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Netflix Party Guide for Parents

Parents Netflix Party Guide

What is a Netflix party?

Netflix is a streaming service that you can use to watch videos and movies virtually. Once you download the app and sign up for an account, you can start a watch party and invite your friends for the same. Besides, you can link up with users from any part of the world.

What is netflix party

After the COVID-19 attack, nearly every sector has gone virtual. The entertainment industry isn't left out either. This move has brought a whole new dimension in terms of spending quality time with loved ones. Friends and distant family members don't gather for parties anymore. Most people lack the sense of togetherness that comes with such. However, streaming services have stepped in to promote a sense of community. Netflix Party is the new big option for most movie lovers. It lets you watch TV and movies with friends, virtually. Here, you have a good time to catch up with your friends through the handy chatroom that Netflix adds up.

How to use Netflix Party?

A login is the starting point of utilizing a Netflix party. Together with your friends, log in to your individual Netflix accounts and decide on which movie or show to watch. Netflix then mimics a sense of community by syncing the playback on all these accounts. Hence, you'll all be on the same page whenever a movie kicks off. Besides, there is a chat function where you can text your friends as you chat along in realtime. Follow these steps to dive into Netflix and beat the social distancing dilemma.

Step 1. Download the extension

Remember that Netflix is a Google Chrome extension which is what allows you to watch your movies. First, download the extension and then click the "Add to Chrome" option to install it on your device. Next, log in to your Google account to start the watch journey.

Step 1. Download the extension

Step 2. Select a movie or TV show

Choose which movie or TV show you want to play. Next, click the "NP" button found on the right side of the browser. To share with friends, start a party and generate a Netflix party URL. Copy and paste the same URL to your friends. It will be sync to all the selected friends.

Select a movie or TV show

Step 3. Watch

Finally, watch your movie as you chat with your friends and share the real fun as though you are all together in a single room.

 watch your movies

Even with this explore, you'll still have to stand its downside in terms of usage. The "chat" function is limited to one user at a time. This also means that while many family members can use the same device to watch, it's only one user at a time that can post comments. That is not the only concern of Netflix. There is more on safety! The next sub-topic is going to uncover the possible dangers of the Netflix party.

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Is the Netflix party safe?

Safety on an online platform is every parent's concern. Remember Netflix party requires that the host copies the URL and sends it to other guests. Hence, anyone with this link can also distribute it to further users. By this, a child can easily use the chat function and gain access to the viewing event. At the same time, he/she need not know everyone on the watch party and so, the chances of meeting strangers crops in. It is in such circumstances that a kid is exposed to various dangers.

1. Exposure to explicit content

This is an obvious danger given that everyone on the watch party is seeing every piece as it streams live. A guest may not have as much control as the host user hence, he/she will be easily exposed to explicit content if that was the intention of the host.

2. Drug abuse

Some users may want to experiment with what they are watching on these movies. And if it's a movie that promotes drug abuse, then chances are high that innocent minds will be lured to the same. Again, this could be the intention of other users for the invitation to watch such content.

3. Cyberbullying

Remember that not all onboard may be genuine friends. Some users find the opportunity to mistreat other fellows by pinning them down on unimportant matters. A kid may suffer in silence while being teases by other users.

4. Scariness

Horror movies take charge in such a dilemma. So many people can't cope with disturbance videos or movies. Your kid could end up being scared to the extent of having nightmares every single day, depending on the kind of movies they watch with friends over Netflix.

5. Violence

Chances of fights are prone where there are disputes. And it can't be any different from Netflix party where a collection of friends virtually come together to play a movie though with different opinions. Again, some of these movies are highly capable of promoting violence.

Parents' reviews and news to Netflix party

Let's look at some reviews from the common sense media.

1. Vulgar language

A parent showed concern about the kind of response his daughter got from her friends as they watched Netflix party movies. He adds that such were seductive words that should not be uttered to kids.

2. Sexy stuff

It is very likely for kids to find themselves being invited for party watch. But the main concern of one parent is the kind of movies some users share with friends. She says her son was exposed to nude pictures in one of these watch parties.

3. Drinking and smoking

Again, some parties promote drug abuse and smoking. A parent showed concern that his son started showing bad behaviors after joining friends at the watch party. Chances are high he was introduced to smoking in one of those occasions.

4. Scariness

Horror movies are not enjoyed by everyone. Some individuals will invite friends with the aim of starting very weird shows as was with the case of one teenager. Her mother went on to say that her daughter continuously has nightmares ever since being of some watch party with friends.

5. Cyberbullying

This is the concern of most parents, given that most kids are not monitored especially while online. Exposure to cyberbullying is prone to this service. One parent reported that very abusive messages were sent to his son after he shared his contacts with friends on Netflix.

How to stay safe on Netflix Party?

Based on reports from the common sense media, it is important to ensure that your kids are safe on the Netflix party. Use these options to tighten safety measures on your kid while he or she is accessing online streaming services.

1. Enforce Netflix safety measures setting

Set what your kids and watch and what they can't on Netflix's party. This will ensure that your kid is not able to access what you allow him to. Furthermore, it will deter strangers from sending him the extension URL via which he gains access to other watch parties.

2. Enforce guidance

You can also save your kids from the embarrassments of cyberbullying and other violent acts by being on their side each time. You can set guidelines that they should not join any watch party in the absence of a guardian or a parent.

3. Use a parental control app

The third option to ensure safety on the Netflix party is the use of parental control apps. The first two options may be challenging especially for a busy parent. Not anymore with an app like FamiSafe. It works best to help you protect your kid from cyberbullying and other online predators. Likewise, you can ensure your kid stays safe even in your absence.

Functions of FamiSafe

What FamiSafe can do for your kids?

1. Web filter

This function will help you know which sites your child visits. It is therefore useful in helping you to keep your kid away from dangerous sites such as gambling, pornographic sites, among others. Furthermore, it lets you filter them and to keep your child away from harmful people like cyber bullies.

FamiSafe - Web Filter

2. Screen time

It is also vital that your child keeps pace with the important activities of the day. The screen time feature helps you to know your kid's daily activities. With this, you will know how to easily manage your kid's time like study time or playtime.

FamiSafe - screen time control

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Spending quality time with friends is a good move. It brings a sense of community and care. And the availability of service streaming apps has made it good enough. You can simply log in to the Netflix app and start Netflix's party. However, this has also proved to be dangerous given the openness of this app. Friends can invite other friends and create a whole globe of strangers. If not well looked into, other users may be victims of cyberbullying and other dangers. It is, therefore, proper to put measures in place for optimum safety. Using FamiSafe will ensure that your kids don't access inappropriate content even while at a watch party.

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