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8 Virtual Escape Room Online to Play Online for Your Kids & Their Friends

Funny Online Virtual Escape Room

The gaming world has changed drastically over time. Escape rooms provide players with a new way to enjoy games with their friends. Some of the popular escape room games include The Grimm Escape, Mystery Escape Room, and Escape the Fairy Tale. Keep reading to find out why kids love virtual escape rooms.

online virtual room

Why Do Young People Opt to Escape Room Games Online?

Escape room online has become popular among kids who love to challenge themselves. Besides providing you with a chance to socialize with your friends, they also offer an exhilarating experience. With that in mind, below are some of the reasons why young people opt to escape room games online.

  1. Help Teens to Escape From the World of Reality: Some kids find it hard balancing their school work and home chores. Escape room for kids allows them to step out of their normal daily routine and get the chance to experience what it is like to be a different person. Essentially, escape room games online allow kids to go on exciting adventures in the comfort of their home. This is the same with VR (virtual reality) games, which provide immersive and interactive gameplay. If your kid is also interested in VR games, this top free VR games in 2022 can help you know more.
  2. Give Kids a Sense of Confidence: This is another reason why many kids get hooked to playing virtual escape rooms. Escape room for kids allows them to feel important and gives them a sense of confidence when they are solving the game missions. They also do not require any specific knowledge for you to participate.
  3. They Create Unique and Memorable Experiences: Kids who play escape room online often have to think outside the box to solve the challenges as a team. Good times are created when you go against the odds and achieve success after a hard struggle. Such memories that leave you with the feeling of achievement and satisfaction are not easy to forget.
  4. Improve Social Interaction and Communication: It is common for human beings to crave social interaction. Escape rooms for kids provide them with a chance to interact with their peers and overcome some of the game challenges. The idea of physical talking is slowly becoming a thing of the past as escape room online promotes teamwork.
  5. Boost Imagination and Help in Mental Alertness: Escape room games online boost players' imagination and creativity. Players can see into things and make their next move. What's the best part? They help players to increase their attention span. When playing online virtual games, both your attention and team-building skills are required to achieve success in this field.

8 Virtual Escape Room for Kids

Escape rooms online provide fun and more entertaining activities for young people. The idea of working together as a team to search for clues and solve the challenges is interesting. Let's look at some of the best escape room games online.

1. The Grimm Escape

Created by Puzzle Break, The Grimm Escape is an entertaining light puzzle hunt that players can enjoy with a live gamemaster. The game has several challenges that unfold in an enchanted forest. Trapped in the Grimm forest, the player and their friends need to find clues and solve puzzles. They also need to break the witch's spell and escape the locked room within one hour.

online virtual room - The Grimm Escape

2. Mystery Escape Room

Available for kids aged 10 and above, Mystery Escape Room provides players with two game options: One of them is inspired by Nancy Drew, and the other consists of The Superhero Escape Adventure. The Nancy Drew adventure requires you to find out where Nancy is. The mission requires teamwork to find the pieces of clues that explain why Nancy has disappeared. Dr. Psonic is an evil villain in the superhero adventure. Your mission is to find out his evil plans and stop him before he executes them.

online virtual room - mystery Escape Room

3. Escape the Fairy Tale

This escape room game is riddled with puzzles based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Your mission is to escape from the fairy realms and house one bear. It's much easier to play than most of the escape rooms online. The events unfold clearly and make use of an expert code translator. The experience that the game offers is ideal for flexing young memory muscles.

online virtual room - Escape the Fairy Tale

4. Escape Live

Escape Live is one of the escape rooms for kids that provide them with an innovative and authentic way to work together as a team to overcome challenges while solving problems. The game has no player limit and provides child-friendly and sensitive content. There are about 15 rooms for players to choose from. The themes in most of the rooms include a sword in the stone, Shakespeare's script, and prison break. The mission of the game entails finding evidence that can incriminate the Shelby family.

