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How to Share Location Between iPhone and Android

share location iPhone & Android

As you know, today's smartphones have endless features and components that allow us to perform tasks previously reserved for specific devices. Many of today's smartphones allow us to take high-quality photos, connect to the internet, and share your location.

how to share location on iphone

Thanks to these sensors and components, in addition to making things easier for us, they have also destroyed many excuses for users who, for example, can no longer write as an excuse: "I do not know where I am, I've lost my way, and I'll be late". Thanks to functions such as GPS, together with the possibility of sending text messages or the use of Internet applications. Today it is possible to share your location with other users in real-time.

Part 1: How to send location on iphone with Find Friends?

Find My Friends is not a social networking app. It's an app with the ability to share your location iPhones with your friends and stay in touch at any time. There are many different uses of this application for the iPhone. For example, you can add your children and elderly parents to your network and track their activities. You can even set up a series of notifications for specific time and location changes. This is how you can better follow them.

Use Find Friends: To use this iPhone app, you need to sign in to your Apple account and click 'Add'. This will add all the desired users to your account who use Find My Friends. Once added to the list, you can share the location iPhone and stay in the loop.

share location iphone

Sharing your location: Once you are ready to share your location, you need to go to Settings and tap "Shared Location". This will ensure that no matter where your mobile is, your friends/family can follow it.

iphone share location

In case you lose your iPhone or someone steals it, your friends will be able to follow it and keep you informed, making sure that your phone and you are always safe because someone or other will be able to follow all the time. The advantage of using this app is that you will not have to know your friend's password or anyone else's password to locate his iPhone. All you have to do is share your location iPhone of you and ask for your friend's location, and you will both be safe.

how to share my location on iphone

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Part 2: How to send location on Android Devices with Goole Map?

Google Maps now lets you share location Android with your loved ones in real-time, informing them of your travel time or just telling them exactly where you are to join you! Not bad to end up at the beach during the holidays. To take advantage of this new feature on your Android smartphone, it's simple: just follow the guide!

Recently, Google Maps has implemented the ability to share its position in real-time with loved ones. A very practical feature that allows you to let your loved ones know exactly when you arrive, and if you experience slowdowns.

Or simply, for pedestrians, find yourself in a crowded street in a few clicks. To take advantage of this feature, simply open Google Maps and then:

1. Open the side menu.

share location android

2. Select "share my location".

3. Click on "Start".

4. Now, you will need to select who to share location Android in real-time and for how long. For it:

5. Select the duration for which you want to share your location like 1, 2, 3 hours ... as you see fit. You can even keep it active until you turn it off it unlimitedly.

6. At the bottom left, select the close with whom you want to send location Android of yours, whether he has a Google Account or no matter, as long as he has Google Maps.

7. Click on "Share"

share my android location

8. You can also choose "More" to share your location via a private link. This way, you can share your location with your friends who do not have a Google account.

Remember to disable the feature once it has fulfilled its role, especially if you have not entered a time limit: besides the fact that it will impact your battery, your privacy could be impacted. And now, you know how to use Google Maps like a pro!


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Part 3: 3 APPs to share location between iPhone and Android

Here, we are going to define three third-party parental apps via which you can share your location between iPhone and Android ---

1. Glympse

Glympse is a powerful, free, and simple app for you to share your real-time location with your friends, family members, or even co-workers. The app is easy to use and has an intuitive UI. It doesn't require the installation of the app to see what is being shared.


  • Track the location of the target device.
  • Set up a Glympse group to get everyone to the assemble point.
  • Get the estimated arrival time to the destination.
  • Available on both the App Store and Google Play

share location between iPhone Android

2. FamiSafe Family Locatorhot

FamiSafe is a parental control app with great functionality and excellent customer service. It is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chromebook and KindleFire. However, its location tracking service is only available on Android and iOS devices. As a parental app, FamiSafe constantly expands the line of devices it supports, develops new and advanced features for the mobile monitoring system.

Suppose you are looking for a parental control app that does track not only your kids' locations but also covers every aspect of your parental need. Then FamiSafe is the one for you. To learn more about FamiSafe's feature, read along.

share location iphone and Android


  • Kids can share their real-time location with parents.
  • Locate the mobile device in real-time using advanced GPS technology.
  • Check the location history of the target device and get to know where the target phone has been to.
  • Set up a geofence to get notified when the target enters or exceeds the specified area.
  • Set up smart schedules to make sure their phone can not be used during study or sleep time or in specific places such as schools and bedrooms.
  • Block app to prevent kids from getting obsessed with certain apps.
  • Monitor and filter websites online to keep kids safe from online danger.
  • Detect any explicit content on your kid's Android's social app, messages to prevent kids from being harmed by online predators or cyberbullying.

3. Life360

Life360 is a well-known location-sharing app for family. By creating a private family circle, you can share your location with your family member anytime. Moreover, it also has other features that come in handy for tracking your friends or family members' locations.


  • GPS monitoring and location sharing.
  • Get check-in and check-out notifications when your kids reach or leave a certain spot.
  • Provide direction information to guide you to where your family members are.
  • Check the target user's driving methods.
  • However, Life360 was accused of stealing and selling private data of clients. Please be mindful when choosing this app.

share location between Android iPhone

Well, since mobile tracking is a real deal these days, there are many apps in the app store or Google Play store for sharing location on iPhone or on Android devices. Making use of a program to spy on mobile phones is one of the preferred ways used by parents to keep track of their children's activities through a mobile device. Online you can get the most powerful parental control application, FamiSafe, with which you can spy on mobile and get a report of what your children do. It is by far the most successful way to monitor your children without them knowing it. Try it now!

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