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Best Spy Watches with Hidden Camera and Microphone Video Recorder

Spy Watch with Hidden Camera and Microphone

Are you searching for the best spy watch to wear?

With the current rise in insecurity levels around the globe, owning a spying watch with quality features such as a hidden camera and microphone video recorder is crucial. Spy watches help you capture live events and audio recordings discreetly without the other party's knowledge. It's a brilliant tool used mainly by detectives, journalists, intelligence agents, and business owners.

There are countless spy wristwatches available in the global market. Selecting the best can be pretty dicey, but we are here to help you. Our team of experts has researched the internet and handpicked the top-quality spy wristwatches for 2022. Without further ado, let's delve into the list.

Part 1. Why Do You Need a Spy Watch?

With a spy watch, you can keep track of events and give accurate reports with minimal stress. Additionally, a spy watch helps you monitor criminals till they are apprehended.

Part 2. 10 Best Spy Watches with Hidden Camera and Microphone Video Recorder

Find below the top 10 spy watches that support hidden cameras and microphone video recorders:

1. Liyahh-Outdoor HD Hidden Spy Camera Watch with Night Vision

best spy watch 1

Liyahh-Outdoor is a smart wristwatch famous for its multiple functionalities. It doesn't just tell you the time but also helps you spy on a suspect or criminal. This wristwatch is well-designed with a hidden camera that captures the suspect's face discreetly.

Another feature that makes this smartwatch exceptional is night vision. With night vision, you can record real-time events at the darkest hour of the day without difficulty. Liyahh-Outdoor is simple to use and affordable. It comes with an inbuilt storage of 14.5 to 15.5 GB. Additionally, it supports external storage of 32 GB. Recordings captured with Liyahh are usually of high resolution, 1920*1080.


  • Liyahh-Outdoor records high resolutions videos.
  • It takes up to 2 hours to charge this smartwatch fully.
  • Widely used as a security camera.


  • The battery discharge so fast.

2. eoqo Spy Watch Camera | 1080P Full HD

best spy watch 2

Another wristwatch that's worth your investment is the eoqo Spy Watch Camera. It's designed in the form of a bracelet. This watch is simple to wear. eoqo Spy Watch comes with an elastic which makes it easy for you to adjust so it fits into any wrist.

To ensure voice recordings are captured accurately, eoqo Spy Watch has a communication sensor tucked into it during development. It integrates with different platforms, such as iOS, Android and Mac.


  • It comes with a sleek interface for smooth operations.
  • eoqo Spy Watch has a 1-year warranty.
  • End-users have the privilege to request a refund within 90 days of purchasing the product.


  • eoqo battery doesn't last long.
  • There's no way to confirm whether or not the watch is on/off.

3. Spy Tec Wireless Remote Control Watch for GIT1

best spy watch 3

Another spy watch worth investing in is Spy Tec wrist watch. This wireless spying watch is nicely designed, lightweight, and fits into any wrist. It helps you capture events in disguise without the other party's consent.

Spy Tec sits on third position of our list because of the affordability. It's readily available for as low as $25.95 on Amazon. It can capture events from 20 feet tall away (whether vertical or horizontal). In addition to the quality features is the long lasting battery life. Besides spying, you can use this watch for GPS tracking.


  • Spy Tec wristwatch is affordable, so you don't have to break your bank before buying it.
  • It's capable of recording scenes or events 20 feet away from your current position with high quality.
  • It is well-designed with an easy-to-manage interface, and an in-built battery


  • Spy Tec battery drains even without using it.
  • It doesn't keep track record of when and where a video recording was captured.

4. BINRRIO surveillance watch

best spy watch 4

Here is another fantastic spy watch with superb features. BINRRIO surveillance watch is a simple spy watch that captures events in 1080p HD quality. It also records audio clearly.

BINRRIO surveillance watch has a durable battery that lasts at least five (5) hours after it has been fully charged. It supports external memory storage of 32 GB capacity.

It's well-customized and can match any outfit you put on. This has a USB port you can connect to a PC to extract the recordings you captured in the past.


  • It has a long lasting battery life.
  • BINRRIO surveillance watch lets you add a memory card so you don't exhaust the internal storage.
  • It's nicely designed with comprehensive features.


  • Unless you are a tech guru, there are some advanced features you cannot operate.
  • Battery takes a couple of hours to completely charge.

