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Top 5 Online Dating Games in Roblox that Parents Should Know

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A Nielsen 360 report shows that two-thirds of the US kid population ages 12-15 are addicted to video games and spend over 12 hours weekly online. Roblox Corporation shared that by April 2020, almost all Americans under 16 have played Roblox. Roblox app has over 150 million monthly active players. Roblox is a platform that allows amateur game makers to learn their craft and create wonderful experiences. If you have a teen who enjoys Roblox dating games, you must understand how it works. This review explores the top 5 online dating games on Roblox that parents should know. It will also cover the dangers of meeting online friends through dating games on Roblox. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

roblox dating game

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an entertainment platform that hosts gamers and producers alike. The site provides designers with different tools that allow them to create games. Players can also come up with many ideas like the game programmers. Kids can interact with each other in Roblox’s immersive 3D world. Teens playing Roblox dating games usually create an avatar for themselves, which they use to explore different games on the platform. The site offers simulator games, tycoon games, car games, dating games, etc. Although some of the games’ features are free, some require users to spend real-world money. Many players on the site usually get online dates by playing Roblox online dating games.

5 Popular Dating Games in Roblox

Even though there are many kids on Roblox below the age of 13, there are several Roblox online dating games. Players can chat with other avatars in the game and develop friendships and relationships. Below are the top five dating games on Roblox to look out for.

5. Shower Stimulator

roblox shower stimulator game

This Roblox online dating game is one of the games that parents need to know about. A shower simulator allows participants to shower together irrespective of their gender. In this Roblox online dating game, players enter the shower room with their swimsuits and begin to take a shower. This action seems inappropriate for kids, and sometimes, players in the shower room indulge in sexual content and erotic conversations.

4. Robloxian Life

robloxian life on roblox

Another game that makes the list of top 5 online dating games on Roblox is the Robloxian Life. This game has had over 170 million visitors and 770 thousand favorites since its launch in 2016. This game is set in a tiny town that features many residences, a clothes store, an adoption center, a theater, and even a gear store. The Robloxian Life game also has attractions like an ice cream island and a hot air balloon.

When you spawn, you can join one of four teams: parents, pets, kids, or adolescents. The fifth team is the Choosing Role, but you can only join this squad before you join another. It is only a placeholder in the game.

3. Welcome to Bloxburg

welcome to bloxburg on roblox

This is a virtual world where players live and work. It is one of the Roblox games for online dating popular amongst teens. In this game, you can choose a job and design your vehicles and home. This game allows teens to play as grown-ups like they do in playgrounds. Like Adopt Me!, Welcome to Bloxburg is a role-playing game that encourages creativity. You’ll live in a world where you get to do everything realistic. Some of these tasks require resources that you need to buy. As you level up in the Roblox game, you have the opportunity to build better homes and get better vehicles.

2. MeepCity

meepcity roblox dating game

Another Roblox online dating game parents should be aware of is MeepCity. This is a popular open-world game that has several active places. MeepCity is set in a city where you have to survive independently. Usually, that requires doing chores to earn money. You can then use this money wisely to do whatever you want. On MeepCity, players can travel if they don’t want to carry out missions like other players. This game also has a chatroom where teens can chat with other avatars in the game. This game’s developers are continually upgrading this game to improve players’ experience online.

1. Adopt Me!

adopt me on roblox

Adopt Me is a Roblox dating game that allows you to adopt pets, design homes, and explore the Adoption Island. You can care for the animals you save for this game. However, kids who have played this game usually request pets from their kids. The more pets you take care of, the more money you will be able to raise to update parts of your home and your fashion style that you can show off to others.

Dangers of meeting friends through Online Dating games

Roblox online dating games are pretty dangerous. Not only do parents worry about some inappropriate content in the games, but teens also meet with other players in the chat room and develop a relationship or friendship. Although it seems harmless most of the time, there are several dangers of meeting friends through online dating games. Below are some of them you should watch out for.

1. Online Scammers

beware of online scammers on roblox

Roblox dating games have many in-game currencies, purchases, and real-world currency. Therefore, teens on the platform are a real target for fraudsters using these Roblox online dating games. Teens are usually less aware of these risks and are quite susceptible to them. Some online scammers groom children through the chat room and try to get them to pay for things in the game. Once they get the details they want from the teen, they can steal the teen’s virtual and real-world currency.

2. Sexting

sexting on roblox dating games

Research shows that 48% of 14-17 year-olds have chatted online about the kind of sexual things they would like to do with someone. 33% have sent a sexual photo to someone they like online. Although Roblox tries to prevent swear words on the platform, players are continually finding creative ways around it. Some of the games registered as having adult content do not appear under the 13+ accounts. However, players usually get around this. Your teen can get exposed to games with rude titles, nude avatars, etc. Players might also convince other players to indulge in sexting with them in the chat room.

