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8 Best Discord Fortnite Servers to Join for Free in 2024

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Fortnite is one of the leading battle royale games available in 2022. It has a solid user base, and there are new updates and cross-over events available regularly for its users to stay ahead of the curve. However, most players of this top-notch game are usually at a loss on where to find teammates or get the latest updates on the game. One of the best platforms that provide this opportunity is Discord. Discord Fortnite server offers you the best spot for teammates and news.

This article will explore the best Discord servers focused on Fortnite that you can join today. After research, we picked out these Discord Fortnite servers meticulously and will explain how they work and the regions they work in. We’ll also provide you with information about the best way to control your time on Fortnite. So without further ado, let’s begin.

discord fortnite server

Top 8 Fortnite Discord Servers

In this section, we’ll explore the best Discord Fortnite servers available. These servers are all free and allow you to connect with thousands of other Fortnite avid fans. If you’re searching for the best Fortnite server on Discord, explore our list below for insight into the best options.

Official Fortnite Server

  • Current Members: 80,000+
official fortnite discord server

Fortnite has a dedicated server for its fans on Discord. With over 80,000 members, this Discord Fortnite server offers several active users for anyone looking for teammates to play this royal battle game with. In addition, there are several dedicated channels on this server that allows you to find group members based on the platform, region, and game mode.

In addition to this, this Discord server Fortnite also provides channels for discussing Battle Royale, Save the World, and many more. Additionally, this Fortnite Discord server has an active moderation team that will assist in making the community safe for all players. Therefore, it is one of the best Discord Fortnite servers available.

Elite Customs

  • Current Members: 54,000+
  • Region: NA (North America)
Elite customs discord server

This is another top Fortnite server Discord players looking for scrim matches can access. A scrim match is a practice game played with other professional players before a serious game. It helps you practice to improve your skills and excel in the game. Anyone can join scrim matches as there are gamers with different skills level on this Discord Fortnite Server.

Elite Customs is a top spot for daily scrim matches. It also hosts tournaments where gamers can win cash prizes.

Joining Elite Customs requires an account with Yunite, a Fortnite-focused Discord Bot. Once you open Fortnite, you can send a friend request to Yunite 16 and look for a 6-digit code beneath the Yunite name. This number helps you gain access to the server when you send it to the Yunite bot’s DM. This approach is aimed at maintaining the server’s quality.

G2 Atlantis

  • Current Members: 54,000+
  • Region: North America (East)
g2 atlantis fortnite discord server

Another Fortnite Server Discord offers is G2 Atlantis. There are over 200,000 members on this server, and it provides different servers for the EU and North American regions. Like Elite Custom, this Discord Fortnite server uses the Yunite bot for verification. However, it requires sending a friend request to Yunite 17 instead. Once the verification process is successful, you can access the platform and start joining scrim matches and tournaments.

East Open

  • Current Members: 289,000+
  • Region: EU
east open fortnite discord server

Another Discord Server Fortnite player can explore is East Open. You can use it to open gaming buddies for your Fortnite games. This server also utilizes Yunite verification. Once you complete the Yunite verification process, you can join the general chat group hosting several other Fortnite players.

You can simply explore the looking-for-players channels if you’re looking for teammates. This channel is dedicated to those who need teammates for scrims and tournaments. In addition, there are several other dedicated duos, solo, and trio scrim practice announcements. East Open Discord Fortnite server has over 300,000 members you can join today.

Kungarna East Scrims

  • Current Members: 220,000+
kungarna east scrims fortnite discord server

Another option among the 8 best Fortnite Discord servers is Kungarna East Scrims. There are over 200,000 members on the server. You can join this server to participate in tournaments and ladder matches. Additionally, you can use the Kungarna East Scrims to join duo and solo queue matches with other gamers. That is another server that uses Yunite for its verification process.

Kungarna East Scrims Discord server is ideal for experienced players. Therefore, gamers must have played over 100 matches before passing through the verification process. Therefore, if you’re an avid Fortnite player looking for talented professionals to play with, this might be the ideal server for you.

TK Fortnite

  • Current Members: 110,000+
tk fortnite discord server

With the TK Fortnite server, you don’t need a Yunite bot to link your Fortnite account and participate in its many features. There are over 100,000 gamers on this server, and it also offers different channels for different purposes. Therefore, you can explore any of these channels to build fights, play box fights, zone wars, and casual or arena matches.

Although there is no need for Yunite verification to join the server, you need it to participate in matches. However, if matches are not what you’re looking for, you can explore the rest of the server and play casual games. In addition, there is a Looking for Group section on the server you can explore for fun.

