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10 online multiplayer games for kids to play with parents

10 online multiplayer games for kids

The ongoing pandemic has driven the world into an internet-managed market. It has helped in educational matters, medical, and now gaming. People no longer enjoy family gatherings, visits, or social interaction. The slogan is now – keep a social distance – to help flatten the curve. Even as we continue to adhere to the set measures, people still need each other in almost all aspects of their lives. So, the presence of multiplayer games for kids is a good move in helping families deal with loneliness. You can connect, enjoy gaming, and forget about the pandemic for a while.

What are the advantages of online multiplayer gaming?

It’s obvious there is more to look unto in online multiplayer gaming. Here are some of the pros.

Boosts Intelligence Quotient

player games for kids 1

Your IQ is likely to go up when you juggle your mind with other players. Remember you have to think fast to outsmart your opponent.

Promotes social association

player games for kids 2

As you play with others, it helps you to build your networks of alliance. You’ll interact with other players, build teamwork, and learn to win.

Boost self-reliance

player games for kids 3

Multiplayer online games are good at boosting your self-confidence. Each member will have to do better to attain those reward points.

Improves social interaction

player games for kids 4

People no longer get the freedom to physically meet. Multiplayer games allow alliances and competition and hence will contribute to improving your interaction capacity as you communicate with other players.

5 online iOS multiplayer games for kids

1) Super Stickman Golf 3

player games for kids 5

This multiplayer game for kids lets you play golf as you thwack the small balls in real massive castles and floating islands. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and comes with an interactive interface, letting your kids play like real pros. The bigger screens are a plus; they let you see the courses boldly, enabling you to aim more precisely.

Cost: $2.99

2) Chess With Friends

player games for kids 6

Chess is another interesting game that has been around for quite a long time. Simply play the classic game, challenger your friends, and view your stats. All you have to do is protect your King and see your opponent come as down as possible. You also got to be clever and cunning; view your opponents’ matches on their profile to know which next move to take.

Price: It’s free but users can purchase the Premium version at $0.99

3) Mekorama

player games for kids 7

Keep your kid glued to the table with this puzzle challenging game. Your mission is to help some robots reach their destinations. You have to think pretty fast on the moves to beat your opponent. It comes with 50 small mechanical dioramas that you need to explore. Also, make your own levels by building blocks.

Cost: Get if free from Google’s Play Store for your iOS device.

4) Fruit Ninja

player games for kids 8

This is a game of fruits! Yours is to cut the fruits as fast as possible and strive to avoid the bombs. Furthermore, your digits become your defending sword meant to hack those fruits as you move along. This game will spice up your slicing skills, ideal for multiplayer. You also get extra points for slicing multiple fruits using in a swipe. Likewise, you can put your fingers to full use – to make multiple slices simultaneously – as you aim your goal of slicing all the fruits.

Cost; Fruit ninja is free

5) Spaceteam

player games for kids 9

Stay energized with our kids as you play this multiplayer game for kids. This game can incorporate up to 8 players, making it fun to play along. So, if you can push buttons and shout, you are sure to go places with this game. All you need is an iPhone and you’ll be assigned a control panel with sliders, buttons, dials, and switches, to help you make drastic moves. Follow instructions and don’t let the ship fall apart!

Cost: $2.99

5 online best multiplayer games android for kids

1) Minecraft

player games for kids 10

This is another popular app among multiplayer games for kids of all time. It aims at checking how smart you can be when it comes to making random decisions. As a player, you are first dropped into a world that’s randomly generated. Here, decide what you want to do as you cross-play with your friends. This app contains three modes; survival, realms, and creativity. Of course, you can’t die in Creative mode but you got to be a survivor in the Survivor mode. Otherwise, the bad guys will catch up with you and even kill you.

Cost: $6.99

2) Riptide GP: Renegade

player games for kids 11

If racing is your thing, then Renegade will do you good. It has two modes; Campaign and Challenge mode. The first option is fun, bombarded with lots of events. You can buy and upgrade multiple wave runners. And it even gets tougher with the up to 8 players competing on those matchups. You can view all the eight in a split-screen as you control your moves for the better. However, the Challenge mode is not for the faint-hearted. But you can take the challenge and compete against the best times of your colleagues.

Cost: $2.99

3) Pokemon Go

player games for kids 12

If traveling across the world is your in-thing, then this app lets you roam the real world, searching for Pokemon and gym battles. You have to catch as many as possible to complete your Pokedex. Likewise, make it extremely fun-filled by teaming up with other trainers especially during those Raid Battles.

Cost: It’s free to play and offers in-game purchases.

4) Old School RuneScape

player games for kids 13

This is a well-built multiplayer game with lots to offer. Despite being costly, it is a boredom-breaker that lets you traverse across the world as you perform tons of activities. You can find loot, trade with others, bring all the bad guys down, and carry out other quests.

Cost: a monthly subscription of $10.99 or a yearly subscription of $99.99

5) Vainglory

player games for kids 14

Are you tough enough for a tug-of-war? Vainglory gives you the chance to join forces with other players to literary throw the other team out of their base. The battlefield is wide enough for you to make the best moves ever. You, however, must have a working strategy to succeed. The game can go on and on, as you try to unlock all the 30 characters and choose from the numerous game modes and other social elements.

Cost: Free to play

Other recommended multiplayer games:

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What can FamiSafe help for better family time?

The internet has all the good and bad reasons associated with it. And when it comes to multiplayer games for kids, it may be a bit tricky if kids are not monitored. FamiSafe steps in the gap to improve better family time. It lets parents control the screen time on their kids’ phones and even track real-time location. Furthermore, you can block any site or app that you deem unfit for your kid’s usage.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

player games for kids 15

FamiSafe Features

App blocker & usage

It could be that you have permitted your kid to install any app games for kids but they go beyond and install other apps with unhealthy information. Worry less! This feature lets you check which apps are installed on your kid’s device and the frequency of usage. You can set to see how much time kids spend on various apps per day, week, or month for Android devices. For any unworthy app, simply restrict them. You can lock such apps going by the age of your kid. Do this on a daily or weekly schedule on their iOS device.

The better part is that you will get an instant warning when your kid tries to unlock the blocked apps on their Android device. For iOS users, the app icons with instantly vanish once you have blocked them. This will keep your child safe without constantly monitoring their phones.

player games for kids 16

Screen time limit

It is in order for parents to set quality time for the important activities for their kids. You can also track their daily app usage after setting screen time for them. This feature lets you monitor the amount of time your kid spends online and on which specific sites. You can set to monitor this per day, week, or month and know whether to allow or block their devices. But if your kid adheres to your set rules, give him a pat on the back by rewarding daily screen time.

player games for kids 17


It is the best move for the entire family to participate in multiplayer games for kids. The benefits are more, and the boredom will eventually fade away. We have tackled among the best gaming apps, suitable for both kids and parents. Try them out and bring back the social interaction that has been missing since this year began. And when the control game becomes a bit tough, engage the best parental control app to help you monitor your kid and encourage healthy internet operations.

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