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Top 8 teen driver trackers

How to track drivers?

Even with all the coronavirus scare the world is going through, you’d be surprised at the number of people searching online for top teen driver tracker methods and apps in 2020. Parents are anyway as concerned as they are proud when their kids find their way around driving, but now, as the world lifts its shutdown and life slowly returns to a new normal, parents are concerned more than ever with teen driver tracker apps and methods to track the whereabouts of their kids and to help them gauge their exposure to public to ensure that their kids stay safe on the road and from the virus as well. And they are right about it, car crashes continue to remain the number one cause of teenager deaths in the United States.

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Contrary to what you might be wondering, tracking your teen’s driving is not a question of ethics or privacy. It is a question of safety through and through. You are not stalking them, you are not invading their privacy, even though they feel exactly so about it. You are doing it for their safety, and they will realize this when they grow up. You did, too, right?

How To Track Your Teenager’s Car?

Technology has made it really easy for you to track your teen driver in 2020. A simple GPS device can be excellent teen driver tracker and a low-cost one at that. There are apps today that can give you far more information about your teen driver that a simple GPS tracker cannot. However, sometimes you need to go old school to get the most meaningful information about your teen driver.

I. The Old School Teen Driver Tracking

Do you know how and if your parents tracked you when you got the keys to your car? Parents have had ingenious ways to track their kids’ whereabouts since time immemorial, and there is a reason those methods are as relevant today as they have always been – they work with utmost precision and trust. So, in today’s app-happy world, how does a teen driver tracker parent track their kids’ driving?

Driver, Follow That Car!

Yes, the dialogue people laugh at in the movies works just as well in real life. Only, it is more nuanced. You can track your kids’ whereabouts and get far more meaningful information than any app will ever be able to provide you about their driving in real time by simply following them in your own car or if you want to be less noticeable in a neighbor’s car or even a cab would do. The purpose is to stay as far as possible and note how confidently they are driving, if they are breaking any rules, if they are texting and driving, so on. GPS trackers will not be able to tell you this level of information about their driving.

Did you know that teens in the US have a hard time making a left turn? It is one of the more common ways they get into accidents. A GPS tracker will not tell you if your teen can make that turn confidently. Your eyes will.

So, if you are mobile, can sit in cars for extended periods of time, you can do your own recon and surveillance on your kids to understand the way they drive, their pain points and how to help them out or if, God forbid, they are driving recklessly, how to go about it.

II. Using GPS Devices

GPS-enabled teen driver tracker systems have come a long way today. If you have been researching enough, you’d have come across names such as MotoSafety and Bouncie. These devices both have their own set of pros and cons but work to help parents track their teen driver and provide details on driving metrics to help them understand the situations they may have gotten themselves into, such as hard braking, apart from other usual features such as location monitoring, speed monitoring, etc. Some of them can be plugged into the car’s OBD port to provide real-time statistics and metrics from the car itself. They generally cost under $100 and users need to pay for an annual subscription to continue using them.

III. There’s An App For That

And then there were apps. Software applications on any device are not new, be it desktop computer or portable computer or a handheld device. They are fundamental. Yet, since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 and called the applications on the phone as apps, that is what they have come to be known as. Needless to say, there are several teen driver tracker apps in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store today that vie for customer’s eyeballs and wallets.

Why would you use an app to track your teen’s driving behavior? Simple. A GPS tracker that is fitted in a car tells you where the car is. Your teen could be anywhere else with friends in their car. But, if an app is installed on their phone, there is slim chance they will not take their phones with them, unless, God forbid, they are trying to be really sneaky and are desperate to hide things from you.

There are so many out there, you’d literally get lost in that jungle, trying to figure which one offers what and what is it that you need and what you should not compromise on. Here is help. Below are eight of the best teen driver tracker apps available today.

The Top 8 Teen Driver Tracker Apps In 2020

The best of the top 8 teen driver tracker apps in 2020 has got to be FamiSafe. You may not have heard of it, since FamiSafe, as the name suggests, is quite more than a teen driver tracker, it is the most feature-rich parental control app out there for kids, and, needless to say, it serves as a great teen driver tracker app and makes it to the top of this list of top 8 teen driver tracker apps in 2020.

