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The Sims 4 Review: Things that Parents Should be Aware of

The Sims 4 Full Review

Sims 4 is currently the most accessible and streamlined Sims game. All the things involved in this game are surprisingly addictive.

In the game, you can do many things from decorating the house to creating a Sim. Moreover, you can also share all of your creations with the online audience.

However, there are a lot much more things that you should know about this game. So if you have seen someone playing this game and interested in knowing more about it then read this article till the end.

the sims 4 review

What is Sims 4?

Sims 4 is a life simulation video game published by Electronic Arts and developed by the Redwood Shores studio of Maxis.

The game is available on Playstation 4, Xbox, and PC but most people enjoy it while playing on PC. The game provides the virtual dolls house-cum-life Sim experience to the players.

Basically, in this game, the user can create virtual characters that are known as Sims. Moreover, the player can dictate every aspect of Sim's life from their career choices, families, friendships, and even their houses.

Due to its open-ended experience, it is quite an addictive game for most users. Furthermore, the game became more interesting for players due to its new and improved personalities, aspirations, and goals that allow players to create more realistic Sims.

It currently allows users to create friendly party girls, bubbly or anti-social criminal masterminds, and everything in between. Till now the ten expansion packs of the game have been released, and the most recent was released on November 13, 2020.

What Can You Do in the Sims 4?

Sims 4 is a great game that provides you with full control over the life of the created Sim. From their look and personality, their home, job to making friends, lovers, and enemies. You can literally control everything.

But these are just the basics things there is a lot much you can do in Sims 4 that you can find out while playing the game. Below we have listed some of the most exciting things you can do in Sims 4.

  • Throw a Party

Throwing a party in Sims 4 is quite fun. At the party, there will be a lot of music, food and socializing. During a party, some Sim has too much goofy juice and make a fool of themselves.

However, entertainment is not only limited to that. There are a lot of other things that can happen at the party. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, some Sim might die, and the Grim Reaper will show up.

what can you do in sims 4 - throw a party

  • Kill Another Sim

The game allows you to kill other Sims. Suppose you are getting annoyed by the problematic neighbor or any of your family members, friends in the game. Then you can lure them into your yard and quickly walk away, so they're standing alone.

After that, enter the construction mode and build a fence around them. Now, wait for the Sim to kick the bucket. It might take some time, but you will surely enjoy this process.

  • Find Secret Areas

Visiting the secret areas in Sims 4 is an exciting this for most of the players. There are two secret areas in the game first one is in Willow Creek and another in Oasis Springs.

Both of these areas are filled with rare collectibles items that surely spice your gameplay. However, these areas are hard to find. But you can search the internet for some tips to find these areas and if you are lucky enough you will surely find these two secret places.

the sims 4 review -find secret places

  • Give Your Townies a Makeover

The townies in the game are fashion disasters. So whenever you feel bored during the gameplay, you can give them a makeover.

Actually, the makeover needs to be done every time the new Sims are generated. To do this, go to Manage Worlds and click the Unplayed Households tab. From there, you can edit each household and change their hair, clothing, and even facial features.

  • Recreate Your Own Home

You can create your own house in the game. Design your real-life house in the game for your Sim. Begin with the floor plan and then start adding the furniture.

Moreover, in this way, you can also redecorate your home virtually before changing things in real life.

the sims 4 review - recreate your own home

What Should Parents be Aware of when Their Kids are playing the Sims 4?

Sims 4 is a good game and most people enjoying playing it. Although the game's age rating is 13, there is still something about which you should be aware of, especially if your kid is spending very much time playing this game.

  • Game Length: Although the Sims can die, it is a never-ending game. If the Sim dies then in that case, the user can move the attention to their offspring or can create a new Sim. As it is never-ending, it became very addictive for the kids.
  • Violence: The game has involved some violent activities like fighting and killing. Although the violence is limited but still as a parent, you should know about this thing.
  • Bad Language: The use of foul language is very limited in the game, which is entirely ignorable. As a parent, you should not worry about this thing much.
  • Adult Content: When it comes to adult content, your concern for the game should be increased. As the game involves a lot of characters, so the Sims usually gets into romantic relationships. In their relationships, hugging and kissing are common. But the problem is that it eventually leads to sex. In the game, they describe Sex as WooHoo. However, in any way they don't promote nudity because it is done under the covers. But still, as a parent, it is the thing that you should know.
  • Impact of Real Life: As the game is mimicry of real life. So it has a potential effect on the player life that is playing the game. If your kid is very addicted to the game, the game may negatively impact your kid's brain. Developers of the game try to keep the lousy content limited, but the game can still impact your kid's life.

How You Can Protect Your Kids from the Possible Dangers of the Sims 4

  • Talk with Your Kids

The simplest way to prevent your kids from the potential danger of this game is by talking with them about it. Try to explain to your kids what types of in-game things are wrong for them.

Explain why they should limit playing this Sims 4 and what they should avoid while playing this game. Usually, kids understand these things. However, if this thing doesn't work, then you can go with other methods.

  • Set Some Rules

Set some specific rules for your kid that needs to be followed by your kid while playing the game or in general while using smart devices like PC and Phone.

You can set rules for your kids as they can only play this game for 1 hour a day at a specific time. By doing this, you can restrict their connection to the game and prevent them from getting addicted to it. Moreover, through this, your kid can easily focus on the studies instead of always thinking about the game.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Keep your focus on your kids when they are playing the game. Regularly check what activities they are doing in the game. Check whether the gameplay is okay for your kids or not.

If you see that your kid is involved in some bad activities in the game, then don't shout at your kids instead explain why it is bad for them. Tell them if you see them doing this thing again, you will never let them play this game.

  • Use Parental Control App

It is the best way to prevent your kid's from the possible dangers of Sims 4. With the parental control app, you can easily control the way your kid use their device.

There are various parental controls apps available in the market, and one of them is FamiSafe. It is a reliable parent control app that can detect inappropriate content on kids' devices and even control screen time.

You can't be physically present with your kids every time, and there is no guarantee that your kids will follow all your rules. So the best way to deal with this situation is to start using a parental control app like FamiSafe. Some of the other useful features of FamiSafe are activity monitoring, app blocking, Alerts on Adult Content, Abuse, and screen time tracking.

As FamiSafe works with Windows PC, it is possible for parents to manage their kid's time on the Sims 4 and set up restriction to block kids from opening the games.

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Sims 4 is an interesting and addictive game. The gameplay is quite enjoyable for most people and doesn't impact one's life but only if played in a restricted and correct way.

Although the game rating is 13, still there is the use of some adult content and violence which is not suitable for your kids. So if your kids are addicted to this game, you should consider following the above tips to prevent your kids from all the wrong things present in the game.

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