Pro Settings

  • Current Members: 85,000+
  • Region: EU, NA, SA
prosetting discord server

ProSettings is another top Fornite server Discord offers players. This Discord Fortnite server sponsors several competitions and runs tournaments. The goal of this Discord server Fortnite gamers can explore is that it makes players higher through scrimmages.

This Discord server also offers different suggestions to improve your skills. It is the best Discord Fortnite server for those looking to improve their skills. You can also participate in varying tournaments and win cash prizes as you improve your skill.


  • Current Members: 65,000+
  • Region: All
yogaming fortnite discord server

This server is the last on the list of the 8 best Fortnite Discord servers for gamers, but it doesn’t mean it is not as good as the others. You can enjoy several Fortnite custom matches and scrims on this Discord server. There are also different channels available for further options. For example, you can look through the Looking-for-group channel to find other gamers for your team. It has over 60,000 members, and there are no requirements for joining the group.

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What’s the Benefit of Playing the Game over Discord?

benefits of using discord

Discord is an excellent spot for playing games for many reasons. It is a free app that contains many servers you can chat and share info. This app was specifically designed for gamers, although there are many other communities on the app. There are many other communities on Discord. Below are some benefits of using the best Fortnite server Discord offers.

It Offers You More Teammates

discord connects you with teammates

Discord offers you many other like-minded people you can team up with for your favorite games. While playing, you can keep up a voice or video chat to make the game interesting. This feature works to make strategizing easier for teammates. With Discord, your teammates don’t need to ring you to be able to talk to you; they can just hop on the chat without a need for distraction from the game.

You Can Easily Start a Stream

you can start a stream

Discord allows you also to stream your game effortlessly. This way, your friends and fans can keep up with your games without needing a third-party app. It also offers you a streamer mode that hides your details when you’re streaming. With this option, you can stream safely by sharing only the information you want.

Allows You to Join a Fandom

connects you with a fandom

Another benefit of using the best Discord Fortnite server is that it connects you with like-minded people you can discuss your latest gaming obsession with. Hundreds of Discord servers are dedicated to different games with thousands of users. You can easily find them and join. This server doesn’t just connect you with other fans; they provide you with the latest news and also provides answers to burning questions you might have about your favorite games.

Don’t Forget to Control Your Kids’ Screen Time

As you and your kids enjoy time on Fortnite or connect with other gamers on Discord, you might forget to pay attention to other parts of your life. Unfortunately, most times, Fortnite games no longer pay attention to their social and other aspects of life. Luckily, the parental control software Wondershare FamiSafe allows you to limit your kids’ time on Fortnite and Discord. This video will show you how to restrict kids' access to Discord with Wondershare FamiSafe.

Or you also can learn more about this app by following the below text guide.

Screen Time Management

screen time on discord

Screen time management offers you a graph showing how much time your kids spend on various gadgets. Users can calculate the length of time they devote to the internet each week and month using this data. You can efficiently limit the hours your kids spend on the best Discord Fortnite server or on the game to ensure they have time for other parts of their life.

App Blocker

app blocker on discord

When you need your kids to focus on other parts of their life, you can limit their access to Discord or Fortnite. App Blocker stops you from accessing specific apps. You can also restrict a set number of hours, days, or weeks.

Activity Report

activity report discord

The Activity Report is another feature that helps you control your kids’ use of the Discord and Fortnite apps. Activity Report informs you of how many hours kids spend on each app and which app they are spending too much time to help you determine which app you need to limit access to.

How to Set Up Screen Time Management Using FamiSafe?

Setting up screen time is relatively easy; you have to set up the app. The steps are pretty straightforward and are outlined below.

  • Install FamiSafe on Device: You can download the app through the official website, App Store, Google Play Store, etc. After downloading FamiSafe, install it on your and your kids’ device and launch.
  • Register on FamiSafe: Register on FamiSafe by providing the necessary details. Afterward, grant the permissions required to let FamiSafe perform efficiently on the device.
  • Tie up Kids’ Device: Once you logged in successfully, click Start to add your kid’s device. There will be a pairing code for you to tie up your kids’ device. Follow the instruction to fill in the code on kids’ device to complete the connection.
  • Set Up Control: Now, you can set up the features you need to, like screen time management, app blocker, and many more.


So these are the best Fornite Discord servers you can join to connect with other players. If you’re looking for teammates or people to share scrims with, this list is ideal for finding a new crew.

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