Top 8 Safe Driving Apps for Teens on Android & iOS in 2020

Safe Driving Apps for Teens

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As per general research, many accidents occur due to the distractions of smartphones. The young teens always have their eye on their gadgets while driving which risk their life at times. How do you handle such a situation? The advent of teen driving app converted the threats of smartphones into a life-saving jacket. This kind of app protects your teens from accidents due to unnecessary distractions while driving. It makes your teen drive within speed limits and provide a comfortable long drive. As parents, you need not have to panic anymore if your teen plans for trips, which involves long hours driving.

Safe Driving App

Why do parents need to know safe driving app?

Parents are worried when their teen gets their license in their hands. According to the statistics, most accident occurs by teen driving than adults. To reduce the risk of accident in teen driving the parents should learn more about the safe driving app. Prior knowledge of safe driving apps assists the parents to guide their Teens on safe driving. These apps send alerts and location details to the parents at the right time and play a vital role in guiding the teens to drive in a safe path. Choose the apps according to the compatibility of your smartphones and explore its features in detail soon after the installation.

  • Reduce accident
  • The safe driving app helps the teens to focus on roads and reduce accidents to a great extent. It will record the speed and warns the driver if he/she crosses the maximum speed limit. The parents receive an alert message if their Teens drive beyond the set speed limit.

  • Spot the teen
  • With the help of the teen driving app, the parents can sense the live location details of their teens anytime. This app displays the location details in a map view and provides a complete study on the location where their kid is riding.

  • Tense free trips
  • The parents will allow their teens to go for long drives with their friends by installing the safe driving app. They will not hesitate anymore to send their teens for long hour trips. There are no restrictions on long drives for teens using this efficient app. This app brings peace of mind to parents using the built-in features and controls on safe driving.

Top 4 safe driving apps for teens on Android

Smartphones play a vital role in distracting the teens while driving. The text messages and voice calls amidst driving causes serious issues when your teens are on wheels. You need effective apps to control their activities on wheels before the situation goes worse. The impulse in attending calls and listening to favourite tracks while travelling on national highways at an optimum speed creates disasters without their knowledge. As parents, you have to find sophisticated solutions to handle such circumstances wisely. The below-discussed teen driving apps drive your child safely to reach their destination without any distractions.

  1. Easy Navigation
  2. This app offers a pleasant driving experience. It guides the route using Google maps and notifies the parking zones at the right time to avoid unwanted issues. This app connects the car speaker with the phone to listen to your favourite tracks without any distraction. You can change volume and all controls related to your music player in your comfort zone while driving. This app also has access to call logs and assist you to answer the incoming calls effortlessly. It is a freeware and you can download it at Google play store without any issues.

    Easy Navigation

  3. Drive mode
  4. It is a free app and the voice-enabled feature attracts the users a lot. You can integrate this app with a wide range of application like navigation, music, calls etc. A single tap or a voice command is sufficient to switch between the desired applications while driving. You need not get distracted for any reason when you are in the National Highway. This app gives you a smooth driving experience.

    Drive Mode

  5. Waze
  6. This app is a freeware but you have to pay when you try to share information and transfer data with your friends and family via this app. It provides real-time data regarding the traffic areas, short routes, any disasters on the road etc. You can share such information with other drivers too. This app allows you to send location details to your parents and it notifies about the nearest gas stations when required.


  7. Android Auto
  8. This app is a reliable tool, which connects with Google maps to display the routes precisely. You can make calls, set reminders, and listen to your favourite podcast just by a single tap. There is a ‘do not disturb’ option available to prevent distractions when you are engaged in heavy traffics on road.

    Android Auto

Top 4 safe driving apps for teens on iOS

The iPhone compatible driving apps are available in the digital market to protect your teens on wheels. These apps send frequent alerts to the parents informing about the current speed and location details in a precise manner. It is enough if you install the app in your teen’s gadgets and receive periodic alerts when your teen is riding for long hours. Hereafter, there is no need to panic when your teen surprises you with long trips with their friends.

  1. Drive
  2. It is an iOS app available for a free download. It is enough if you make a tap to activate this tool. This application read the text messages and email loud and the driver need not touch the phone to check out the SMS and Emails while driving anymore. This program ensures distract free driving. It has a wide range of customizable options enables Bluetooth and radio transmitters. This app does not affect the phone battery even if it is active for many hours while riding on wheels.


  3. Life Saver
  4. This app has a subscription fee varying $5-$10 per month based on the scheme of the service. The prime feature of this app is that it locks the devices when it detects the motion. You will not be able to make calls or texts while driving. This app prevents distractions effectively related to phones. The LifeSaver app sends automatic alerts to the connected devices related to speed and location. This app maintains a report on the summary of the driving and delivers the data when requested.

    Life Saver

  5. Safe Drive
  6. This app works with the slogan ‘Drive to earn and play’. When you install this app in your iPhone then it creates a do not disturb platform when you are on wheels. It locks all the apps and text messages to protect you from the distractions while driving. It makes your eyes to focus on roads by controlling all notifications and alerts from your gadgets. This app adds points to your driving behaviour and finally ends up with exciting prizes based on the points gained. It encourages a safe driving experience by offering rewards. It is free to download but if you want to explore other features then go for the subscription as per your requirement. It costs $2.99 per month and the cost varies with quarter and annual subscription.

    Safe Drive

  7. Cell Control
  8. This app cut downs all sorts of mobile distraction when the speed crosses the set limit. It helps the driver to focus on roads and traffic without any distractions. You can make use of this app in mileage tracking, trips logs, vehicle tracking, activity monitoring etc. It serves as a best monitoring and tracking devices on wheels. It is a free download app for iOS devices. This program develops reports on the driving habits of your teens and delivers it to you on requests. It sends alert signals in notifying the emergencies. The user can set policies as per their desires and the app follows the available guidelines instructed in the policy. It is the best cell control app and safeguards the users while driving by protecting from distractions.

    Cell Control

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Therefore, it is the right scenario to grab the perfect safe driving app to connect with your teen during their long drives. As parents, do not panic anymore instead get the assistance from the driving apps and monitor the speed and location details of your teens’ vehicle remotely. You can take appropriate action when your teen crosses the safe speed limits. Choose the apps, which are compatible with your gadgets and explore its features to protect your teens while driving on roads. Apart from monitoring, these apps help the drivers to locate their destinations effortlessly. It provides a hassle-free path to travel on the road without any discomforts.

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