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What is Stardew Valley? App Safety Guide

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Stardew Valley is a popular name amongst young kids. Just ask them about it, and they can talk about it for hours. Provided that it’s an easy farm game with a fancy interface, even parents can enjoy it with their young kids.

what is stardew valley

But if you don’t know what type of game Stardew Valley is, and have seen your kids spend hours on it, then this article is for you. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about Stardew Valley: what Stardew Valley is all about, is the game safe, and how you can make it safer for your kids.

What is Stardew Valley?

When Stardew Valley was first released, it was just a single-player game until the multiplayer mode became available in 2018. After that, the game is fully functional on both consoles and PC. Life-related fun on the platform, like fishing together, adventures on the mine, working on the farm, etc. Players can even host players on their farm, enabling them to contribute to the farm’s income.

Some of the things your kids will love to do in Stardew Valley are:

  • Create the farm of their dreams
  • Learn to live off the land
  • Become a part of the local community
  • Meet someone special
  • Explore vast and mysterious caves
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Four players can play together at a time, and the easiest way to play the game is the couch Co-op. You need to connect the controller to the device, go to the Main Menu, and select the Split Screen option. Stardew Valley will enable you to buy and explore cottages on the farmland, where each player can stay and work. And these cottages are available at different prices, and there are several unique currencies in the game. Here is how it goes:

  • Rustic stone cabin 100 gram + 10 stone
  • Beach hot cabin 100 gram + five wood + 10 fiber
  • Log cabin 100 gram + 10 wood

The Age Rating for Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has received a PEGI 12, which means the game is appropriate for kids 12 years old or above. The gameplay is peaceful, but players sometimes have to fight monsters like slimes to save the mines.

Is Stardew Valley Safe?

For the most part, the Stardew Valley is safe, but you still need to be vigilant about what your kids are up to while playing this game. For instance, you never know who your kids are playing with; after all, it’s a multiplayer game, and you need to be a little more careful with younger kids. Some other issues associated with the game are:

Adult Conversation

A part of the game allows players to get married and have babies. In addition, characters can develop a relationship with other villagers, and there are some romantic talks like “if you remember the night.” The town also has a bar, where players can buy a drink, and there is a character called town drunk.

stardew valley adult content

Online Predators

Casual games like Stardew Valley, which doesn’t have age restrictions, can become the perfect place for online predators to search for victims. So even though there is minimal risk in the game, you have to keep a watch so that kids will not share their personal information with the strangers they meet.

How to Make Stardew Valley Safer for Kids?

stardew valley adult content

Stardew Valley is notably a game that offers your kids several life experiences, but as the app is open to 12 years old, you have to make sure they are playing in your presence. Such young kids easily fall prey to identity theft, bullying, being addicted to it, etc. However, you can take help of these steps to safeguard your kids:

Create a smart schedule

No matter how harmless the game is; it can be harmful as long as your kids spend lots of time on it. Instead of socialization in real life, you would not like to see your kids spend all day reclaiming the land in their Stardew Valley. So, allow them to play the game only as a reward. For instance, make the game accessible only after completing their homework and other chores. And, that too for not more than one hour.

Teach them digital etiquette

We try to prevent our kids from online activities, but it’s hard to keep them off platforms like Stardew. The best solution to relieve parents from ongoing concerns is to help kids develop a healthy digital etiquette. Introduce the dark and positive sides of online surfing; show them how to avoid and deal with online scams; help them balance the time spent on the digital world and real life, etc.

Engage them in outdoor activities

One reason why kids are so involved in multiplayer games can be because they don’t receive enough fun in real-world: friends are not around; be forced to stay at home due to pandemic lockdown; the digital world gives them the possibility to achieve what they can’t in actual life, etc. If that is the case, parents can act as a friend to spend more time with their young kids on outdoor activities, including going hiking, fishing, picnicking, playing football, basketball, and so on, to distract their attention from the digital world.

What can Wondershare FamiSafe do?

screen time on stardew valley

It is challenging to require your kids to behave themselves when given full access to tech devices. So parents still need to monitor kids' online activity to ensure whether they can handle any unexpected issues. Parental control app empowers parents to monitor kids' online training, and FamiSafe is the most reliable parental control app that parents can trust.

FamiSafe is one such app that parents can entirely rely on for keeping a 24*7 track of their kid's online activities. The feature, Activity Report on FamiSafe, provides parents with a report on kids' device usage, including the apps kids used recently, how much time they spent on each app, which websites they've browsed, etc. If you are planning to set screen time for your kids, that can also be done in a just few clicks:

Step 1: Launch the application

Download and install the FamiSafe application on your phone or computer and your kid's device. Then, launch the program.

Step 2: Create and register an account

Now, create an account on your device with FamiSafe, and sign in.

Step 3: Select Identity

Follow the on-screen instruction to select Parent as your account's identity, which will permit you to monitor the target device. So, remember to tap Kid while launching the app on your kids' device.

Step 4: Start Monitoring

After the setting is complete, you can find multiple options on the navigation bar, including Activity Report, Screen Time, App Blocker, etc. For example, please select Screen Time here to set screen time on your kids' device.

Step 5: Set app time limit

After that, all the apps installed on your kids' devices will be displayed on the dashboard. Then, find and tap Stardew Valley to set timings for the app and save the changes.

Check the following video to set screen time on your kids' device.

Other features you may also need:

Location sharing

Another excellent feature of FamiSafe is real-time location sharing. So wherever your kid is, you will always know about their location. To ensure they don't go too far, you can also set up a geofence. Then, anytime your kids cross the boundary, FamiSafe will detect it and send you an alert. Besides, you can view the location history to know kids' past routines.

Explicit content detection

Parents can know and check the inappropriate content shared via chatting platforms on kids' devices, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. For example, it is possible that the partners your kids met on Stardew Valley try to keep in touch by exchanging their ID numbers and starting a long-term relationship. Then you can use this feature to protect kids from any inappropriate content.

FamiSafe offers you a suspicious textbase where you can add and delete the text you wish to track.


Overall, Stardew Valley is not mad-fast like the violent shooting and killing digital games. Instead, it's a slow and subtle farm setup that younger kids love to play with. However, any video game can cause side effects without proper supervision. Don't make your kid become a victim of the side effects, though, on such a mild game as Stardew Valley.

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