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McAfee Safe Family Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons And Alternative

McAfee Safe Family Alternative

Safe Family Parental Control is an app offered by McAfee. This app, part of its security solutions, has certain control features that parents can use to improve the visibility of their children’s gadgets and online activities as well as simple controls that can enable them to keep their children safe when they are online.

In general, before such apps are used, parents need to discuss with their children the importance of safe browsing. They need to establish an environment of trust. This will help parents to have peace of mind in a world that has increased social interactions and is mobile. When children understand the ethics and principles of safe browsing, much of the headache of parents is averted. With this app, parents can prevent in-app purchases that are unnecessary or could happen mistakenly with children; they can manage the screen time of kids as well as locate the position of their children on the map.

Here we explore the features that this parental control app from McAfee has to offer. We also take a look at the different benefits that parents can obtain from FamiSafe as well as discuss the ways parents should instill awareness about technology usage with their children, emphasize safety and establish a connection of trust at the time of using such apps.

Safe Family Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons And Alternative

About Safe Family Parental Control

This is a tool for parental control that offers comprehensive features, enabling parents to protect their children from exposure to digital content that is inappropriate. They can also locate the position of their children on a map as well as limit the screen time of their children.


The main features of this app are:

  • It allows us to view the usage activity of apps, web usage, system alert history, and location details.
  • Websites can be filtered by category so that children stay away from viewing inappropriate content.
  • The app allows parents to grant permission for accessing blocked sites.
  • The daily time limit can be set for apps.
  • Devices can be tracked on a live map.
  • Automatic alerts can be set as and when kids arrive or leave a place.

Safe Family Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons And Alternative

Pros and cons

The advantages of this app are several. There are various tracking features that this app provides, which can help parents to have comprehensive control of the activities of their children.

Cons involve a limitation on the free app. It also comes integrated with the comprehensive Family Control suite that is a large application for any device. Many users have also stated that the interface is cumbersome to figure out. The free version includes limited features.

Alternative to Safe Family Parental Control

Safe Family Parental Control is an app that has several features to offer. However, there are other reliable apps as well, for instance, FamiSafe that is known to offer certain features that the McAfee version does not offer. For instance, it helps to lock out a device of a child after a certain time or at a certain location.

For such reasons, you might want to explore the different beneficial features offered by FamiSafe as a parental control app that is available for free for Android as well as iPhone devices.

FamiSafe - The best alternative to McAfee Safe Family Parental Control

FamiSafe is a popular parental control software for both Android and iPhone devices has several features to offer. It is rated as one of the highest in parental control and most popular apps that offer most of its features for free. Those who wish to do away with the technicalities of blocking out harmful websites on their phone and other devices can do so easily with the aid of this software.

Safe Family Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons And Alternative

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

The several beneficial features that it offers are

  • The time limit can be set for the usage of devices so that parents can control the amount of time children spend in browsing the internet and using apps on their smartphones.
  • Websites can be blocked out for their inappropriate content with this app.
  • Location tracking is easy to enable on this app once it is downloaded on the phone of the child and the parent.

Main features of the app are several

  • Blocking out unwanted websites

This is a useful feature that helps parents to block out inappropriate sites. Here filtering lists can be created as per parent’s discretion.

  • Apps can be restricted as per time and usage

With the use of this app, parents can block out apps as per their usage time and limit the same on their children’s devices.

  • Real-time tracking

This is yet another feature that enables parents to track the location and whereabouts of their children as well as be able to lock down devices as required. This app in its full version has several other premium features on offer that can prove beneficial for parents when monitoring the gadgets and devices of their children.

  • Track Driving activity

For teens 16-18, FamiSafe can track their driving habits including high speed, overspeed, hard braking, and more for single driving record.

Safe Family Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons And Alternative

This particular app comes for free and is compatible with the latest versions of iOS as well as Android devices. You can try the app for free and follow simple steps to get it working on your phone and that of your child.

, Unlike other parental control apps, this particular app is easy to install. In simple steps, it can be installed on both devices; after registration, a parent can quickly complete the necessary steps and get the app working on both the child’s as well as their own device.

Whether a parent is using Safe Family Parental Control or FamiSafe app, usage of the apps should also be subject to children being clear that this is being done for their best interest and security. It should be a transparent arrangement, and children should be aware of what the app can do and how it helps to remind them when they are spending too much time looking at the screen or when they are visiting sites that are inappropriate for them.

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