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Best Free Time Tracking Apps

free time tracking app

In this fast pace of the world, time management is necessary to complete every single task with productivity. Time Tracker is the application which deals with the very human urge to procrastinate. The demand for time tracker devices is rapidly increasing especially in the business sector. There is an immense need of time tracker apps to know what their employees are doing in working hours. Time tracker apps also help in reducing the use of paperwork.  If you are seeking the best free time tracker app then, follow this article. Here we have compiled the list of top free time tracking software and free time tracking app.

How can the time track app help us?

Time Tracker application is a task management app mainly used in commercial areas to keep an eye on working hours of employees. These apps also generate reports of an employee at regular intervals in graphical form. Engaging with these apps, you can keep an eye on the productivity of your business.

Keep an eye on employee activities: Using a time tracker app, you can easily access what your employee is doing on their computer. The app will work in the background of the computer and take screenshots of the screen at regular intervals.

Freelancer: If you are a freelancer then, the time tracker app will help you to complete the assigned task on time. This will help you in time management and give you better productivity.

1. Free Time Tracking Software for PC

1: Paymo

Paymo is free time tracking software that is designed for Windows and Mac computers. It is great software that helps the user in project management. It is used by millions of freelancers and commercial giants in their daily usage. Getting engaging with Paymo, you don't have to worry about scheduling, project time management, and time tracking. This tool will provide you effective service at free of cost.


  • It is great for you if you are freelancers or have a company with any number of employees.
  • You can easily schedule the resources, time tracking, and scheduling the project timing.

free time tracking - Paymo

2: Harvest

Harvest is used by lots of small scale, medium scale, as well as large scale businesses. It is one of the best free time tracking software available on the internet. Using Harvest is very easy as compared to other time tracker tools. You can download this software from their official website at free of cost.  


  • The time tracker of Harvest is very advanced as compared to others.
  • Using Harvest, you can easily access who is tracking time and get a notification when the working shift hours completed by the employee.
  • Harvest generates the visual report to know how much task is completed by the employee in a certain period of time.

free time tracking - Harvest

3: TSheets

Since its inception, TSheets is one of the leading time tracking services that is used by millions of people. TSheets has a high satisfaction rate with over 8000 plus five-star reviews. The accuracy of this tool is very high which makes it better than others.


  • Using TSheets, you can also share the time tracking and project scheduling time with other employees.
  • You can download this app from their official portal at free of cost.
  • Employees can use four numerical pin time out when they are out or take a break.

free time tracking software - TSheets

4: Toggl

Toggl is another free time tracking software which makes employees time tracking easier and more convenient. There is a wide range of features available in this tool, unlike many other monitoring apps. Using this time tracking tool is very easy as compared to other time tracking software.


  • Toggl is very easy to use which makes monitoring easier and convenient.
  • The report generated by Toggl will depend on various aspects including time tracking, the project comes on time, and much more.

free time tracking tool

5: Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a great time tracking service available for both Windows and Mac devices. In this app, you will find lots of amazing features which are designed for both freelancer and company employers. Moreover, you can also calculate the salaries using this tool.


  • Hubstaff is used by over 8,000 companies throughout the world.
  • It is enabled with the payroll system which makes the employee salary automatically.

free time tracker

2. Free Time Tracking App for Android and iPhone

1: Doodle

Doodle is a free time tracking app for Android and iOS devices. Using this application, you can easily manage the work that is assigned to you. This application is designed with very easy to understand interface which makes it easier to use.


  • It is a reliable and secure time tracking app.
  • The price of this app is absolutely free, you don't have to pay to access its services. To access all features upgrade to a premium version that is available at affordable prices.

best time tracking app

2: Toggl

Toggl is a simple yet powerful time tracking app available for Android and iOS devices. Using this app, you can keep an eye on your employees monitoring. You can also use this app if you are freelancers and want to manage your work.


  • This is designed for both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can easily view what your employees are doing.

best time tracking software

3: 30/30

30/30 is a leading mobile phone device that is used by millions of iOS users. The price of this tool is available at free of cost. You can download it from the Apple app store at affordable prices.


  • Easy to use
  • One can easily share the data over iCloud.
  • Every iOS device is supported.

time tracking app

4: Hours Time tracking

Hours time tracking is a free time tracking app equipped with plenty of features. Using this app, you can easily view your activities while working on the projects. One can also generate the report at any time to know about activities.


  • Easily organize the projects.
  • Add notes to any entry.
  • A visual timeline provides a clean and understandable form.

time tracking software

5: aTimeLogger

aTimeLogger is the free time tracking app designed for Android and iOS devices. It is a powerful time tracking app with lots of integrated features that make monitoring easier and convenient.


  • Using aTimeLogger is very easy as compared to many other apps.
  • It is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can download it from Google Play and Apple App Store free of cost.

free time tracking app

Time tracking is also possible with the help of FamiSafe. You can try FamiSafe to keep an eye on your employees. Above is the list of top time tracking apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. This list is compiled after well testing all the above software and apps. If you have any suggestions then, write down in the comment below.

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