online virtual room - Escape Live

5. Brain Chase

This game helps kids to expand their team-building skills, as it offers a platform with virtual escape rooms weekly. Depending on your decision, you can decide to participate in the monthly or weekly virtual room competitions and stand a chance of winning $100. You need to solve the puzzles as a team to complete the game challenges.

online virtual room - Brain Chase

6. Christmas Virtual Escape Room

Geared toward elementary-aged kids, this game is also suitable for children of all ages. In the game, participants have to help Santa deliver presents to children around the globe. Players need to get and solve the puzzles, as this is the only way they can help Santa to finish his deliveries just in time for Christmas. Besides improving team-building skills in your child, this escape room online provides the best form of entertainment for your kids.

online virtual room - Christmas Virtual Escape Room

7. The Mandalorian Escape Room

This escape room is ideal for kids aged 10 and above. In this game, a child goes missing and your responsibility is to find their whereabouts before the remnants of the Empire lie on you and Mando. Players can assume the character of a Droid, Wookie, or Human as they search for Baby Yoda. The game becomes more interesting when interacting with different characters while pursuing your mission.

online virtual room - The Mandalorian Escape Room

8. Mr. Awesome Breakout

This quick and quirky escape room for kids revolves around a maths teacher who leaves behind clues after his arrest. As you play the game, you will discover the clues are in one place. You need to solve the puzzles that focus on calculating the surface area. You'll also need to take notes when you spot any form of irregularities among the other characters. The game is educative as it can teach you a few mathematics concepts and life skills.

online virtual room - Mr. Awesome Breakout

What Should Parents Be Aware of About Virtual Escape Room

As much as escape rooms provide the best form of entertainment for your kids, you need to keep an eye on them when they play escape room games online. Here are some of the things parents should be aware of about escape rooms.

  1. Access to Inappropriate Content: Escape rooms contain violence, nudity, and content that might be inappropriate for your child. Parents should monitor their kids as they participate in the escape room challenges.
  2. Online Predators: The chances of your child meeting up with online predators when playing escape rooms online are high. Such individuals might try to extract vital information from your child or harm them. Be aware of the people your child interacts with when playing escape room games on the internet.
  3. Addiction and Neglection of Other Duties: Playing escape room games on the internet can be addictive. As such, this can make kid neglect their studies. To avoid this, parents need to set a specific time when their kids can play under their supervision.

How Can Parents Keep Kids Safe While Playing Online Escape Room?

Below are some of the suggestions that parents can use to ensure their kids are safe while participating in online escape room challenges.

  • Strict Monitoring: Whenever your child is playing online escape games, you need to monitor their activities to ensure they don't engage in suspicious activities. Make sure you know who they are playing the game with and if the content is appropriate.
  • Allocate Specific Hours for Kids to Play: Setting specific hours when your kids are allowed to play online escape room games will help reduce the chances of your kid being addicted. Doing this will ensure that they are not addicted to the games.
  • Limit Game Time Using FamiSafe: In this modern age of technology, it is important to monitor your children's activities on devices, especially those that can connect to the internet. Kids require supervision because they may visit inappropriate internet sites or spend too much time on their devices.
    Spending lots of time staring at screens can be habit-forming. With lots of escape room games on the internet, children need control over how much time they are spending on their desktop devices. FamiSafe's usefulfeatures help by setting time limits on your kids' PCs. By doing so, the child will get ample time to focus on schoolwork and also engage in other healthy activities like taking a walk outside. Let's have a close look at the support features of FamiSafe's desktop version.
  • Screen Time: If your kids get obessed with virtual online escape game and spent too much time on their desktop or laptop, parents can use the Screen Time feature to restrict the screen usage.
  • App Blocker: If you want your kids to complete their tasks before they can play games on Steam or other games, you can block the apps.
  • Web Filter & Browser History: Filter inapproparite websites automatically to prevent kids from accessing information that are not for their age and check if they are visiting websites that contain improper information using the Browser History feature.
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

While escape room games online come with numerous benefits to your children, they are addictive. FamiSafe is effective in limiting game time and ensuring that your kids focus on school.

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