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10 Useful Tips for Your First Long-distance Driving

Long distance Driving Tips

Long-distance driving is exciting yet engaging and somewhat draining. Whether you are alone or traveling with friends and family, the long drive will wear you off as the hours pass by and the tires hit the road. If you plan to go on a long drive, you need to prepare before you embark on it adequately. From choosing the destination of your long drive to planning the entire trip, there are some essential elements that you will need to address.

Is Long-distance Driving Difficult for New Drivers?

A long-distance trip is any trip that will take you at least three hours to reach your destination. It often involves driving in unfamiliar surroundings, a variety of roads, traffic, and weather conditions. As such, this can lead to a feeling of tiredness and a decrease in concentration while driving. For these reasons, it can be challenging for drivers if they are not prepared for a long journey. For you to enjoy your trip, we highlight some essential long-distance driving tips to help enjoy your first long driving trip and safely get to your destination.

1) Plan Beforehand

The first and most important thing to do before going on a long driving trip is to plan the entire trip. Get information regarding your destination, the condition of the roads, the documents you will need, the stops you will make, and items including an emergency kit that you will need. Take note of the hotels that are along the way, plan the sleeping times, and note the weather conditions during your travel.

long distance driving tips - plan beforehand

2) Prepare Your Vehicle Properly

The vehicle is the primary tool you will use for the long trip to your destination. Check the car to ensure it does not have any mechanical issues. Have the necessary tools for any emergency and adequate fuel for the journey before getting to refueling points. Make sure you have a spare tire. Change your oil and filter. Use a protective sheet to cover the front of your vehicle and headlights to prevent bug clogs. Lastly, don't forget to clean your car before you begin your journey.

long distance driving tips - prepare your vehicle

3) Get Enough Sleep Before the Journey

Long-distance driving is quite exhausting, and sleep is one of the most critical performance triggers you need. Make sure to have enough sleep before embarking on the journey. Lack of proper sleep may lead to underperformance and may also be dangerous on the road.

long distance driving tips - get enough sleep before the journey

4) Dress Comfortably for Your Trip

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Shoes are especially important as driving long distances is always demanding on the feet and ankles. The right shoes will ensure that your feet are relaxed. You will enhance the control you have over your car and react swiftly to any changes in road conditions or traffic.

long distance driving tips - dress comfortably

5) Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

Carry healthy snacks and fruits on your journey with clean drinking water as you go on your journey. You will need foods that release energy gradually to keep you awake and active during the drive. Taking enough water during the trip will help you avoid fatigue and tiredness and keep you hydrated throughout the journey.

long distance driving tips - stay hydrated

6) Make Frequent Stops to Rest

Taking frequent breaks during the journey is crucial as it keeps your energy up, and you remain alert. You should stop for a minimum of 15 minutes after driving continuously for 2 hours. Avoid driving for more than ten hours in one day. You can make the stops enjoyable by checking out sceneries, making purchases, collecting souvenirs, and taking photos.

long distance driving tips - make frequent stop

7) Listen to Music or Play Games for Entertainment

You need to remain alert and attentive during the long drive. Some of the best ways to do this are by listening to music or playing road trip games. You can pacify the physical discomfort people often experience during long-distance driving by playing calming music. In turn, this will bring pleasurable feelings that will decrease discomfort, allowing you to drive for hours. Don't forget to take regular breaks to stretch the cramped muscles. Word games, on the other hand, are exciting and help you stay alert while helping you eliminate any boredom associated with the long drive.

long distance driving tips - listen to music

8) Observe Safe Driving and Use Navigation

Getting to your destination is an essential thing in your journey. Slow down whenever you are on dirt roads characteristic of the countryside to avoid skidding. Whenever you are around other vehicles, turn off the car’s high beams. Take care when overtaking by checking on-coming traffic and proper timing to keep yourself safe. You should also be aware of road signs and what they mean and adequately observe them.

long distance driving tips - use navigation

9) Sit Up Straight

Correct driving posture is important when you are taking a long trip. Make sure that the angle of the sit back is between 100-110 degrees. This will improve blood flow and help you avoid back injuries and backaches. You can use a lumbar support pillow to correct your posture while driving. It can help to reduce the pressure and weight off your lower back by distributing it evenly.

long distance driving tips - sit up straight

10) Maintain a Safe Distance

It is crucial for you to always keep a safe distance from other drivers on the road. Keeping a safe following distance is crucial as it gives you enough time to react and steer clear of accidents in case the car in front of you stops suddenly. Keep in mind that a safe following will depend on the type of car you are driving, weather conditions, and traffic speed. When the weather is good and you are driving a normal car, you should drive at least 2 seconds between other vehicles.

long distance driving tips - maintain a safe distance

How to Check Your Long-distance Driving Details

Use GPS Locator

GPS devices come with a turn-by-turn navigation feature that gives you details about a selected route. This is continually presented to you from an internal automated voice. If you are driving alone, the updates of the device can also help you stay alert. The system is designed to update you on the best route that you should take. It's always updated according to things like road conditions and traffic.

Use Apps like FamiSafe to Record Your Driving Details

famisafe - long distance driving

Apps such as FamiSafe run in the background and provide information that will help you drive safely. They can reveal your vehicle's location, how fast you are driving, and if you are going over the speed limit. Knowing the details about your top speed and over speeding is crucial as it will reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Also, it minimizes car wear and tear.

Additionally, it allows you to monitor hard braking, which occurs when you apply more force than usual to your brake system. Using FamiSafe to monitor the number of hard brakes will increase your safety and save you money. The app also provides details about your average driving speed, which is important because it will allow you to estimate the time it will take you to complete your journey.

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Staying safe on your first long-distance driving is essential. Driving on unfamiliar roads is always challenging for drivers. Use the above long-distance driving tips to help you enjoy your journey and reach your destination safely.

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