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How to Play Roblox Unlocked?

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Roblox is an online platform where you can create and play games from other independent developers. Unfortunately, it is unavailable to certain people due to various restrictions. For example, schools restrict their students from accessing the platform through their networks. However, there are different ways to play Roblox unblocked, provided you have a decent working knowledge of the internet.


Below is an overview of some ways you can unblock Roblox and enjoy the millions of games available. In addition, you will discover the reasons behind schools and parents restricting access to the platform.

Part 1: Use a Cloud Gaming Platform.

No.1 Play with Now.gg

Now.gg is a cloud gaming service that allows you to access and play games on your device without downloading them. Instead, it runs an emulation of the game using now.gg superior remote hardware service to stream gameplay on your device.

When playing Roblox through now.gg, you will run the mobile app version. Despite Roblox mobile app being optimized for touch controls, now.gg offers you built-in keyboard mappings to allow you a similar experience on other devices.


Here is how to use now.gg to play Roblox unblocked.

1. Access the Roblox page on now.gg through your device’s browser. Ensure you have a stable internet connection because it guarantees the best gaming experience.

2. Click on the Play in Browser option to access Roblox.

3. Select Sign Up to create a new Roblox account or tap login to use your existing account.

4. Proceed to the search bar and type in the game you wish to play.

Now.gg runs on all devices, provided you can access the internet and have a web browser. As such, you can use it on mobile, computers, game consoles, or tablets and receive the same graphics quality. In addition, Roblox offers cross-platform support. Therefore, you can continue playing on any device, provided you can log in to your account.

No. 2Shadow

Shadow allows you to enjoy high-performance gaming on any device. The platform allows remote access to a powerful gaming PC from the developer’s data center. However, you need to subscribe and wait at least an hour for the PC to be set up. In addition, the service has an activation fee of $29.99.


Here is how the platform works:

• Visit the Shadow website and create a user account. You will receive a confirmation email once you complete registration.

• Download the app according to your current device and authenticate it using the code you receive.

• Enjoy high-performance gaming on your device by choosing a game from the extensive library.

No. 3Play with Geforce Now.

Geforce Now is another clouding platform that you can use to unblock Roblox games. It is an Nvidia product available across all mobile platforms, laptops, desktops, and smart TVs. In addition, you can save your game progress on the cloud gaming platform using its cloud saves feature. However, this is only available for supported games. Unfortunately, Geforce is not yet support Roblox untill May, 2022. But many players are asking for it, and it is coming soon surely.


Here is how to play games using GeForce Now:

• Create a user account on the Geforce Now website.

• Download the Geforce Now app to your device. Nvidia recommends using the app because it offers the best gaming experience. However, ensure you meet the recommended system requirements before getting the app. Alternatively, you can start playing games using your device’s web browser.

• Link your different game libraries and enjoy.

Part2: Download Roblox APK or EXE to USB Drive

Another way to play Roblox is through its app or from a USB drive. In addition, the method allows you to run it from discrete locations on your device, where restrictions may not apply. Here is how:

Step 1Download

You can download Roblox from its official website for any of the following platforms:

• Windows

• Xbox One

• Amazon AppStore

• Google Play

• Apple AppStore.

However, downloads from the official site may be restricted depending on the controls set. So, what is your alternative? Get the APK or EXE file from a third-party website.

For example, Softonic is a free and secure third-party site that allows you to download unblocked Roblox for different devices. Furthermore, it features legitimate user reviews to help you decide if it is worthwhile.

Step 2Move to an SD card, Phone, Or USB flash disk.

Most apps download to your device’s internal storage. However, you can choose the download location when getting the APK or EXE file from third-party hosting sites. Typically, a pop-up menu appears where once you click Download, with different locations on your device. Select the location you want and finish your download by clicking the OK button.

Step 3Install Roblox on your school Chromebook or PC.

Below is how you can install Roblox on your school Chromebook or PC.

• Open the file location of your Roblox APK or EXE.

• Launch the setup file and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need admin access for the installation to run for either file. In addition, Chromebook users need to enable installation from third-party sources. The option is available from your app settings menu.

Part3: Use a VPN

Another option to unlock Roblox games on your device is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These programs allow you to mask your device’s IP and privately connect to servers in different locations. As such, you can access restricted content discreetly without anyone knowing.

Although most VPN apps are free to download, they may require you to purchase a subscription to access their full features. In addition, those that are free to use come with annoying pop-up advertisements, ruining your Roblox gaming experience.

Unblock Roblox on School Chromebook

1. Launch Google Play and search for a reliable VPN app to use. If you cannot locate it, enable it by opening your Settings menu and selecting Apps. Then, locate the Google Play Store section and tap the Turn On button.

2. Select the VPN app you want and follow the download instructions.

3. Launch the VPN and follow the on-screen prompts to connect to a secure and encrypted location.

4. Once your connection is active, install Roblox and start playing.

Part4. Why is Roblox Banned by School and Parents?


Despite Roblox’s increasing popularity, schools and parents ban kids from the game. Typically, school networks only allow access to educational content, which Roblox is not. So, why do parents ban Roblox? These are the reasons why:

• Its main focus is to make money.

Although Roblox is free to download, most of the games offer in-app purchases. This is because it features independent game developers who want to make money from their creations. As such, parents ban their kids from playing because they can easily overspend on unnecessary items.

In addition, Roblox’s creators prioritize monetization by linking features to membership status. For example, the features of a free account are extremely limited.

• Data Security Issues

Roblox has an extremely poor data security record. There have been several verified reports of data breaches on the platform. Despite the company making some improvements on the platform, these are still far from the industry standard.

For example, their team of moderators is unable to keep up with the amount of content that users create. Therefore, they still rely on their users to report security issues instead of investing in automatic security tools.

• Exposure to Inappropriate Content

Another issue that makes parents ban Roblox is overexposure to inappropriate content. You can find many games on Roblox, including those that feature mature content. In addition, the lack of proper moderation means your kid can easily access inappropriate content if you do not monitor them.

Furthermore, there are reports of cyberbullying on the platform from the chat feature. However, Roblux’s developers now offer on-site parental control features. For example, they offer a parent account where you can open restricted accounts for your kids. Moreover, very few independent developers offer educational content. As such, most parents do not see the value in allowing their kids to use the platform.

• Device Issues.

Several users report device issues when playing Roblox on cloud gaming services. Some of the issues on record are:

• Mobile devices overheating when playing on the platform

• Unusual battery drain.

These can be detrimental to your device’s durability, often causing you to replace your devices. Therefore, parents ban children from using Roblox since replacing the devices can be extremely expensive.

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1. Do I Have to Create an Account to Use Roblox?

Yes, you must create an account to use Roblox on any device. However, you only need to provide your birth date, username, and password.

2. How can you protect your Roblox account from hacking?

Roblox offers detailed guides on preventing data breaches and what to do when they happen. The information is available on their website under the help section.

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