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Best T-Mobile Kids Smart Watch Phones

t mobile watch phone

Compared to other mobile phone networks, T-Mobile packs a punch regarding coverage, data deals, and internet speeds. As such, it's only logical that most parents would want to connect with their kids via this network. But with smartphone addiction becoming a genuine concern among parents, you might want to consider getting your child a T Mobile kid phone watch. However, some T-Mobile smartwatches are simply better than others. Therefore, we want to make your search easier by reviewing the best T-Mobile smartwatches for kids in 2023.

1. Wonbo Q50 Kids Smartwatch

t-mobile kid phone watch wonbo q50

Appearance: 4.5/5

Wonbo Q50 feels and looks like the perfect T-Mobile kid's smartwatch. The watch color is ideal for girls and boys, and the 0.96-inch screen is big enough to engage those little fingers. The build material uses a soft silicone, making the watch comfortable for your child's delicate skin.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

This watch is waterproof, meaning your child can take it swimming without any worries. Also, Wonbo Q50 comes with inbuilt games that should keep your kid engaged at all times. And yes, the affordable price tag represents zero risks.

SIM card plan: 4.7/5

Regarding the SIM card plan, this watch is very flexible. It lets parents choose whatever carrier network they want their kids to use. You can purchase a SIM card separately from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Speedtalk, and more. Note that it supports a Micro SIM card.

Parental control: 4.6/5

This watch has two SOS buttons that your child can press for three seconds to call the first and second reserved numbers. Parents can also monitor their kid's live location and set activity areas to receive notifications whenever their child enters/leaves the zone.

Hands-on experience: 4.4/5

First, the watch feels super comfortable, thanks to the silicone strap that protects it from scratches and knocks. Also, the GPS tracking is accurate, auto-refreshing every few minutes. But 4G and Wi-Fi connections would be preferable. In addition, unscrewing the back cover to insert the SIM card can be messy. An e-Sim would have been better.

2. LiveGo 4G Kids Smartwatch

t-mobile kid phone watch livego 4g

Appearance: 4.6/5

This smartwatch is modern-styled and comes in black, blue, and pink colors. The 1.4-inch screen hides a facecam for taking selfies and short videos outdoors. Overall, its design and features are perfect for a 3 to 14-year-old.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

Most kids would love to interact with the 1.4-inch display. This watch also allows kids to call, text, and video chat with parents on the pre-installed WeChat app. And the price is also pocket-friendly for a kid's smartwatch.

SIM card plan: 4.2/5

You can connect this phone to a cellular network by installing an activated nano SIM card. In other words, you'll have to purchase the T-Mobile SIM separately. If T-Mobile doesn't connect, try using SpeedTalk.

Parental controls: 4.5/5

This watch has a "class mode" for locking the screen during study or school hours. Also, this 4G smartwatch can track your child's live locations and exercise activities. Plus, your kid can press the emergency SOS button for three seconds to call one of the emergency numbers.

Hands-on experience: 4.2/5

You'll first realize the abundance of pre-installed apps on this watch. Your child will find a calculator, WeChat, calendar, and more. Its real-time positioning is also excellent, although it depends on the carrier's database. On the flip side, an e-Sim would be preferable. This watch also connects better via Speedtalk. Moreover, the 24-hour battery life is too short.

3. TickTalk 4

t-mobile kid phone watch ticktalk 4

Appearance: 4.7/5

Straight out of the box, any parent would realize that TickTalk 4 is the real deal. Despite being a bit thick, the watch is lightweight and sturdily built without sacrificing comfort. The design is quite different from other kid's smartwatches, making it a unique buy.

Kid-friendly: 4.6/5

The watch has two cameras, a loudspeaker, and a massive 1,000mAh battery. Add in the 8GB internal storage, and this watch is perfect for younger music fans.

SIM card plan: 4.4/5

TickTalk 4 is compatible with GSM networks in the US, like AT&T and T-Mobile networks. You can pay $20 per month for your child to enjoy unlimited calls, text, and data. Now that's doable!

Parental controls: 4.7/5

The live location tracking feature is undoubtedly helpful. TickTalk 4 also has an emergency SOS button on the right side. Meantime, parents can block numbers, set daily step goals, add reminders, and activate the Class Mode. This watch generally has everything you need.

Hands-on experience: 4.7/5

TickTalk 4 is an efficient watch for any 5 to 10-year-old. It has many features that will make your kid forget about owning an actual phone. For example, voice and video calls work surprisingly well. It also has kid-friendly content like radio podcasts, songs, stories, and more. However, the price tag is on the higher side.

4. Xplora X5 Play

t-mobile kid phone watch xplora x5 play

Appearance: 4.6/5

Xplora X5 uses a minimalistic design but still gets everything right. The 1.4-inch TFT display hides a 2MP selfie camera, and the touchscreen is super responsive. The watch is available in several colors: pink, blue, and black.

