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Best 8 Music Apps for Kids on Android & iOS

Best 8 Music Apps for Kids

Over the years, there has been a rapid technological improvement in the way we perceive or stream music. The days we make use of CDs are well getting past us, and there are now mobile apps where one can seamlessly stream music.

Now, learning new music patterns is one of the basic ways kids improve their cognitive skills. This music range from lullabies to high-end classical, and there are lots of beneficial music apps they can use to listen to new music trends today. There are mobile responsive apps available for download on both Android and iOS devices to enhance Kids learning abilities.

best music app for kids

Why Parents Should Choose Music Apps for Kids

Many of the most popular mainstream music apps do not put the interest of kids at heart. Using any of these types of music apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music by kids requires a lot of parental supervision. Also, such music apps come with little or educational benefits to small kids. If kids are allowed to use such apps alone, it could pose dangers such as;

  1. Risk of exposure to Explicit music:

Explicit Music

Many of the mainstream music apps that kids use come with the risk of exposure to questionable and explicit content. They may give you the power to block playback of explicit music but only ones with explicit lyrics. Some of the mainstream music apps like Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, and the likes feature album arts of songs not suitable for view by small kids. To make the case worst such apps come with limited parental controls that could have helped filter such explicit contents.

  1. Moral Decadence:

Moral Decadence

Kids and teenagers usually try to emulate their favorite musicians and even their musical recitals. They try as much as possible to feel alive with the flow of their music. However, many of the lyrics and musical contents they listen to have little or no positive impact on them. Many of them come with lyrics and languages that promote bad mannerism and lewdness, which were mainly adult content.

As a parent, you would want your kids to grow listening or to learn the right kind of music without the need to worry about parental control or any filter settings. That’s why this article comes with reviews of the best music apps appropriate for kids, which are downloadable on Android and iOS devices.

4 Music Apps for Kids on Android

  • Incredibox:


The Incredibox is a Kid’s music app that teaches your kid how to mix and match a slew of different beatbox sounds in composing their music. It provides a means through which kids can pick up on new musical tones. Using the app requires you dragging and dropping icons on avatars to make them compose music and also sing. There are lots of graphics and animation effects that make this app interactive for kids of all age groups. You can always create, save, and share your composed mix with a larger audience.

  • Mazaam:


Get your kids engaged with a user-interactive, ultra-responsive, and engaging Kids music app like Mazaam. Mazaam, as a music app, help your kids gain a basic understanding of music in the form of games with different levels. This comes with lots of fun and color, making the learning process so engaging that your kids won’t feel like they are acquiring knowledge. The music theme is majorly streamlined to the classical music experience and allows your kids to discover five worlds for Pitch, Intensity, Timbre, and Harmony.

  • Musitude:


Musitude is an age-appropriate, easy to use, an educational app aimed at kids from ages of 10 upwards in learning a variety of well-known tones. This app converts your kid’s device into any intuitive music instrument. Once installed on your Kid’s Android device, it will require a Musitude account with Username, password, and email address. Your Kid can always select any musical instrument he/she wants to play along with musical genres. The music genre comes with an easy to play feature as the traditional notes are denoted as letters, symbols, and numbers to play on a regular keyboard. This app also permits an online multi-player community where friends play the duets on multi-devices.

  • Note Fighter:

Note Fighter

The Note fighter is a gaming app with an interactive interface to play music just by tapping on the screen. It comes with three levels of easy, medium, and hard categories. Now, each of the categories features four classical music collections to play from. There is also a practice mode that provides hands-on training with no penalties. The easy and medium notes come with cues of notes which are absent in the hard mode. The game follows a pattern that ensures you play notes that churn out of a conductor before it reaches a bar line. A life or heart is lost if such a note is played too fast or if it is missed. It becomes a game over penalty if all the hearts are lost.

4 Music Apps for Kids on iOS

  • Hello Piano:

Hello Piano

The Hello Piano is a top-end educational app for kids. Any parent should consider installing this app on their Kid’s mobile gadget if they want them to learn how to play the piano. This app includes video lessons, notes, and courses to help kids build their musical skills progressively. The app is also embedded with interactive games meant for challenging your kids to pick up new patterns of learning. The App is purely educational with no risk of kids seeing explicit or violent scenes and languages.

  • Loopimal:


Loopimal provides the best way for kids to learn music with pre-programmed, handcrafted animations and sounds. The app comes with gameplay that allows kids to animate cute animals enabling them to explore sequences, loops, and music. The components of music learned include beat, rhythm, tempo, melody, and many more. Kids using the app can always tweak the pre-programmed tones towards their desired music creation.

  • Baby Mozart:

Baby Mozart

The Baby Mozart music app is one of the best music kid’s apps for small children, which aims to develop kids’ abilities from a young age. It is dutifully flourished with contents like classical music tracks, lullabies. Audio flashcards and nursery rhymes. This unique application will be the best to use if you need your baby kid to sleep.

  • The Orchestra:

The Orchestra

The Orchestra is a music app for kids who have a passion for the art of music. It features 8 of the renowned complex classical music. This app is solely for download on the Apple play store for $9.99 and includes in-app purchases. The app comes with video integration that allows kids to experience a brilliant orchestra effect. You can watch each angle of the orchestra you choose to understand the complexities. There is also a section that provides insightful pieces of composers and instruments.

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The vast role of music in the lives of kids and teens is undeniable. Here’s a way through which your kids can pick up new learning patterns. They come in the categories of classical, melodies, and lullabies. And music apps offer an interactive way for them to pick up new tones or learn music. This article reviews the best kid’s music apps (Android and iOS) your kids can have on their mobile gadgets.

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