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The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps That You Can’t Miss

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Aug 16, 2022 Filed to: Screen Time Control Proven solutions

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps-1

There's no denying that more of us than ever before have and use our smartphones on a daily basis. Everywhere we go, we see people with their heads pointed towards the ground, whether that's out and about or in our own homes.

Since mobiles haven't been around for a long time, the long-term effects of being connected and plugged in so often and regularly are unknown, but a lot of experts are claiming it may not be ideal. With face-to-face interaction breaking apart and mental health problems on the rise, there are many concerns.

Even in our own lives, you've probably noticed how much you're using your device, or how your loved ones, friends and children are, and you've decided it's time to start putting down some boundaries.

With this in mind, today we're going to explore the best 10 iPhone time limit app and solutions to help monitor how much a device is being used and then blocking access to it to help live a balanced digital diet. This guide about the average screen time for adult may also be helpful to you.

Part 1: 10 iPhone Time Limit App Solutions

#1 - unGlue

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps2

Unglue is a highly rated parental control app for the iPhone, averaging user reviews of around 4.5/5. The app breaks down what apps are being used in an easy-to-see way and then tells you exactly how long the app's been used for, giving you everything you need to get the job done.


  • Reward getting chores done with device time
  • See all data for how long each app is being used for
  • See daily, weekly and monthly reports of progress
  • A great way to teach kids to save money through the learning process

#2 - FamiSafe

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps

FamiSafe is easily one of the most popular and most powerful parental control applications and iPhone timer apps on the market for iPhone devices and comes with everything you need to ensure every aspect of device management is covered. There's also a ton of extra features you're going to love!


  • Complete device and application usage management with reports
  • See which apps are being used and when
  • Built-in GPS device location tracking with geofencing
  • Set up custom schedules and access times
  • All features are controlled remotely through your own device

#3 - ScreenTime

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps3

ScreenTime is one of the original iPhone time limit apps and has been available in the stores for several years, securing its place as one of the favorites. However, since the rise of other powerful apps, this one has taken a back seat, but it is free and gets the job done.


  • See exactly how long your child has been using their iPhone based on the home screen reporting
  • Instantly pause access to your child's iPhone with a single tap of the pause button when you need to restrict access
  • Set up custom schedules and access time frames so everything is handled and managed automatically
  • Reward screen time back to your kid's after they have completed jobs

#4 - Guided Access (iOS)

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps

One of the handiest features for managing your iPhone time screen limit apps is built directly into your iPhone itself under the accessibility settings with an option titled "Guided Access." While this may not be the most effective method of limiting screen time, it's free and has a range of handy features.


  • Set up a passcode to protect settings from being changed
  • Add time limits to each app on an individual basis
  • Limit certain aspects of an app

#5 - OurPact

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps5

OurPact is a nifty and lightweight time limit solution for iPhones and iPads. The iPhone time app is free to download and install and has a great range of features to help you have the best experience. The user interface may seem a little dated and clunky, but this remains a reliable app.


  • Set up complete phone access schedules to manage screen time automatically
  • Manually block and grant access to certain apps on an individual basis
  • See up-to-date reports to check times the device has been used

#6 - bSocial

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps6

Originally created and designed to help people fight against phone addiction, bSocial is a great app for helping you monitor how long you or a loved one is spending on their device, which allows you to take the appropriate actions to make your balance better.


  • Play a timer game that makes it easy to understand how long were social for
  • Daily activity counter and tracker
  • The built-in reward tracking system

#7 - Apple"s Screen Time

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps7

Another screen time limiting feature that"s been designed by Apple itself is, of course, Screen Time. This feature was introduced with the latest iOS 12 update and had a ton of features that accurately monitor how you're spending your time on your device, as well as helping you block access.


  • Embedded in your phone for accurate tracking and services
  • Built-in app restrictions and timer alerts on each app
  • Daily and weekly reports and time displays

#8 - Dinner Mode

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps8

Dinner Mode, as the title suggests, is a simple iPhone time limit app designed to block access to your phone while you"re having dinner. You simply set the timer and withstand using your phone during this time frame. While the app doesn't completely block access, it"s a lightweight reminder that can help you understand how much you"re using your device.


  • The custom timer you can set up with any timer you want
  • Easy to use interface with simple controls
  • Award system for when you stay off your phone for a certain amount of time
  • Challenge your friends and family through social media

#9 - BreakFree

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps9

Formerly known as SPACE, Break is a new take on the iPhone time limit app world with a visual-heavy display that aims to help you understand why you use your device a lot, and then offers a custom program to help you get back on track. There are plenty of achievements and rewards for doing well, and the phone user profiles that can suit your personality type are a really nice touch.


  • Achievements for motivating you to stay off your device for healthy amounts of time
  • A personalized experience catered to you
  • Monitor all your device and individual app data and usage times
  • Voted the number time control app for iPhone multiple times

#10 - Moment

The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps10

The moment is easily the best-selling time control app for iOS devices and has all the features you could ever want and need to accurately and effectively manage time usage. You'll be able to see exactly what apps are being used and how long for, even if the app can be difficult to use.


  • See graphs and reports on how well you're sticking to your schedule
  • Follow the online boot camp course to help you regain control over your life
  • Manage your family's device time through one app
  • Compatible with all iOS devices, including iPad and watches.

How to Install FamiSafe

As you can see, it doesn't matter what you're looking for in your iPhone time limit app; there are plenty of options out there that you can choose to find the one that's right for you easily. However, FamiSafe remains our favorite option

This is because there are so many features and functions, and the fact FamiSafe is so incredibly easy to set up and use, there really isn't a better solution out there. If you're looking for a complete experience where you can't go wrong, FamiSafe is definitely the option for you.

If you're looking to get started right away, you've also come to the right place. To show you just how easy FamiSafe is to use and set up, we'll show you the three simple steps to get you started:

Step #1 - Setting Up Your FamiSafe Account

First, head over to the FamiSafe website and create an account. For this, you'll need your email address and well as creating a secure password. Then, go to the website on both your phone and your child's phone (or whoever's time you're limiting) and download the FamiSafe app.

famisafe download method

Alternatively, you can do this by searching "FamiSafe" in the App Store.

Step #2 - Setting Up FamiSafe

Once the app has been downloaded and installed onto both devices, open it. You'll need to sign into both phones using the account you made in Step #1. Then you need to identify each device to the app. This means tapping "Child" on the phone you want to monitor, and "Parent" on your own device.

create a famisafe account

The child phone won't be able to control the parent phone, but they can the other way around.

Step #3 - Start Using FamiSafe

When everything's been set up in this way, you'll be ready to go. Simply give the device back to the owner, and they can start using it as normal.

famisafe features

However, open the FamiSafe app on your device, and you'll have access to all the features and functions, and you'll be able to set up time limits and restrictions as you please!


As you can see, there are a ton of iPhone time limit app solutions out there for you to take back control and managed the digital diet of your loved ones to help them find balance. FamiSafe is easily the best solution out there, so start taking action today!

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