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How to Share Location on Android with Your Family and Friends?

share location on android

In the closely connected world we live in today, it has become essential to find different ways with which you can keep your loved ones aware of your presence to ensure your safety. It can be in the form of video calling or sharing your location with them.

send location on an Android

When your friends and family know where you are, they can easily track you in case of any misfortune. On the other hand, you may want to tell your colleagues about a new place you have discovered for meetings, and by sharing the exact location, you save their time and yours.

You see, there are various advantages you can enjoy if you know how to send location on an Android phone.

Does Android Have Location Sharing?

The short answer is yes. In fact, there are multiple ways of sharing location on Android that include location sharing apps as well. Let's see some of the ways through which you can know how to share your location on Android.

1. Google Maps

The simplest way to share location on Android is to use Google Maps. It works if the person you are sending the location to also has a Google account installed in their phones. You can add the contact/s to your Google Map current location and share your location for either an hour or until you decide to turn the location off.

If they don't have an account, you will need to copy/paste the link to the Google Map and send them the link via any suitable messaging app.

  • Pro: It is quick and efficient with an added feature of Directions.
  • Con: The recipient might not have Google Map, which may delay tracking, and the estimated time of sharing is also not there for them.

2. Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts, as implied by its name, is an app that enables the contacts you trust to find your location even in the case when you are unable to accept their request for location sharing. Considering this fact, it is an excellent recommendation in times of danger.

  • Pro: It is excellent for emergency purposes.
  • Con: It raises privacy concerns.

3. WhatsApp

You can also use WhatsApp, a renowned messaging app by Facebook, for sending locations. In the app, you will need to click on the Location option and then send either Live location or current location for an appropriate time. You will then be able to track and compare where your friends and family members on the map are.

share location on an Android
  • Pro: It is quick and personal with better flexibility when it comes to estimated time for sharing.
  • Con: The recipient might not have WhatsApp.

4. Telegram

Telegram works like WhatsApp – you can send your location (current or live) and decide the time for which you want to keep sharing the location. It is a suitable app for Android users who want to know how to send location on Android phones.

  • Pro: It is a safe app to use for Android users.
  • Con: The recipient will also need to install the app.

Now, let's see how to share your location with these simple steps:

How Do You Share Your Location With Someone?

Most location-sharing methods are similar among different apps. All you have to do is find a location sending option and then choose the contact with whom you wish to share your location. After that, if available, you can choose the desired time for which you want to share the location.

You can also choose the nature of location sharing. For example, in WhatsApp, you are given the freedom to share your current and live location.

A. Trusted Contacts

  • Open the app and choose Turn On to allow location sharing within the app.
  • Verify your entered phone number and choose the contact you require to share your location with.
  • After hitting start sharing, you need to select the orange icon to choose the "Alert" option for specified contact/s.
  • Now, tap the Start Sharing option present at the bottom and click Stop when you are done.

B. Google Maps

  • On Google Maps, you can select the Location sharing option from the menu and choose the Share location.
  • You can select the estimated time for location sharing and the person you want to share it with from your contact list appearing on the screen.
  • Select share with your targeted contact and choose Send.

C. WhatsApp

  • In the options bar, select the send Location option and enable WhatsApp access to your location on Android.
  • You can select the Live or Current location and the estimated time for location sharing based on your requirements and hit Send.
  • If you want to know how to send location on Android via WhatsApp, this is the way to go.

D. Telegram

  • On Telegram, you can open the chatbox of the person you wish to be sharing your location with and then go to the attachment icon.
  • From there, you can select the Location mode and send your current location.

Can Android Share location With iPhone?

Apple and Android phones may have different compatibility issues, which can affect usability in many ways. Luckily, Google Maps offer an option for location sharing where both phones can share information with each other without any inconvenience.

Following are the steps for efficient data sharing:

  1. Download the app Google Maps and enable the location services on your phone.
  2. Choose the blue arrow in the corner of the app to see your location and look for multiple options.
  3. Choose Share your Location option.
  4. Select the period for which you want to share the location and select the contact you want to share the location with.
  5. Hit send to the selected contact.

You can select the Message icon on your Android phone and select the location with your Apple contact. Keep the link intact of the Google Maps. You can do the same with an iPhone and send the sharable link through a text message to an Android phone.

How To Share Location With More People?

You can do so with Google Maps. For doing so, tap the blue dot that shows where you are present in the map or select the option Get Started. The next step is to tap the Share Location tap and select the total contacts with whom you are willing to share your location for a set amount of time.

Geonection location sharing

However, Geonection has an even better option for you. Wondershare Geonection feature with a map page allows you to include circles of relevant people to share the real-time location. The simple interface displays the real-time location of the circled members. You can also expand your member list for viewing the locations of the multiple members. You can also take the help of the SMS service if you want to share the link. The app will send a notification once your loved ones arrive at their destination.

Keep Your Loved Ones Closer

Easily share location with family and friends anytime, anywhere

This is an amazing tool to enhance your security and comes with many different benefits. So, if you know how to share location on Android phone you own, you will be better able to let others know where you are so they can join you too.

Final Words

These were some of the ways concerning how to share location on Android and Apple phones.

You can also use different apps for sharing locations with your friends and family. These include Trusted Contacts, Telegram, and many others. On the other hand, you can use different social media sites featuring sharing location features as well. These include WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger App, for example.

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