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FamiSafe: The All-in-One Solution for Reducing Screen Time

Joanne Croft
Joanne Croft Originally published May 31, 23, updated Feb 02, 24

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In today’s digital world, screen time is inevitable. Almost everything in work, school, and daily life requires screens, including smartphones. Of course, technology has made it easier to reach out to loved ones or be updated with the latest news. However, too much time in front of smartphones can negatively affect mental and physical health.

This is why it’s essential to recognize the importance of reducing screen time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By doing this, you can do more outside your smartphone. This article will provide practical tips and strategies so you can cut down on your screen time. It’s time to reclaim your life and embrace a healthier relationship with technology.

Part I. Tips To Control Screen Time

As mentioned earlier, excessive screen time can negatively affect your physical and mental health. Hence, committing to reducing your screen time is important. It can be challenging, but you can start by following the tips below.

  • Keeping Track of Your Screen Time

Start your screen time reduction journey by monitoring your phone pickups each day. Most phones have built-in “Screen Time” apps that track your usage and record them. You may be surprised at how often you pick up your phone daily, but it’s great to know how much you averaged previously. Try to reduce them daily by only using your phone when needed.

  • Adjusting Your Auto-Lock Settings

It might seem cheating, but adjusting your auto-lock settings can help reduce your phone use time. After all, whenever you see it turned on, it might tempt you to use it more. A great way to start this is by reducing your auto-lock timer from 5 to 2 minutes or less.

  • Leaving Your Phone When Doing Tasks

Having a smartphone beside you is an easy way to reduce productivity when doing tasks. A quick social media break can easily lead to hours of mindless scrolling, disrupting your workflow. Especially when at home, be sure to leave your phone somewhere else when you’re doing tasks.

  • Deleting or Limiting Screen Time for Entertainment and Social Media Apps

The easiest way to reduce screen time is to delete the apps that take up most of your time. However, this is only effective if you think you can live without these apps. Of course, social media has made reaching out to your loved ones and friends easier. This is why it’s understandable if you don’t want to go down this route. You can set a mental limit for entertainment apps and social media usage to control yourself.

  • Schedule Your Days With Other Activities

Of course, a great way to keep yourself off the screen is by keeping yourself busy. Keep your schedules, especially weekdays, packed with work or hobbies like reading. You can use a calendar or a planner to jot down your activities.

Top Addictive Apps that take up your kids' Screen time
  • Establishing Screen-Free Zones

Do you bring your phone to the bathroom, watch a YouTube video while eating, or mindlessly scroll before sleep? Then it’s time to stop doing that. Using your smartphone or any device in these areas nurtures your attachment to devices and leads to unhealthy practices. To do this, you can establish screen-free zones at home or work.

Studies show that refraining from using your devices at night promotes better sleep. So, keeping your bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms away from computer or phone screens is best.

  • Make the Most Out of Your Social Life

As mentioned earlier, social media brings an easy way to socialize. However, establishing relationships solely through the Internet can be troubling in the long run because of prolonged screen time. Set dates, hangouts, and trips with your friends to reduce your need for phone use.

It’s also great to set boundaries with the people around you to stop contacting you through your phone at specific times of the day.

  • Rewarding Yourself for Achievements

Every time you successfully reduce your screen time, it’s best to reward yourself. It can be adding a “cheat day” for your screen time. However, that can be counterproductive. So it’s best to get yourself gifts, a movie ticket, or a trip outside to reward yourself for your achievements.

  • Leveraging Apps That Limit Screen Time Usage

An alternative way to limit your screen time is by using apps that automatically close applications upon reaching your set time limit. By doing this, you won’t indulge with yourself each time you want that extra 5 minutes of scrolling as the phone itself will stop you from doing so. One of these apps is FamiSafe, an all-around solution for your screen time reduction needs.

Setting screen time limits is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. By implementing these tips, you can regain control over screen usage and enhance overall well-being.

Part II. How To Limit Screen Time Using Wondershare FamiSafe

FamiSafe by Wondershare is an innovative app that can help you take control of your digital habits. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, FamiSafe is designed to promote a healthier relationship with technology.

 several interfaces of famisafe

OS Compatibility: FamiSafe is compatible with Windows, Mac, Kindle, and Google Chrome. It also works on iOS and Android devices, ensuring users across different platforms can benefit from its features.

Key Features for Screen Time Management:

  • Screen Time Limit: FamiSafe allows you to set time limits on screen usage, empowering you to establish healthy boundaries for yourself or your loved ones.
  • Phone Activity Report: Stay informed about phone usage patterns with comprehensive reports that provide insights into daily screen time, frequently used apps, and more.
  • App Blocker: Take control of app usage by blocking distracting or time-consuming applications, helping you stay focused and minimize screen time.

Updated Screen Time Limit Feature:

FamiSafe’s Screen Time Limit feature has been enhanced with new functionalities, making it even more effective in reducing screen time:

  • Start or Pause Timer: Users can now start or pause the screen time timer as needed, allowing more flexibility in managing screen usage.
  • Scheduled Screen Time: Set specific time limits per week or day, helping you establish a structured routine and balance screen activities and other aspects of life.

By leveraging FamiSafe’s features, you can actively monitor and control your screen time, fostering healthier digital habits and achieving a more balanced lifestyle.

Setting a Screen Time Limit Schedule With FamiSafe

Follow the steps below to start a screen time limit schedule with FamiSafe.

Step 1: On another phone or your computer, download the FamiSafe Parental Control App. On the phone that you wish to limit, download FamiSafe Kids.

Step 2: Open the Parental Control App. You will see two methods to connect: via QR Code or a Number Code. On the FamiSafe Kids app, use any of the methods.

 famisafe parental control connect

Step 3: Once paired the two devices, enter the information in the FamiSafe Kids app.

 famisafe complete kid info

Step 4: Enable Device Management File and Access Permissions on the phone where FamiSafe Kids is installed. When using an iOS device, click Install iOS Profile on the next page and follow the steps provided. Finish the Installation Wizard.

 famisafe installation wizard

Step 5: Open the Parental Control App and tap the icon on the lower right.

 famisafe homepage

Step 6: On the next page, tap Screen Time Rules and Downtime.

 famisafe set rules page

Step 7: Set your desired start and end time for each day. Choose which days to implement this schedule using Custom.

 famisafe downtime page


Reducing screen time is crucial for well-being and productivity. Excessive screen usage can harm physical health, mental well-being, and relationships. FamiSafe offers a comprehensive solution for effective screen time management.

With features like Screen Time Limit, Phone Activity Report, and App Blocker, FamiSafe empowers users to take control. Its updated Screen Time Limit feature, including pause/start options and scheduled screen time, enhances control over digital habits. Explore FamiSafe, implement the strategies mentioned, and reclaim a healthier, balanced digital lifestyle.

Joanne Croft
Joanne Croft Feb 02, 24
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