their child’s activities in the digital realm. FamiSafe encourages healthy digital habits in children and is to save them from any potential challenges and risks – parents are there to monitor their teen’s digital life and lend a helping hand when in need. FamiSafe hallmark features are web filter, app blocker, location tracker, thwart cyber bullying, explicit content detection, and much more.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Explicit Content Detection

Parents can explicitly watch over their kids using FamiSafe to ensure their children aren’t the ones using the sexting apps or even using the slang language in other apps like Kik or Snapchat. New generation teens are so addicted to their cell phones that they can easily learn the secret language of emojis and fall into the pit of sexual and psychological disaster. They can’t possibly realize the dangers associated with sexting as it can expose their whole life to leaks, and bullies can take full advantage of the fact.

This absolute monitoring app can get real-time data from the monitored device, track inappropriate content in any of the kid’s social media apps. Offering detailed information on the applications, web content, and location & geofencing the phone – this incredible app can help parents ascertain if their kid has fallen to the crypt of sexting and the kind of digital content kids are leaning towards.

App Usage & Blocker

When it comes to monitoring the app usage on a kid's devices, FamiSafe's Activity report is of great help. Parents will be able to check how much time has been spent on a certain app easily with these features. If you think your kid has spent too much time on a certain app, you can also block it using the App Blocker features.

sex emoji app review - famisafe app blocker

Browser History & Web Filter

Worrying that your kids are browsing inappropriate websites online or stumbling into websites that are not for their ages? With FamiSafe's Web Filter and Browser History features, you don't need to worry anymore. By using Browser History, you can check which website your kid has visited, even under private mode. Web Filter will automatically filter the websites by categories to provide a clean online environment for your kids.

sex emoji app review - famisafe web filter

What are the dangers of sexting?

Teenagers are prone to try sexting out as they are curious and love to explore new things. However, sexting comes with its own dangers.

  1. Emotional imbalance
  2. Legal consequences
  3. Exposure to sexual predators
  4. Destroy personal reputation

Parents can check more information about the dangers of sexting and its solution here.

There is every kind of opportunity available at the fingertips of our adolescents and kids with virtually no restrictions. All these emoji sexting and adult sexting apps fly under the parent’s radar without even being known until it’s too late. Parents need to take stock of the fact and dangers associated with using these apps because if they don’t heed this matter, things can get out of hand and affect their kid’s physical and psychological life very badly. To aid this generation’s parents, WonderShare has come up with an amazing and powerful software tool that can ease parents’ duties and save kids from falling prey to any of the digital world crypts.

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