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Ourpact Parental Control and GPS family locator review - Pros, cons and alternat

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Ourpact is a Parental Control app used to your family and to control your children's mobile phones even though it's a mobile control app that has all the features that it ought to have. We're going to take a look at the Ourpact parental control app and the best alternative for this app that is FamiSafe.

Ourpact Parental Control and GPS family locator review - Pros, cons and alternative

Ourpact parental control App

This app is much more like a family locator and screen time management. Screen time and Manual blocking is possible through this app this app is available for both Android and Apple phones. This app is more an office as it can locate up to 20 people at the same time and it does not have the facility to lock your child's mobile phones while in school or during bedtime. It's more like spying our location and mobile as equal access to our texts for Android and iMessages for Apple. It does not show that time of usage of each app by the child to the parent it has premium features that are only available to premium upgraded users and it also causes a bunch.

Even though the app is available for free it is only used for one schedule and 5 blocks manual block and to manage one device the second option is that by paying 1.99 Dollars per month upgrading to Plus which will provide access to unlimited scheduling and unlimited blocking including manual blocking and managing 10 devices the final one is to upgrade to premium at the cost of 6.99 Dollars per month and to avail all the features such as unlimited blocking, scheduling, managing up to 20 devices including the premium features such as app rules, allowances, the family locating, blocking of texts and filtering websites.

Ourpact Parental Control and GPS family locator review - Pros, cons and alternative

Drawbacks of Ourpact and the best alternative

Even though Ourpact has a lot of features it also has a lot of drawbacks. The most important one among them is the difference in cost because only when we pay $6 per month we are able to access the required features and it does not provide any facilities for free users. Also parents children's mobile phones while they are allowed to use them during their study hours, school time and bedtime. Most of the parents find this difficult use and very complicated as features accordingly to the money and they also could not restrict the usage of mobile phones of their children during important times and at important places. This app does not connect with Geo-fencing so that age of certain apps during school time could be blocked. Look for this feature in parental control apps. And there is also a chance for the search of a mobile by any third parties because this app has access to our messages and calls. Descriptions about the users are not clear and there is no definite resource for searching them.

Ourpact Parental Control and GPS family locator review - Pros, cons and alternative

FamiSafe - The best alternative to Ourpact

FamiSafe seems to be the best Parental Control app as it has all the features that are expected by the users and it has a uniform cost and it could be uniformly used by both the parents and kids. This app has to be the best alternative for those who have been struggling with Ourpact. All those who have used FamiSafe could prove this statement as true. There are a lot of features in FamiSafe the safety of children.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Locating and Geo-fencing:

The kid's location can be tracked and any unfamiliar locations can also be tracked using FamiSafe even the battery level of the kid could be viewed by the parent. Not only a single child's location could be viewed but locations of all children could be viewed from one mobile. This is really is a big dream for many parents. To know the location of the children and the time they spend there is impossible without FamiSafe. Family safe is indeed a great app for parents who want to protect their children wherever they go.


Blocking of harmful websites and Apps:

Harmful websites and apps could be blocked using FamiSafe. Pre-blocking could be set up for p*** websites are restricted and some websites could be manually blocked by using this app. Only the permitted websites by parents could be viewed by the children during permitted hours at permitted spots. Even apps containing inappropriate content could be blocked and usage of games, social media et cetera could be blocked during certain has and their usage limit could be set by connecting this feature with Geo-fencing, certain apps could be allowed to use only at certain places. For example, games could not be accessed during bedtime at home.

App Blocker

Screen limit:

The time limit for the child's iPad could be set based upon their need. Gaming apps could be blocked during these hours and getting addicted to them could be reduced. The time limit could be set and the child can access the phone only during these limits the report of the daily uses of the phone will be sent to the parent's mobile as a notification. However, this app does not have any access to phone calls and messages and so it is really safe to use. Time spent on social media can also be monitored through this app and each time when a child uses an app I spent on it is separately recorded and the report sent to the parent is accurate.

Ourpact Parental Control and GPS family locator review - Pros, cons and alternative

As far as concerned with the safety of children this app to use friend has no harmful effects on your phone and children and it does not control your entire phone but only the things you want to control on your child's phone .only a limited amount of permissions are required and this app is considered to be the best ever one for your family. The usage is also like that. Installing android phones and iPhones, you have to download a mobile device management file to give the necessary permissions to the app. This app could be a great friend and look after your children for you the best companion to your children and also as a Bodyguard.

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