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Is Gacha Club Safe? Parent Guide

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

Take in a scenario where your kids find a new game and download it. It then goes on to be the topic of most discussions. As a parent, staying informed of your kids' activities is one thing, and being involved in knowing about said activities is another? However, both are important. This article is a Gacha Club parent review to keep parents informed and involved.

gacha club parent review

What Is Gacha Club?

Gacha life is a game based on roleplaying that allows users to customize and create characters based on anime-style characters. A sequel to it was released in June 2020 and it is called Gacha Club. Interestingly, the term Gacha is Japanese; it refers to small toys bought from a vending machine. They often a hobby of collectibles gathering by a few people.

The gameplay has character customization, and battle mode, and mini-games. Story mode, training mode, element tower mode, and shadows of corruption mode are the four battle modes in the game. You will earn coins and gems from different game modes, which you can use in the Gacha to purchase units, pets, and other items. You can earn Byte, which you can use in the mini-game shot to unlock mini-game units, by playing the mini-games. Players can personalize the characters and use them in the studio to create scenes in addition to the mini-games and battle types. Once you reach level 10+ in the game, you will be able to import and export characters. Gacha Club has about 2 million worldwide downloads as of April 2022.

Gacha Club Age Rating

gacha club age rating

Gacha club has a game rating of 10+ that requires verification on the application. Apple Store rates it at 9+. However, Gacha Club's content on other platforms such as Youtube is rated 18+.

Is Gacha Club Safe?

Gacha club is safe for kids but has inappropriate content on other platforms. These characters are represented graphically as a product of perversion and fetishes.

The video below is trying to reveal some truths about Gacha Life’s sequel and how parents can keep their children away from inappropriate content posted by the Gacha Club community.

What Is Good about Gacha Club?

is gacha club safe

Gacha as a gaming application has the following great features that are kid-friendly:

  • Promotes Creativity and Storytelling

Gacha Club allows kids to create characters as per their imagination. This can encourage graphic design and fine art skills, increasing the child's perception of images and promoting descriptive writing skills with such an opportunity to birth the characters you imagine.

  • No Gore or Violence

This game has nothing, unlike other battle theme games.

  • No Player-to-player Interaction

This limits the level of toxicity and bad language influence. There would be no harassment. It makes it a positive game to indulge in.

What Should Parents Know about Gacha Club?

what is gacha club

Parents should beware of certain things that make this application a problem. However, as earlier stated, this game is safe as a standard alone.

Gacha Heat: This is content curated by game players who upload it on other social media apps. It is inappropriate and offensive. It goes well beyond the game's actual premise and gameplay limits. These videos are available on YouTube, TikTok, and adult websites.

Gacha Club Parent Review from Commonsensemedia

Here is a review of Gacha Club by real parents:

  1. My kids watch Gacha animations on YouTube, so I decided to get informed about it. I am shocked and disgusted by the content. I have since then banned Gache from my household; parents beware of this.
  2. It is a good game; however, it has a borderline explicit community, creating inappropriate content based on the game's characters. These videos are disgusting, but the app itself is safe.
  3. The issue isn't with the game; it's the tens of thousands of Youtube videos telling stories with frightening, sexual, and adult themes. To save yourself and your family a world of sorrow, stay away from this game, and don't let your children watch Gacha Life on YouTube. My youngster is addicted to the films, prompting me to use parental control software unless you want your child to be exposed to cutting/self-harm/mutilation, torture, demons in their dreams, and inappropriate sexual activities.

These reviews provide insight into the Gacha decisions parents make for their children. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children's "usage of email and other online communications and transactional features," according to Gacha Life's privacy policy. Parents may contact Gacha Life to request a review and removal of their kid's personal information by giving the same screen name, password, and email address that their child provided.

How Can Parents Make Gacha Club Safer for Kids?

Parents can take many steps to make the app safer for their children.

  1. Parents can be more involved in the conversation regarding the Gacha club and their kids.
  2. Web filters to prevent them from finding the YouTube content and porn account.
  3. Parental control app to monitor web activity.
  4. Set screen time amongst others
  5. Make use of privacy settings.
  6. Use parental controls: to monitor web activity and phone usage can be an excellent way to do this without directly prying into their phones.

What Can Wondershare FamiSafe Do?

Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control application that promotes online child safety. This application can monitor web activities, set screen times, and apply web filters. This would allow a parent comfortably detect explicit content on the kids' device. For example, you can use FamiSafe to set screen time, report explicit content, and report activities while your child is using Gacha club.

The below video will show you how to limit kids' screen time with Wondershare FamiSafe. If you prefer step-by-step guide, you can skip the video, and keep reading.

  • Parental Alerts: Keep an eye on social media applications and YouTube for any explicit or offensive language. Set up an alert for offensive terms discovered on your child's device.
  • Screen time: A tool that allows you to track your child's app usage and make schedules.
  • Monitoring children's phones to learn about their regular phone activities. For example, examine which apps your children use the most and which apps they install or remove.

How to Install And Set Up Wondershare FamiSafe?

1. FamiSafe is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.

2. Once FamiSafe is launched on your devices, the sign-up screen displays. You can either use third-party accounts or create a FamiSafe account with your email address. It's worth noting that FamiSafe accepts Google, Facebook, and Apple ID as third-party login options (for Apple devices only).

3. After creating an account or checking in using a third-party account, click START to add your children's devices and view their phone usage information.

4. You can link your kids' devices using a pairing code on the screen.

Other features of Famisafe include:

  • App usage and blocker: This function restricts the use of apps on children's devices. Any application's access is fully disabled, and the amount of time you can use it on the screen is limited.
  • Block unsuitable websites to provide a safe and age-appropriate internet environment for children. View your children's internet history and check private or incognito browsing history from afar.

Wondershare Famisafe

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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There would always be many things to look out for in child online safety. Thankfully, Gacha club is a good game but plagued by content creators with aloof desires. Regardless of measures put in place, regular discussions with kids are essential. Understanding their emotions and keying into what sort of activities take their time. This would be the first active step to protecting your child from things like the Gacha club 18.

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