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What Is The Best Find My Friends App?

Being able to track your friends and family members definitely becomes an advantage in many situations. You can see whether your best friend is somewhere near your house so you can have a quick catch-up, or you can earn that peace of mind that your family is out of trouble.

find my friends app

All of this is possible with the simple "Find My Friends App" in your phone that makes tracking a piece of cake.

What Is Find My Friends And The Conditions For Using Find My Friends?

When iPhone 13 was launched in the market, the Find My Friends and the Find My iPhone Apps were combined into one feature: "Find My." This way, Apple gives its users a more powerful combo of tracking people around you along with letting them search for other Apple and iPhone devices. Along with iOS 13, the app is also available on iPad OS 13 and above.

The app allows users to easily track and learn the whereabouts of their loved ones by using the information stored on Cloud.

Using "Find My" App For Tracking

  • To use this app and start tracking with your iPhone, all your friends and family members must own an iPhone.
  • Your friends and family members must accept your request to allow you to track their location.
  • Turning off your mobile location will also hide your location.
  • To keep a tab on each other's activity, you and your friends must be a part of the Family Group on the Find My Friend app.

Accepting each other's requests on the app will create a connection. Then you will be able to see your friend's location under his/her name in the People's tab. By clicking on their tab, you can see their exact locations or navigate your way towards your friends if they are nearby.

  • If you don't feel comfortable with Find My Friend's phone app as everyone is constantly peeking at your life, simply turn off the location toggle in your app under the Me option. This way, no one will trace you, and your location will appear with the following description within their "People's" tab "No Location Found."
  • Creating a favorite contact gives you quick access to a particular friend or family member in the "people" tabs.
  • The location-based notification system will notify you once your beloved person reaches his/her destination.
  • You can switch your location with any other iPhone device using the Find My Phone app so that you are always connected with friends and family.

Is There A Free Find My Friends App?

The major drawback of Apple's Find Friends phone app is that it works only on Apple devices. So, what about Android users who want to enjoy tracking the locations of their loved ones?

For Android users who feel the need to keep a tab on their family and friends, Famisafe is a more reliable option. With its Geonection feature compatible with all Android devices, the app gives you an extra pair of eyes that ensures the safety of your friends and family through location tracking.

Geonection-find my friends

The Geonection feature is super easy to use. The map on the first page of the display gives you a direct interface with the people within your Geonection connection. It shows all the functions along with displaying the real-time location of people within your Circles.

Circles are groups compromising of people from your family and friends that share locations with you. You can create separate Circles for friends, family, or colleagues as only people under the same Circle can see each other.

Click on the person you want to locate, and you will be able to see his/her location. You can also switch Circles through the main interface.

Geonection Functions:

  • The real-time location ensures safety.
  • A meetup with your best buddies lets you track each other effectively and saves time.
  • With the historical location trajectory, parents can look at where their child was throughout the day.
  • The app will send a notification once your loved ones have arrived at their destination.
Keep Your Loved Ones Closer

Easily share location with family and friends anytime, anywhere

Top Find My Friends Alternatives

Besides the geonection feature of Famisafe, there are several find my friends' phone applications that allow you to share location with ease.

1. GeoZilla

GeoZilla tracking app is filled with features that can make tracking fun for anyone. Location-sharing app, in-app chat, geofencing, and notification alerts can help you keep a tab on people around you. However, to get more features, you need to upgrade to a premium version.

You also get to know when your loved one is speeding and using a smartphone, and it also has text and image sharing options.

2. Glympse

Glympse offers temporary location sharing suitable for business contacts. For tracking with Glympse, the other person doesn't necessarily need to download the app. Although it is compatible with both Android and iOS, the app cannot be used permanently. You can share your location through SMS, and the app requires no sign-up.

Glympse-find my friends

3. Snap Map

Snapchat has many other and better options besides taking amazing selfies. If your family members use Snapchat, you can easily share your location. Simply go to the Camera Mode and zoom out of the screen. This will open Snap Map, allowing you to see your friend's location. It is super simple to use and completely free.

5. Family Locator

Finally, install Freedom on your Android tablet or smartphone and control distractions like games, social media, websites, and so on. With Freedom, you can plan sessions weekly or daily to start your day on the fly. On than that, it offers a website blocker for blocking time-wasting websites and apps, giving you unmatched control over screen time. Surprisingly, you can sync Freedom on your desktop or iOS device and enjoy your freedom sessions anywhere, anytime.

6. Life360

The highlighting feature of Life360 is its ability to work on cross-platforms making it an excellent solution for families having both iOS and Android. Moreover, it has all the essential features such as real-time tracking, notification alerts, and built-in chat. With the premium version, you get to enjoy phone theft coverage and crime report services as well.

Life360-ind my friends

7. Geo Tracker

If you are always on the run and exploring new places, having the Geo Tracker app on your phone is a must. Besides letting you share your location with family and friends, the app gives you every detail about your travels, such as your speed, data about your altitude, the distance you need to cover, and much more.

It also has a Find My Friend's Phone feature in case you want to have a chit-chat. The app has an initiative user interface, supports Yandex Maps, and catches the signal in all environments.

8. Google Personal Safety

For smartphone users who own a Google Pixel Phone, this Personal Safety app help ensures their safety. The app lets you share your location with emergency contact to get quick help. It is free to use and responds in emergencies instantly as it automatically contacts emergency services when needed.

Google Personal Safety-find my friends

9. Sygic Family Locator

If you are always on the run and exploring new places, having the Geo Tracker app on your phone is a must. Besides letting you share your location with family and friends, the app gives you every detail about your travels, such as your speed, data about your altitude, the distance you need to cover, and much more.

10. My GPS Location

Are you a hiker who constantly wants an update while hiking trips? Then, this app might be an ideal choice for you. By letting you know the longitude and latitudes, it keeps you on your track and also allows you to share that information with your buddies.

It is free to use, simple and accurate, and is suitable for long-distance trips.

Sharing your location with your loved ones and friends is always an added benefit. It helps you know that your loved ones are safe and help them in their time of need. For iPhone users, the Find My Friend App is a handy feature. However, with countless apps and built-in features, Android users can now also enjoy tracking and earn that peace of mind.

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