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Top 8 teenage driving monitoring apps for parents

Teenage driving monitoring apps to track drivers

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1: Introduction

The teens are highly prone to risky high-speed vehicles. It is the pride for teens to ride a powerful bike on road. If you have any plans to buy a vehicle for your teen, then it is necessary to search for a teenage driving monitoring apps to supervise the speed limit of your teen on road. You can relax only if you realize that your teen is riding safely on road without any issues. If you take a closer look at the driving monitoring apps in the digital market, you will come to know the huge collection of apps. Choose the reliable one to monitor the driving speed of your teen. You must create a safe riding space for your teen using sophisticated apps. This article gives you glimpses on the reliable driving monitoring apps.

Driving apps

2: Why should parents monitor teenage driving?

The parents must monitor teenage driving because of the following reasons.

Speed Limit:

When your teen realize that their riding speed is monitored by the parent, then automatically they will adapt to the nominal speed limit. The teens will be cautious in maintaining the speed limit and see to that no issue occurs during the travel.

Avoid distractions:

When your teen get distracts while driving by using their phones on the road, then immediately you will be notified. You can take the respective measure and warn your teen to avoid using phones during travel.

Ensure safe travel:

When the parent monitors the teen driving, they can ensure that their children reached the destination without any issues. The parents can feel relax when the teens go on long trips with their friends for fun.

Driving habit:

Through consistent monitoring of the teens driving, you will be able to learn the driving behaviour of your child. You can discipline their driving styles and insist on the safety measure on wheels.

3: Top 8 Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps

a: FamiSafe parental control app

The FamiSafe is a prestigious product from Wondershare comprising of a wide range of stunning features to satisfy the customers without any compromises. It is an incredible monitoring app to control gadget activities in kids. It has extended its features in ensuring safe driving in teens by introducing the ‘Drive Report’ feature. It is a reliable teenage driving monitoring app.


  • Quickly sends a precise driving report of the teens containing the driving speed to the respective parent’s gadget.
  • Records the driving speed, cumulative driving distance and total driving time per day.
  • This app counts the number of emergency brakes activated during the travel.


  • Simple user interface and it is easy to work on this platform.
  • Reliable app and gives you a precise recording of your teen’s driving data.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets.


  • The minimum subscription is sufficient to control up to 5 devices. You must pay little extra if you want to establish gadget control on 30 devices.


  • The monthly plan: $9.99 up to 5 devices per account.
  • The annual plan: $41.99 up to 30 devices for a single account.
  • Quarterly plan: $19.99 up to 10 devices for an account.


Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

b: DriveSmart

If you want your teens to drive without any distractions, then the DriveSmart app is the right tool. You can install this program and help your teens to focus on driving and assure a safe driving experience for them.


  • This app diverts the incoming calls to voice mails.
  • Even the messages are muted with an automatic response.
  • This program activates automatically when the device is in motion.


  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry.
  • Prevent the distraction in drivers.


  • This app does not take care of the vehicle’s speed control.
  • There are options for the passengers to override the driver mode settings using their smartphones.


  • The basic version is free.
  • The Driver Smart Plus edition costs $4.99/month.

Drive smart

c: AT&T Drive mode

This driver mode app protects your teen from using the phone on wheels. Your teen will not be able to send texts or calls while driving. The app takes control of their gadgets during the drive.


  • Turn on automatically when the vehicle moves 15mph.
  • Send auto-reply for incoming emails and calls.
  • Turns on the silent mode for receiving messages.


  • Compatible with all gadgets and you don't need to own an AT & T gadgets to use this app.
  • Alerts the parents if it encounters any interruptions during its normal functioning mode.


  • There are no clear explanations of how the app differentiates between the driver and passenger. There are chances for bypassing its safety features.


  • It is available for free download.

AT&T Drive Mode

d: pro

This app assists the drivers in hands-free operation of their gadgets. It allows the teens to drive safely without any distractions on wheels. You can keep an eye on the road always even if the phone rings and make sounds amidst you are driving.


  • Reply to all the calls, texts messages etc through your voice.
  • Permits a hand free operation on your smartphones.


  • User-friendly interface to activate the controls.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.


  • There is no option to make a note on the vehicle’s speed.


  • There is a free trial period and the yearly plan costs $13.95.
  • The family plan comes around $34.95.

Drive safely

e: EverDrive

The EverDrive app assists the teens to improve their driving skills and ensure safe driving on wheels. It helps the teens to create a safe road for them to travel for hours together without any hesitations.


  • This app tracks hard braking, speeding and hard cornering data precisely.
  • It calculates a driving score for each trip using a hidden algorithm.
  • You can add members to this app and record their moves on wheels.


  • Compatible with Android and iPhone gadgets.
  • It does not reveal the trip locations for privacy reasons.


  • The drivers can override the app settings by marking them as a passenger.


  • The monthly subscription: $7.99.
  • The annual subscription along with the family members: $69.99.

Ever drive

f: MamaBear

It is a parental control app which establishes complete control of the gadget activities of the kids and teens. It has a GPS location tracking system to find out the teen’s location on wheels. It is the best teenage driving monitoring app for the parents to provide a safe driving space for their teens.


  • Notifies the parent if their teen drives beyond the pre-set speed limits.
  • When the teen reaches the destination, an alert signal is sent to the respective parents.


  • This app works on both the Android and iPhone devices.
  • Monitors, the kid’s driving speed precisely.


  • There is only one-speed alert control available and therefore you can fix to one value like 60mph.


  • You can download this app for free.

Mamabear app

g: DriveScribe

The DriveScribe app is an award-winning program that monitors the driving skills of your teen effectively. This application rewards your teen for their driving habits, and it can be used for purchase at Amazon platform.


  • This tool works on two modes passenger and anonymous. It monitors the teen’s driving speed limits.
  • It is a digital driving coach and notifies the parents if the teen exceeds the speed limits.


  • Simple app with excellent user-interface.
  • It is compatible with Android and iPhones.
  • This app provides a safe driving space for teens to drive.


  • This app works well in Android gadgets when compared to the iPhone.


  • It is a free application and available for download at Google Play Store and App Stores.

Drive scribe

h: Canary

This app sends a quick notification to the parent’s device when the teens violate the safe driving mode. It is an informative app and helps the parents to build safe roads for their teens on wheels.


  • Notifies the parents if their teens violate the pre-set maximum speed limit.
  • The parents receive an alert signal when their teen travel to unsafe zones.
  • When the teen uses the gadgets while travelling then it will be immediately reported to the respective parents without any delay.


  • Performs well on both Android and iPhones.
  • You have a free trial period to learn about its exclusive built-in features.


  • Complex interface and you will become comfortable to the environment by practice.


  • The free trial version is available for seven days and there is a lifetime subscription fee for $14.99.

Canary app

4: Conclusion

Finally, it is time to end the discussion on the teenage driving monitoring app. Digital parents must choose the perfect app to improve the driving skills of teens. The FamiSafe from Wondershare is the best fit to monitor your teen’s driving precisely. It helps the parents to ensure safe driving for the teens during long travels. Using the recorded data, you can take the respective measure before the situation goes worse. Connect with FamiSafe and make sure your teens are safe on wheels.

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