Kid-friendly: 4.6/5

Weighing just 54g, Xplora X5 Play feels light on the wrist. The rigid build material is also kid-friendly, and the casing is well-done. The developer also added a screen protector that leaves a cutout for the selfie camera. In short, it's designed to take a lot of outdoor beating.

SIM card plan: 4.3/5

The Xplora X5 package comes with an Xplora Connect SIM, which the developer says offers optimum performance. In the US, the Speedtalk SIM card is compatible with GSM services like T-Mobile and AT&T, which leaves out Verizon. T-Mobile pricing begins at $15 per month.

Parental control: 4.6/5

In an emergency, your child can long-press the SOS button to notify the selected contacts of their location. Also, parents can set geofences on critical places like schools and homes, and this watch will send prompt notifications. There is also a School Mode where all calls, messages, and texts are disabled.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

We could easily make voice calls from saved numbers on Xplora X5. The device can also receive texts, images, emojis, and voice messages without delays. Your child won't receive calls or messages from unsaved contacts. However, calls can be a hit/miss, especially if T-Mobile has random drops in your area. But in general, the watch is perfect.

5. T-Mobile SyncUp kids

t-mobile kid phone watch t-mobile syncup kids

Appearance: 4.6/5

T-Mobile SyncUp Kids is a cute, lightweight, and comfortable smartwatch. Although the watch is only available in chalk, the bands come in blue and coral to allow your child to mix them up. It has a single push button to activate the display and an HD camera for taking selfies.

Kid-friendly: 4.6/5

The white plastic case on this watch is well-built, and the 1.4-inch display will cover most needs of a 5 to 10-year-old. The silicone band also feels comfortable and durable to wear.

SIM card plan: 4.2/5

This device is compatible with T-Mobile only, which might scare off some customers. It connects to a 4G LTE network. After purchasing the watch, you'll get free 24-month bill credits. Then, subscriptions will start at $7.25/month.

Parental control: 4.3/5

First, SyncUp Kids comes with a School Mode to reduce distractions during school or study hours. Also, the watch supports real-time location, and your child can only text/call approved contacts. In addition, parents can set sleep and task reminders. And yes, your child can call 911 or emergency numbers added to the phone.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

We especially love the interactive character animations and watch themes. This T-Mobile watch also packs a few games to engage your child's brain whenever they feel bored. That's not all. We could snap and record a few moments using the camera without complications. And don't forget to try out the nylon and silicone straps to find the perfect fit. The only disappointment is the lack of expandable memory.

6. Spacetalk Adventure 4G Kids Smartwatch

t-mobile kid phone watch spacetalk adventure

Appearance: 4.3/5

Spacetalk Adventure is another smartwatch that maintains that typical "kid's design." It has rounded corners that make it comfortable and easy for your child to grip it. The silicone band straps also feel relaxed and fashionable.

Kid-friendly: 4.6/5

If not for the $200 price tag, this would be the perfect smartwatch for 5 to 12-year-olds on this list. The build material is tough, and the Gorilla Glass is almost unbreakable. The watch is also IP67 rated, meaning your kid can take it swimming anytime.

SIM card plan: 4.5/5

Spacetalk Adventure supports 3G and 4G networks via T-Mobile and AT&T SIMs. The SIM card comes with voice, SMS, and a 1GB data plan. However, Spacetalk recommends using SIM from Red Pocket, Mint Mobile, and Speedtalk if you can't secure a SIM from AT&T and T-Mobile.

Parental control: 4.5/5

First, parents to create a Safe Contact list for calling and chatting. The companion app also has an intuitive map where you can watch the real-time location of your child. Other extras include a School Mode, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and more.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

For starters, the GPS tracker works internationally as long as the watch has a data connection. In addition, you can add the watch directly to your T-Mobile or AT&T plan without purchasing a standalone plan. Moreover, the app is one of the most intuitive you can find. But watch out because the battery lasts for around 1.5 days only.

7. TickTalk 2.0

t-mobile kid phone watch ticktalk 2.0

Appearance: 4.6/5

It is still unclear why the company ditched this design in favor of the ‘beefier' build on the fourth generation. TickTalk 2.0 boasts a beautiful and minimalist design similar to Xplora X5. The straps also feel durable and comfortable.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

This watch is durable and straightforward to use. For example, the SOS button is easy-to-reach and highly responsive. Just press it for three seconds to call one of the saved contacts.

SIM card plan: 4.2/5

Unlike TickTalk 4, which is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, TickTalk 2 is only compatible with T-Mobile. You can connect to the current T-Mobile plan. But if you're not a T-Mobile user, use the3 bundled Speedtalk SIM with a pay-as-you-go T-Mobile plan. For example, the $5/month plan gets you 250 minutes of talk time, 250MB, and 250 SMSs.

