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Full Review of Glympse Location Sharing App

To enhance safety while traveling, sharing location seems to be the latest technique. Revealing the location identity to your friends and family becomes easy using efficient tools. In this article, get some insights on the Glympse share GPS location app. Enlighten your customers, friends, and family members about your exact location during travel to overcome their panic about security measures.

If you can perform this location-sharing feature with simple clicks, then you are in the right space of technology. Many reputed platforms force customers to pay for this in-built functionality. Here, you will be surprised and overwhelmed by unique programs that offer the location-sharing feature with utmost accuracy and less cost. Scroll down to explore stunning facts on this topic.


Part 1: What is Glympse App?

 It is a sophisticated platform that enables users to share location details in the form of links via third-party social media channels like WhatsApp, and Facebook. This app does not require any signup or login activities. You do not have to install the app on the recipient’s phone to receive the link and monitor the location details. It is a user-friendly tool and it does not require sound technical knowledge.

Glympse is applicable for both personal and professional use. Business owners can use this app to serve their customers on time by delivering their goods without any excuses. It improves customer loyalty and the longevity of the business. Here are some features to cherish with the Glympse app.

The Key Features of the Glympse application

  • Best integration feature that connects with Microsoft D365, Oracle, and Salesforce
  • Gives accurate information on the location
  • For commercial use, this app allows two-way communication between the customer and the driver.
  • Optimized battery consumption while running the app.
  • In-built with notifications and excellent communication between the sender and recipients.
  • Set expiry time while sharing the location details.

These are the incredible features of the Glympse share GPS location tool. This software is available in three different versions namely Glympse En Route, Glympse PRO, and Glympse app. The Glympse En Route is for commercial use. This enterprise solution provides real-time location data to process and analyzes on a bigger scale. It helps business owners to get a better idea related to employee’s location, product, and assets travel details accurately.

The Pro version is for small business owners. It is used to track only the employee’s location details. Less analysis when compared to that of the En Route version. The Glympse app is the basic model of this software. It is mostly used for personal use and allows users to share the location details effortlessly with a single click.


Part 2: How to Use Glympse to track or share a location?

The Glympse app is applicable for Android and iOS platforms. It is a safe way to share location details with your friends and family. Follow the below steps to track or share the location.

Step 1: Download the app on your mobile phone and install it by following the instruction wizard.

Step 2: To send a Glympse, choose the recipient from the contact list and set the time duration stating the expiry time for the Glympse.

Step 3: Finally, hit the Send button

The above steps will help to send a Glympse to the recipient's phone hassle-free. The receiver can tap the Glympse link and view the location details on the default Map tool in the device. You can use this app to send location details via Facebook and Twitter.


The high-end compatibility of this app enables the users to work cross-platform effortlessly. The location details vanish soon after the set duration time expires in the link. It is a secure method of sharing location with your friends.


Part 3: What are the best alternatives to the Glympse app?

There are best alternatives to Glympse share GPS location tool. On a deeper note, you will find additional features to the below-listed programs that outrun the performance of the Glympse program.

1. FamiSafe – best location tracker for family

FamiSafe is an extraordinary parental control tool in-built with a location-tracking module. You can use this app to get real-time location details of your kids. There are options to set Geo-fence that protects the kids from entering danger zones during their travel. The parents receive quick alerts when they try to cross the danger zones. FamiSafe provides a safe space to travel for kids without any hesitations of the hidden unknown dangers. Install this app and activate it on your kid’s device to stay connected with them effortlessly.


 The salient features of the FamiSafe application

  • Accurate tracking of the real-time location details of the kids.
  • Send alerts to the parents when they travel to danger zones.
  • You can set Geo-fence and prevent the kids from traveling to unsafe areas.
  • Simple application and easy to use even for non-technical users.
  • Track the live location of the kid’s movements.

FamiSafe is available for quick download from its official website. It has a user-friendly interface with explicit controls for quick reach. 

Play this video link to check how to track location with FamiSafe:

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

2. Life360

 Another impressive location-sharing app that keeps you closer to your family and friends during travel. Life360 is available for Android and iPhone. The location safety module in this program reveals your whereabouts.

This app also records past travel history and allows you to personalize the location as home, work, school, and office. Life360 assists in efficient coordination and it has the invite option to connect with your family circle for revealing your location details accurately.



Thus, you had an interesting discussion on the Glympse share GPS location tool and its best alternatives. Surf the above content carefully and choose the appropriate programs according to your needs. FamiSafe is a reliable tool that comprises incredible features and serves as a precise parental control program. Stay connected with your kids and loved ones using FamiSafe.

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