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Bumble dating app review for parents

Bumble dating app review for parents


It is a dating website and provides a platform to meet new people near your locality. This article serves as a good bumble app review talking about its pros and cons in detail. This app seems to be inappropriate to the kids and teens. It is an adult app, which assists you to search for a company with similar frequency. It helps to meet new people across boundaries. This network strengthens friendship, business relationship, or romantic relationship depending on the needs of the users. This app came into existence in the year 2014 but the professionals embed strong rules in 2019 to avoid harassments and cybercrimes. The rules are not sufficient to get rid of the cyber crimes on this platform.

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How does Bumble work?

A Bumble app review

The app works similar to that of a normal dating app. Here, you must create a profile by filling in the necessary fields on its platform then you can search for nearby friends using the search option. It connects people with similar interest. It is a location-based dating app, which allows the users to upload 6 pictures. The profile display carries the following details like first name, age, occupation, and university. It works like Tinder app.

The app finds matches in your locality and displays the details along with the messaging option in it. If you are interested and convinced with the displayed profile then you can commence the conversation quickly. If the match found is of same-sex then either can commence the chat whereas if it is opposite sex then the woman can only begin the conversation.

The built-in algorithms of Bumble work on identifying the right match profile within the locality. As you swipe, you will get a huge list of profiles available in its database. You should be selective while making moves on the app. Every activity on this app triggers the algorithm to carry out some works with your profile.

Is Bumble app safe for a teen?

It is unsafe for the teens because most profiles are not genuine and it is not reliable. This app is only for adults and the parents should ensure that their kids do not own an account in this platform. It is risky and you may not know the hidden dangers of this app. Take a quick look at the risk related to this app in the following discussion


When your teens have an account in Bumble app and if he/she commence a conversation with strangers then ultimately it leads to bullying issues. He/she may be able to handle the situation if the stranger is elder. The immature minds get trap within the cunningness of the anonymous people within no time.

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Sexual predators:

It is a dating app and hence you will find many sexual predators available with false profiles. These predators will search for teens and kids to share adult content and porn images with them. They will make use of this platform to connect with your kid. The innocent minds will panic if they are into such a situation and get into psychological issues immediately.

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When the stranger identifies the other person in the conversation is a kid or teen then they will try to threaten in different ways. It can be any kind of threatening act, which affects the kids psychologically.

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Real-time review on the Internet


Make it easy for stalkers and paedophiles

Wow. My teenage just told me she met a boy on Bumble. After looking into this I completely freaked out. This is UNBELIEVABLE! Location and photos of you all in one place. How frightening is that for a parent of a teenage daughter. This is a stalker and/or paedophile's dream app. Please warn your kids. Watch for this app on your devices. Do not let them download. It's one thing when you are an adult looking for love but it is not for anyone under the age of 18.


Risky for kids

My 12-year-old daughter was threatened by strangers on Bumble. She was affected psychologically because of the adult conversation took place through this app. This is not meant for kids. Parents should supervise the kids from getting into such dangerous apps without their knowledge.


Not for teens

My son Andrew who was 14 years old was excited with Bumble app. He was into cyberbullying within three days of this app download. He met strangers and started conversation without any idea about the person. At the end of the conversation, the stranger started to share inappropriate content, which tempted Andrew to get angry with him. Finally it ends up with bullying issue.

Does Bumble have an age limit? Moreover, can a teen bypass age restriction

According to the official declaration and in the Bumble app review, the teens with 18+ years are eligible to create a profile in this app. This announcement is adhering to only papers without any practical implementation. There are no proper supervision and restriction phenomenon available to prevent the entry of teens and kids below 18 years. You can bypass the age restriction by entering a wrong date of birth during the setup process. To create a profile on Bumble app there is no reliable verification procedure to prohibit the entry of false information on this platform.

How do you protect your child from bumble app?

When you brainstorm the safety measures of the kids and teens from the threatening apps on the internet, you will end up with the following suggestions.

    • Talk with kids:

The only effective way to protect the kids and teens from the Bumble app is to talk with them using reliable facts. List out the hidden dangers in this app and you can show them a live demo by carrying out a conversation with the strangers on this app.

    • Seminars:

You can encourage your child to attend seminars related to the threats to the cyber world near your locality. The professionals can deliver the right content in a perfect tone, which makes your kid understand even better.

    • Effective monitoring app:

When you look around in the digital market, you will end up with a handful of monitoring apps. The first question which arises in your mind is that ‘Are those apps reliable and the data given by those parental control apps are precise?’ The FamiSafe parental control app resolves your dilemmas in no time. This app satisfies your expectations without any compromises. It is an app with constructive differences and you can discover it better from the below lists.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Features of FamiSafe app

  • Monitors the kid’s gadget activities remotely
  • Keep an eye on every download and upload of apps, media files on the cyber channel
  • Scans the messages on main social media apps and notify the parents if it finds any suspicious texts in it
  • Precise and reliable ‘Activity Report’ on the child’s gadget and online activities
  • Effective filters to prevent the entry of inappropriate content in your kid’s device

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Extraordinary features in detail

Usage of Apps:

The FamiSafe parental control app has ‘App Block’ feature to supervise the app activities of your kid. It records the time spent on each app along with ‘Start and Stop time’ data. If you find the app is not applicable to their ages then you can block it remotely even without their knowledge.

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Activity Report:

A complete history of the gadget activities of the child is available in the ‘Activity Report’. If you want to know anything about the kid’s online moves then you can verify it in this report. The data recorded in this report is precise and you can rely on it to take further actions on the kid’s gadget moves.

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Limit Usage:

The ‘Screen Time’ allow you to set a time limit for your kid’s gadget usage. The ‘Smart Schedule’ option helps you to plan the daily activities of your kid optimally. The FamiSafe app minimizes your child’s phone usage and cultivates the ‘Time Management’ skills effectively.

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Monitors the Search:

The ‘Browser history’ lists your child’s search optimally. You can figure out all the topics, which are in search of your child in a remote way. You can enable the ‘Web Filter’ option to refine the web content from entering into your kid’s phone.

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You had a Bumble app review in this article and effective methods to help your kids to get rid of the impact of dangerous apps on the cyber world. Thus, it is high time to take immediate action and install FamiSafe parental control app to safeguard your child from the risky applications at the App and Google store. With the help of FamiSafe, you can save your kid from any risky situation before it becomes worse. Through consistent effective supervision on your child’s gadget activities you can protect your kid from the online monsters optimally.

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