Parental control: 4.6/7

With this watch, parents can help their kids create healthy digital routines like setting the table, taking showers, doing homework, brushing their teeth, etc. You can also track your child's steps and location in real-time. The accuracy of this watch is about 500ft to 20 miles in GPS mode.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

There's not much to complain about here. Activating the line was super easy, and the 2G coverage map was straightforward. Your child should also love the hearing mode, which allows them to call an added number and hear what's happening in the background. But why go for TickTalk 2.0 when there is an upgrade with superior features?

8. Volga S02 4G Smart Watch

t-mobile kid phone watch volga s02

Appearance: 4.3/5

Volga 4G may not be the most beautiful T-Mobile phone watch for kids, but it does the job. The build material is high quality, although rubber straps would have been better. It also boasts an HD camera for taking selfies and sharing with contacts.

Kid-friendly: 4.3/5

The affordable price tag, SOS calling, and other features like a stopwatch and calculator make this watch an attractive option. Also, it features some crazy math games to improve your kid's arithmetic skills. And don't forget the 2-year warranty.

SIM card plan: 4.6/5

This watch allows you to use any cellular network. Just purchase a nano-SIM and connect the watch to any 4G network in the US. Your child can also access fast and stable internet by Wi-Fi.

Parental control: 4.5/5

Parents to see their children's live whereabouts on the mobile app. You can also add three contacts for receiving/sending SOS alerts. Your child only needs to long-press the Power button to send an emergency call. And as expected, it has a Classroom Mode for preventing class distractions.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

Everything about this watch is fantastic. The pricing is unmatched, and features like Crazy Math, a camera, pedometer, calculator, and MP3 music player make it fun to use. The two-way calling between the watch and mobile contacts is also smooth. However, it constantly loses connection.

9. PTH-4G01 Smartwatch Phone

t-mobile kid phone watch pth-4g01

Appearance: 4.5/5

This 4G smartwatch for kids looks and feels stylish. It uses high-quality material for durability and anti-fall. The soft silicone hand strap is comfortable and doesn't scratch the skin. PTH-4G01 is available in blue, black, and pink.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

First, this watch supports 2-way face-to-face calling via voice calls or video chats. The watch also has multiple games to keep your child engaged, and your kid can play around with the numerous screen styles. It's a great watch for kids.

SIM card plan: 4.4/5

PTH-4G01 supports 4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi, and GPS connection. You only need to purchase a SIM card from T-Mobile or Speedtalk to connect it to a GSM network.

Parental control: 4.3/5

In case of potential danger, your child can call the added SOS numbers with a mere button press. This watch also lets you set three alarms to help your kid follow their daily routines. In addition, you can activate the Class Mode and track live locations on the intuitive mobile app. However, it lacks fitness activities and heart rate monitoring.

Hands-on experience: 4.4/5

This smartwatch works excellently. Once connected to a network, it sends voice and video calls without glitches. The watch also has instructions for inserting the SIM card and connecting it to a network. However, the touchscreen can be infuriating to use. Also, the battery life is not the best. But overall, it's suitable for calls and tracking live locations.

10. Apple Watch SE

t-mobile kid phone watch apple watch se

Appearance: 4.8/5

Apple Watch SE boasts a premium design that will impress any teenager or adult. It uses the traditional curved design that compliments the elegant OLED display. The big Digital Crown on the right side also adds to the beauty of this masterpiece from Apple.

Kid-friendly: 4.8/5

If your child is at least 12, this watch should impress them. The sleek and durable finish is one-of-a-kind and houses several parental control features. The $200 price tag is also pocket-friendly for a premium smartwatch.

SIM card plan: 4.7/5

Apple Watch SE has an embedded e-Sim for connecting to global networks. It's compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and more. Use the Apple Watch app to connect it to a T-Mobile network on your smartphone. Launch the app, then go to My Watch > Cellular>Set Up Cellular.

Parental control: 4.5/5

Don't expect to find kid-friendly features like classroom mode, reminders, and math games. But Family Setup has a bunch of health and safety features. It supports fall detection, crash detection, emergency calls, and heart rate monitoring. You can also set a screen time on the Apple Watch app.

Hands-on experience: 4.7/8

The OLED screen with Always On Display handles outdoor brightness perfectly. Also, connecting this watch to a cellular plan is seamless, especially if you're already a T-Mobile customer. Further, the live GPS tracking is perfect, and the watch houses many fitness activities for aspiring athletes. Sadly, the watch only gives you 24-36 hours of battery life with light use.

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Final words

Are you struggling to make a straight choice? We recommend considering factors like age, durability, parental controls, and budget. For example, children under 12 years should be happy with something more engaging and controlling, like TickTalk 4 and Xplora X5. On the other hand, older kids and teenagers who don't need frequent monitoring can use Apple Watch SE or Volga S02.

But before we wrap up this review, allow me to introduce you to FamiSafe. This parental control app will monitor your child's digital activities and give you the utmost control. You can monitor locations, set screen time, block apps, block websites, and more. Give it a try!

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