5. Letown spy camera watch

best spy watch 5

With Letown spy camera watch, you can record events secretly without difficulty. This spy watch is one of the best and hits the top of our list because of the high-end features it holds. Imagine a spy watch with long lasting battery life, and five (5) layers of lens.

It has a 1080P camera that captures HD quality videos. Letown is nicely decorated with a noise reduction chip tucked into it. It comes with an expandable memory storage of approximately 128 GB.


  • Letown spy camera watch is lightweight and portable.
  • It records high quality videos and audio.
  • It boasts of long lasting battery life, well hidden camera, and more.


  • It has no space for you to add external memory storage.

6. The LTmade hidden wrist watch

best spy watch 6

Spying became easier and faster with the LT-made hidden wrist watch. This spy watch is well-known for the best video and audio recording. It comes with unique features.

LT-made hidden spy watch has no built-in memory capacity. Instead, it lets you add a TF card of 32 GB memory space. Besides capturing videos and audio, you can take pictures with this spying tool. It's one of the smartest wristwatches with a streamlined interface.


  • LT-made hidden spy watch supports LED light indicator.
  • Quickly capture high quality video and audio recordings effortlessly.
  • It supports different capturing modes, such as video, photo and IR modes.


  • LT-made hidden spy watch has no connectivity features like USB port.
  • Automatic deletion of older videos to free up memory space.
  • No built-in memory storage.

7. LFHMLF Spy Security Camera Loop Video Recorder

best spy watch 7

Just as the name implies, LFHMLF spy wristwatch is a simple video recording tool designed to capture events of any type secretly. This watch is metallic and comes with several unbeatable features.

LFHMLF spy security camera loop video recorder allows you to take pictures easily without stress. It lets you add an extra storage of 8GB.


  • Capture video recordings, photos and set time easily and quickly.
  • LFHMLF spy security camera loop video recorder supports a high quality camera lens for recording professional videos.
  • It's budget friendly so you don't have to break your bank before buying it.


  • It has 8GB of memory storage which is too low for a spying agent.
  • Quick battery consumption.

8. VRXN Spy Camera 1080P HD Wearable Wristband Portable

best spy watch 8

This is a unique spying watch famous for recording full HD videos. VRXN spy camera watch has a built in battery that lasts several recording hours. It supports external storage of 32GB.

VRXN spy camera wrist watch comes in the form of a wristband. It's elastic in nature, thus, can fit into any wrist. It's portable with a hidden camera lens that no one can detect.


  • VRXN spy camera comes with 1080P camera lens for recording full HD quality videos.
  • It's a cheap spying wristwatch as it costs $33.99.


  • Battery degrades with time.
  • Recorded files can be accessed by third parties, thus, VRXN spy camera is less secure.

9. PINGBJY- Watch Camera, Hidden Spy Watch Camera, Mini Camcorders Full

best spy watch 9

PINGBJY is a multipurpose spying watch with a hidden camera and camcorder. With this tool, you can check time, and record events with ease. It also supports a mini camcorder with infrared vision feature.


  • It's easy to operate.
  • PINGBJY comes with a 30-day refund policy should you encounter any problem with it.


  • Poor battery life.

10. Aipinvip Smart Bracelet

best spy watch 10

Aipinvip Smart Bracelet is another industry-leading spying tool you can wear to capture recordings conveniently. It's a simple watch that records high quality videos. Besides spying, it can also serve as a fitness watch. It helps you measure calories.


  • Allows you to add an external storage media of 64GB.
  • Comes with a calorie counter to measure fitness.


  • Recording time depends solely on the video quality.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Spy Wristwatch?

Before investing into a spy wristwatch, we advise that you consider the following factors so you don't make the wrong decision:

  • The spy watch should have a hidden camera that's non noticeable to anyone around you.
  • A quality spy wristwatch is lightweight and captures HD video recordings. Additionally, it should have a sleek interface and remote controls.

Q2. What's the best spying tool for mobile devices?

Folks looking for the best spying tool or app for mobile devices should consider the Wondershare FamiSafe parental control software. With this tool, you can control and manage activities on a mobile device without having physical contact. It's one of the most outstanding spying software programs available in the market today.

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There are multiple brands of spy wrist watches. Selecting the best can be challenging. However, we've provided you with some key factors to consider before choosing a spy watch. Also, we introduced the best spying watch available in the 2022 market. Whichever one you wish to invest in, kindly check out the features and cost before buying it.

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