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These Secret Dating Apps that Parents Must Know

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Social Media App Proven solutions

In the world of advancement and latest technologies, kids have easy access to plenty of data available on the world wide web. The data that your child can surf has no limits and is readily present on various online portals. Such is the case with secret dating apps.


These apps play a vital role in spoiling your kids and making them fall into the trap. You will never know that your child is making use of secret dating apps on their cell phones. These apps can be hazardous for their growth, both mental and physical.

When your kids start using the application, they connect to new people, and not all of them are safe. Your kids have to be given proper guidance on the fair use of technology provided to them. You should also let them know the harm these secret dating apps have on the social behavior of your kid. For this, first, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Check Out These Risky Secret Dating Apps Parents should Know

1. Tinder

It is a secret dating app that is on the latest trend. The app needs to be installed in the device, and then logging in and setting up an account on tinder is very easy. All you need to do is to sync it with your Google account or Facebook account, and you are ready to use it. The application has many features that might not be safe in the hands of your young adult.


With this application, the user is suggested to make friends with the people nearby. They can be in the same place as the people sitting at the different corners of the world. It is up to the user what kind of choice he/she makes.

2. Bumble

Yet another secret dating application bumble specially designed to empower women to chose their partners on the online platform. It is a secure app as they say and has three modes Bumble BFF, Bumble Date, and Bumble Bizz.


This place is known for real people to connect and make real connections to be it professional or personal. The app has other features rather than just connecting people to make friends. This secret dating app allows the users to make friends online and get to know people from different time zone as well. Some of the features of Bumble are mentioned below.

3. Hinge

The application is set up on an entirely different and unique interface for convenient user experience. The app focuses on the personality traits of the users rather than just looking into the photos.


The app, therefore, helps in finding the most compatible match for you. The developers of the application have put their heart and soul in making the best and more personal dating experience. Some of the features that differ Hinge from other dating apps are:

4. Happn

The app is a wonderful platform to approach someone you have been staring at all day. You will not be called a stalker and will be able to start the conversations conveniently. You can get the real-time location of the people and search them on happn, meet them, and be friends with them at the same time.


You will be able to view people in the suggestion list only based on shared interests and features. Check out other features of Happn:


This secret dating application asks help from your friend to find a perfect dating partner for you. The app gives your friend the command to search for an ideal match for you to date. You will come across a series of profiles and swipe them to show your interest.


The process for registration is free, and all that linked with matchmaking is hidden from you.


This online secret dating application allows the women to pick up and select the one man they like without actually exposing their personality and identity. If you are a woman user, Pickable asks for no pictures, no age, no name, and no description.


Women can rest assured that their identity remains concealed and that they can safely find a perfect match.


This secret dating app can be easily downloaded on your android device and helps in meeting people in your town and the place that you visit. You can create an impressive profile and add all your personal information to expand the options.


You can add your name, pictures, the person you prefer to meet, your interests, and other personal information on your profile.

8. Coffee meets Bagel

This application values quality over quantity. The app features unique ideas, and one such approach allows men to receive the matches and are given twenty-four hours to like or no accept the Bagel.


This app access the Facebook profile information and provides you the best set of choices from the friends of friends' categories. The exciting matches can communicate with each other and get to know their interests and date further to each other as well.


It is a secret dating application that is gaining popularity with each passing day. More than 180 million users use the app.


The users need to verify the account by connecting it to your social media accounts. But you need not worry about the safety of your information.


Grindr is one of the famous secret dating app for men those who seek men in their relationships. This app is available online for men, and no matter if you are gay or straight, you can create your account here.


The app provides a sexually charged chatting experience for interested men.

Not only this, unapologetic and uncensored content on Grindr is even more harmful to your kids. You have no idea with whom your kid is getting into touch. You can never be sure that your kid is in the safe hands of he is using such applications on his device.

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What can parents do when their children use these apps: FamiSafe

When you have observed that your kid is using this application, you can take strict action to prevent them from this trap. There are various parental control applications available on the internet that help parents to set up a restriction on their child's handset to allow good surfing.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection


Famisafe is one such application with promising parental control features like:

Activity Report

This feature helps the parents to check the time spent on their kids on mobile phones. The features allow the parents to find out the sites visited, and the content surfed. Once you are aware of the activities, you can surely guide them accordingly.


Block App

It is yet another parental control feature from FamiSafe. The feature allows the users to block access to specific applications on the targeted device and safeguard your kids from falling into the trap.

Screen Time Control

With the Screen time control feature on Famisafe, you can set restrictions with the time boundaries for the handset usage. In case the child uses the device after the arranged time, you will receive alerts, and you can act accordingly.


With the increasing trends of online dating, saving your kids from following the trend of secret dating apps can be a challenging task. You will have to take help from the advanced parental control applications like Famisafe to give your child a healthy upbringing.

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