1. FamiSafe: The All-Round Parental Control App With Teen Driver Tracker

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

FamiSafe is the perfect app to monitor your kids’ digital footprint along with helping you to build healthy habits in your kids. It does not stop there, with version 4.0 it brings a teen driver tracker feature as well, providing you valuable insight into your teen’s driving habits, making it to the top of the list of must-have apps for parents who want to track their kids’ digital and driving habits.

What Makes FamiSafe The Best Teen Driver Tracker In 2020?

FamiSafe is a parental control app designed thoughtfully around the worries and concerns parents have about their kids. With FamiSafe, you can:

  • Control the screen time of your child’s devices
  • Get alerts if inappropriate content is detected on your kids’ devices
  • Get comprehensive app reports around usage of each app by your kids, how much time they spent on each app and which apps were installed and uninstalled, and block apps during certain times
  • Filter their web browsing by setting appropriate filters to block unwanted content and websites when they surf the internet
  • Safeguard your kids against porn images, suspicious and explicit content in messages and on social media apps
  • Locate in real time where your kids are, view history, set geofences that alarm you if they go outside a designated geofence, so you know when something is fishy, etc.

And Now, Driving Reports

As if that were not impressive enough, FamiSafe 4.0 now allows you to track your teen’s driving habits with the new Driving Report feature that tells you all you need to know about how your teen’s driving.

  • Get detailed reports on speeding, so you know if your kids were doing 50 in a 25 zone and can give them the talk, and hard braking, so you can understand their driving and see if this is a one-off or if it is pattern suggestive of being distracted behind the wheel.
  • Get weekly driving reports for a summary of driving metrics
  • Track individual drive routes to know about the distance logged, speed metrics, hard braking instances, etc.
  • Set your own safe speed that when breached, reports to you.
  • Create a reward system that rewards kids with anything that works as an incentive for them to drive responsibly.

2. Life360

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Life360 is an app that can seem less intrusive to teens since it involves the family members as well. Life360 has a driving report feature that enables anyone in the trusted circle to see each other’s driving reports that include all that can be expected of a modern teen driver tracker app. Life360 is free to download and comes with a trial of Premium plan that costs $4.99 per month when paid annually.

3. DriveSmart

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This app is one that promotes self-assessment as well as provides metrics and information to use to get better at driving by understanding and monitoring the driving behavior. This is one of those apps that teens can use to get better at driving without feeling like they are being monitored. Of course, this app does monitor everything around driving, how else would it make to the top 8 teen driver tracker apps in 2020 list! This app is free to use and there is a paid version with more features.

4. TrueMotion Family

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TrueMotion Family is not just a teen driver tracker app but is designed to serve as a family driver tracker app. An advantage to this is that teens are more likely to participate in being tracked around if they know they can see you too if you want them to, and that together as a family you all can drive safer. It has a simple interface with a score-based system and measures the level of distraction as well. The app is free.

5. MamaBear

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MamaBear is another well-known app in the parenting circles who have teens with brand new licenses. MamaBear markets itself as the ultimate parenting app, and they are so confident in the claim that they have even gone ahead and gotten that phrase trademarked. MamaBear can give you more insight than you imagined you might want into your teen’s digital footprint and driving behavior. There are several plans to choose from to subscribe and there is little to fault in the app. Prices start with Free and go to $6.99 for 6 months.

6. RoadReady

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RoadReady is a companion app to The Supervised Driving Program and tracks a variety of driving metrics, creating reports to help you understand how well your teen is driving while logging the mandatory state-required supervised driving time. It tracks driving conditions and time and provides parental pointers as well as helps identify weak points that need improvement. This is a free app.

7. EverDrive

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EverDrive is a free app that helps you keep a track of your teen’s driving habits. It monitors various metrics passively and provides diagnostics you can review and understand how your teen drives around. Something that works in this app’s favor is a contest system that can be an incentive for your teen to drive responsibly and rank higher among other users of the app.

8. SafeDrive

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SafeDrive aims to help your kids stay under the speed limit if that is a problem for them. It monitors the speed and location of the driver and uploads it to iCloud. A threshold needs to be set that when crossed gets reflected as a red marker on the map. The app is free to download but requires a subscription to run and can be bought for a one-time price of $9.99.


There are several teen driver tracker apps in 2020 that work to help teens drive safer and more responsibly on the roads as they get started with this new milestone in their lives. The best ones are those that are more than just a teen driver tracker app and offer you a lot more than just telling you where your kids are and how they are driving. The best apps, such as FamiSafe and even Life360 are more holistic in nature and take care of your teen’s digital well-being as well.

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