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Best parental control App

Best Free&Paid Ways to Fake Location in Any Devices

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When GPS technology is integrated with apps like Google Maps, it's quite simple to locate your coordinates or receive precise directions to your house, job, or local business. Unfortunately, there is one major drawback to this degree of precision: privacy. If you don't want your friends and family to know where you are, you can use third-party applications to fake GPS location on your android and iOS devices. Here are the top 8 best free and paid apps to spoof GPS on android and iOS devices:


Part1: 5 Best Free Apps to Fake a GPS Location


iSpoofer is available for Windows and Mac and allows you to spoof GPS location on your iOS-based devices. With this software, you can change your iPhone or iPad's current location to any new place you desire. If you choose, you can relocate to a different nation.

It is a significant benefit that the app does not require you to jailbreak your devices. You can explore the app's various functions for faking the location after it has been installed on your computer.


VPNa is a free fake GPS location app for android & iOS smartphones that includes Fake GPS functionality. Simply choose a place on the map, and the app will provide you with a phony location for all of your applications!

You may try it with any app, and the location will appear in your GPS. One intriguing feature is that you may add certain locations to your favorites, so if you want to fake your location as being at your business, 10 seconds would enough!

Step3iMyFone AnyTo

After a huge success as an iOS location spoofing software, iMyFone AnyTo has now released an Android version of the program. Thousands of individuals from all around the world have already downloaded it. It's safe to state that, like their iOS location spoofer, iMyFone AnyTo's Android Location Spoofer program is one of the safest to use. It allows you to alter your GPS position in a couple of seconds to any place you desire.

It allows you to build a virtual route using a map and simulate virtual travel at a chosen pace. You can use this Android location spoofer tool to access location-restricted material and operate safely with all location-based apps, such as AR games. It keeps track of all the virtual places, making it much easier to impersonate yourself on your Android device.

Step4Fake GPS by Hola

You can break your app's geo-restrictions, especially if it's a dating platform. This Fake GPS Location works perfectly and is one of several tools that make creating a fake location a simple. Only Android smartphones are compatible with Hola's Fake GPS Location. It's also quite simple to set up, use, and install. It's also one of the most reliable free fake GPS applications available.

Click here to learn more about faking GPS with Hola Vpn.

Step5Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run is a free android software that can be used to put your position anywhere on the globe and mislead everyone about it! Right now, this is the finest app for changing locations. All you have to do now is start the app, provide some necessary permissions, and voila! In just a few simple steps, you can change your location.


Part 2: 3 Best Paid Apps to Change GPS Location

Step3Nord VPN

NordVPN is deserving of a place on our list of the best VPNs for a variety of reasons, including its reputation as the VPN with the most value for your cash. You won't find a VPN that can perform more than NordVPN can for as little as NordVPN charges. It's an all-rounder to spoof GPS and is available on BlackBerry, Windows Phone, android & iOS. It is available at a monthly price range of $3.71-$11.95.

Step2Mock Location

Mock Location allows you to navigate around with fake information about your current location. It is the most reliable and unique tool for transforming your real location into any random and false location.

You can simply modify your location with Mock Location if you don't want anyone to know your actual location. It is free to use, but you can pay a fee to use the premium version.

Mock Location allows you a free 24-hour trial when you install it; during this time, you can also access the paid version's features. It is available at a price range of $0.99-$10.99 per item.

Step3GPS Emulator

This is one of the greatest Android GPS spoofing tools. You can simply fake your GPS position with this app. You may use this app from anywhere in the globe. There are three sorts of maps available: terrain, standard, and satellite. It is available at a price of $2.56 per item.


Part 3: FAQs

What are the benefits of faking GPS location?

You'll be able to increase your online privacy, fool others into thinking you're overseas when you're not, connect with more people on dating apps, view the newest movies and TV series on streaming platforms, and play Pokémon Go from all over the world by using a fake GPS location.

Does fake GPS location actually work?

Yes, it does. It is possible to fool your phone's location monitoring functions using fake GPS. In most circumstances, faking a GPS position on your phone will deceive location-based apps into accepting false GPS data.

Is spoofing a Pokémon GO location still doable in 2021?

Is spoofing a Pokémon GO location still doable in 2021? Yes, it is correct. To do so, you'll need to download a GPS spoofing tool and disguise the fact that you're spoofing it. If you have an Android phone, you'll need to activate Developer Mode, and if you have an iPhone, you'll need to jailbreak it first.

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