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MeWe app review: a private social network parents should know

MeWe app review

1: What is the MeWe app used for?

The MeWe app is the next generation social media network conquering the young minds in no time. This application offers a private space for the users to chat and text with their friends and family members. You must initially signup at this environment to make use of its in-built features optimally. It is easy to create a member login and you can explore the fantasy with friends and loved ones. This application allows the users to post their thoughts, pictures, favourite video recordings etc precisely at this platform without any issues. You can also surf through news feeds and chat with your lovable ones infinitely. MeWe application strives hard to save the privacy of every user. It does not leak the profile data of the members at any cost. There is neither spyware nor ads distracting the users amidst their leisure time at MeWe. The complete environment of MeWe is private and it is impossible to intrude into other user’s account


2: Is the MeWe app safe?

No, MeWe app is unsafe for the kids and teen because of its in-built features. Find out its potential dangers below in detail.

Sexual predators

There is a secret chat option in the MeWe network which led the sexual predators to target the innocent souls quickly. In this social media app, you can build friendship online globally and you do not know who will be actually on the other side while chatting. Through fake profiles, the sexual predators reach out for kids and teens easily.


Cyber Bullying

When your kid builds a strong friendship with the other users in the MeWe app and during a casual chat there are chances to lead into cyberbullying quickly. You may not know the actual details of the users in this platform. Your kid might encounter offensive languages during the bullying and he/she affects psychologically.


Fake Profiles

In the MeWe app, you can create an account using the Email address, Phone number etc. When the users fill their profiles, they can enter fake information to deceive the other users in that platform. It is difficult to identify the fake profiles from the huge collections of users in this platform.


The teens and kids are on the verge of developing addictive problems quickly. The innocent souls swiftly get into addiction habits and find it hard to overcome when they cross a certain limit. The MeWe app triggers such addictive behaviour in those creative minds thereby collapsing the constructive thoughts.

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3. Is MeWe private?

Yes, the chat mode in MeWe app is set up in secret space. It is designed with end to end encryption technique and it is impossible to peep into your kid’s conversation at any cost. The conversations are private and it is highly risky for the kids and teens. Due to this private chat platform, the kids become easy prey for dangerous users in the MeWe app.

The profiles in the MeWe app are maintained in a high-security system and it is impossible to track the user’s real data. This environment offers a private space for the users to meet, chat and have fun. These features may lead to cybercrimes like cyberbullying, sexting etc.

4. Does MeWe have Parental Controls?

No, there is no proper parental controls to guide the kids and teens into a safe space. If your kid or teen creates a profile with the actual age then he/she will not be added into the member directory of MeWe app by any means. The parents should look for reliable third-party programs to control the kids and teen’s activities on this app.

5. Review on MeWe

    • According to Lidija Wills perspective, she comments on MeWe app that “ Pedophiles are being ignored. Personal information is being leaked. Moderators are ignoring users cries for help”.

- appgrooves.com

    • The MeWe app is dangerous for the kids and teens because there are possibilities to expose him/her to inappropriate content in this social media network. You can find profanity, violence and links which takes to drug websites etc at this platform easily.

- Commonsensemedia.org

    • MeWe is used by perverts… The social network that [the app’s advisory board] hoped would be free from abuse has been found to contain gun sales, drugs and antisemitism.

- The Times

    • [In January of 2019] Apple pulls MeWe social network app from App Store for NSFW content TOS (terms of service) violation

- Tech Aires

6: How can parents protect their kids from the dangers of MeWe?

Effective conversation

One of the best solutions to deal with this issue is to communicate effectively with your kid. You must emphasize the potential dangers of this app. An awareness speech can bring considerable changes in your kid. Talk about MeWe app in detail and explain the consequences of using this social media network. You can also convince your kids by giving them a live demo at this platform. Create an account and display the hidden dangers of this environment.

Parental control apps

In the current scenario, you might have encountered a wide range of parental control apps in the digital market. The first question which strikes your mind is that which parental control app is a reliable one? The best answer is that “FamiSafe Parental control’ from Wondershare. The FamiSafe parental control serves as a boon to the digital parents. It comprises of mind-blowing features focusing on the cyber safety in kids. Take a quick look at its in-built functionalities below


  • Monitor your kid’s gadget remotely even without their knowledge
  • Establish a complete control on your child’s mobile using the ‘Screen Time’ option
  • Supervise the daily gadget activities of your child with the help of ‘Activity Report’
  • Block the inappropriate apps in your child’s phone remotely
  • Set time limits for every app usage in your kid’s device through FamiSafe application.


7. Detailed analysis on the FamiSafe functionalities

Remote access:

You do not have to manually pull out the devices from your kid’s hand. The FamiSafe allows you to shut down the gadgets remotely. No more yelling and chaos atmosphere at your living room. The FamiSafe parental control app assists the parents to monitor their kid’s smartphone activities even while working in their office.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

When you realize that your child is using the gadgets for many hours then quickly set a time limit using the ‘Screen Time’ option. Using this feature, you can set time limits for each day and when the time limit expires, the kid’s device locks automatically. The kids can't unlock themselves without the intervention of the parents.


Activity Report

The FamiSafe parental control app maintains a list of data comprising of your kid’s gadget activities. In this report, you can find the time factor spent on each app, website etc. With the help of this report, you will be able to figure out whether your kid is addicted to any apps or gaming websites. Using this result, you can block the apps or limit its usage optimally.


Block Apps and Limit Usage

If you find an adult or addictive apps in your kid’s smartphone, then quickly use the ‘Block App’ option to make it inaccessible by your kids. You can perform this action remotely even without the knowledge of your children. There are options to limit the access using the ‘App Usage’ feature. With the help of this functionality, you can set a time limit for individual apps in your kid’s device. The app becomes inaccessible when the set time expires.



You had an informative introduction on FamiSafe parental control application. To survive amidst the cyber crimes the kids and teens should handle the internet platform carefully. The digital parents should supervise the gadget activities of the kids without fail. The MeWe app attracts the young generation quickly through its chat feature. The adolescent kids are prone to these social networks which are emphasizing on the private chat options. At the present situation, the challenges faced by today’s parents to nurture their kids seems to be a tedious task. The FamiSafe parental control app serves as a perfect partner of digital parents.

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