3. The Leak of Private Information

The leak of private information on dating games on Roblox is quite common and is dangerous to which children can be exposed. Because of the unmoderated chat room, strangers can begin to converse with teens. They could convince them to share their full name and address with them. Sometimes, these scammers convince children on the platform to share their login details with them so they can access and steal from the teen’s account. Additionally, teens may share their financial information on the site with these strangers who might be looking to commit identity theft.

4. Online Predators

online predators on roblox dating games

There are also adults on Roblox that might be looking to use these Roblox games for dating to prey on children. The chat function in Roblox games poses a real danger to children, especially teens who cannot always distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate requests. Sometimes, predators use the chat room to encourage teens to meet with them on less moderated social platforms. Some of these online predators approach kids and make inappropriate requests under the guise of wanting to be their friends. They usually use Roblox to initiate a conversation before requesting the teen to move to apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc., that allows images.

5. Cyberbullying

cyberbullying on roblox

Although most times we don’t expect it, bullying happens on Roblox, despite the tools the platform has in place to block bullying text messages. Bullying can be due to a player having outdated houses, features, or other tools in the game. Sometimes, bullies just bully for fun. So parents should teach teens how to watch out and report or block bullies on the platform who approach them.

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Suggestions for Parents

Now that you know the dangers of these Roblox online dating games, you must figure out how you can protect your kids from their dangers. In this section of the Roblox dating games review, we’ll provide suggestions for parents on how to minimize the risks of these dating games.

1. Be Cautious About Your Personal Information

Remind teens to protect their personal information. You must educate your teens about the dangers of these Roblox dating games. Remind them to always protect their personal information while on the platform. Teens must learn not to share their full names, address, or personal information that scammers and online predators can use against them. Additionally, they should learn to report players that seem suspicious or make requests about their personal information from them. You can inform your teen by signing up on one of the best online dating games on Roblox and indicating the threats they should look out for.

2. Assist Your Kid

You can also stand close by while your teen plays Roblox. You can observe their activities and ask them about the different features and options that pop up while they’re playing the fame. Enquire about their online friends on the game, and it will give you insight into the threats in the future for your kid. Look at your kids’ game selection process for insight into the games that attract your kid. With this information, you can educate your teen better about the site’s danger.

3. Set Contact Settings

edit content setting on roblox

Another step you can take to protect your teen from the dangers of dating games on Roblox is by setting the contact setting. These games are supposed to offer social, multiplayer experiences, so there’s an inclusion of a chat feature. However, this chat feature is what exposes teens to many online dangers like online predators, scammers, and many more. Therefore, you can change these settings on Roblox. To change this, you have to visit the settings page by clicking its icon on the upper right corner of the bar. Next, select privacy from the options on the left. You can now decide who can message or chat with you on the app, who can message you in-game, and who can find you by your phone number. These settings should keep your teen safe.

4. Enable Account Restrictions

 set account restriction on roblox

You can also restrict your account if your child is below 14. This setting is available because the Roblox platform is based on user-generated content. Therefore, creators might not be able to monitor the game’s appropriateness. Enabling account restrictions ensures that your teen can only access content curated on the site, not user-generated games. Setting this up is easy once you click on the settings icon on the top right corner of your page. Next, click the security option on the left-hand corner and choose security from the options. Next, toggle on ‘account restrictions’ and enable it on the platform.

5. Parental Control App

Another option for you to protect teens from the dangers of Roblox is by using a parental control app. This app allows you to monitor and restrict different activities remotely and effectively. It offers a wide range of protection and compatibility with Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Kindle Fire devices. Some Famisafe features can help protect your teen from the online dating games on Roblox. However, you need to first sign up on the app to access these features.

  • App Blocker: This feature allows parents to monitor their children’s app activities and block any app that is inappropriate for kids. You can even block apps for a specific period, then kids can't start the app during that period.
famisafe app blocker
  • Safe Search: This feature allows parents to filter out Roblox bad games from search results. By adding the word "Roblox" into the suspicious text base, kids will be unable to access to anything related to Roblox on the internet. If that's too strict, you can add more specific words, like the name of the dating game, into the suspicious text base to prevent kids from accessing them.


You could find several inappropriate games on Roblox. These Roblox online dating games pose many dangers and risks for teens’ safety on the platform. This review points out suggestions on how parents can minimize the risk on the platform. One of the best methods is Wondershare Famisafe, as it has long-term benefits for parents. It helps to keep your teen safe from Roblox dating games and the internet.

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