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Top 5 Sex Offender Locator Apps that Parents Should Know

Top 5 sex offender locator apps

What is a Sex Offender locator app?

It is hard to trust anyone today; you never know who is living next to you. It can be anyone, and this puts your kids, especially at risk. However, with the latest development in mobile apps, developers have come up with a Sex Offender locator app.

This locator app tells you about the various sex offender that are living near you. They use different techniques to find dangerous people roaming near your children and then alert you.

Why should parents know about the sex offender locator app?

Every parent wants to keep his children safe from all the evils in the world, and sex offenders come on that list. You, as a parent, would like to have a tool that helps you in doing so.

Other than this, other reasons for using Sex offender locator app are:

  • Alert notification: If your neighborhood is being occupied by someone who has a history of sexual harassment, shouldn't you as a parent want to be aware of it. So, that you can keep your kids safe!
  • Web content: The Internet is not an ideal place for a kid. But still, you can't stop them from using it. However, if you could monitor what they are looking at and who they are in contact with is a pretty good reason.
  • Real-life location: The sex Offender locator app sends you the real-time location of your kids and even the offender in some cases. Now you can track in real-time if your kids are in danger or not.

Here are five popular sex offender locator apps that you should look at:

  1. Sex Offender Search: This is one of the highest-grossing apps in the store. It is a very simple app where you type in an address, and the app shows registered criminals and sex offenders living in the area. You can click on a marker, and their entire criminal history will be shown, which you can read.

top 5 sex offender locator apps: Sex Offender Search

  1. Offender Locator Lite: This is an interesting app that lets you find offenders in three different ways. The first one is obviously using GPS. You can also enter your friend's name from the contact list to find any sex offenders near them. The third is by entering the names of registered US sex offenders and see where they reside.

top 5 sex offender locator apps Offender Locator Lite

  1. Safe Virtual Neighborhood: This app notifies you if your child is contacted by a registered sex offender through emails or any social media platform like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

top 5 sex offender locator apps: Sex Offender Search – Safe Virtual Neighborhood

  1. People Finder App: There is a person in your neighborhood that looks shady. You can enter their picture or name to see if they have any criminal records. In this way, you can make sure you are not living near an offender.

top 5 sex offender locator apps People Finder App

  1. Sex Offender Search – Predators: This is similar to the people finder app where you enter a name, and its entire criminal history comes up. It also notifies you if your child is near them.

top 5 sex offender locator apps: Sex Offender Search – Predators

How can parents protect their kids from online predators?

As everyone knows that the Internet is filled with people trying to take advantage of people, especially kids. This is because kids are naïve and can be easily manipulated. So, as parents here are a few ways which you can protect your child from such people:

  • Talk to your kid about online predators: Such people often target kids who are alone or have low self-esteem. Hence, you need to sit down with your child and explain to them what an online predator is. How does it approach you, and what is a general profile of such people? This can be an awkward conversation, but one that you really need to have. Make them aware of an online predator and advise them to stay away from them.
  • Set rules in the house: Even if you talk to them, there is a good chance they might not listen to you. If that's the case, you need to have some rules like limiting the use of the internet or using the internet only when you are around. Moreover, check their phones regularly without informing them to see if they are in contact with any suspicious person.
  • Parental Control Software: Even if the talk or taking charge doesn't work, you can install parental control software. Such software gives parents control over what their child can see. Who sends them messages and keeps on alert if few words popped up in their messages! Essentially you have control over your kid's phone. One such popular and efficient parental control app is FamiSafe.

How to create a digital safe zone for kids?

FamiSae is an Android plus IOS apps that keep a parent connected to his child's phone and even censor the content available on his phone. It is an app that lets parents track their kid's real-time location, checking location history and set geofences to steers children away from any online predator. Kids can invite parents to share location together on iOS devices.

top 5 sex offender locator apps

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  • Web Filter & Blocker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

Here are a few major features of the FamiSafe app:

  1. Send alerts of risky text: If your kid receives an email, message, WhatsApp, Messenger, which contains offensive content from the sex offenders. You will receive a notification instantly about it.
  2. Real-time location: You can see the real-time location of your kids at any time and remind them of any potential risks.
  3. App usage: Parents can control the number of minutes their kids spend on a certain app. If exceeded, the kid won't be able to use the app.
  4. Web content: Parents can control what their kids see on the internet and block websites and email, which also acts as an email spam filter.

On top of these, parents can also customize the message and picture alert where they receive an alert if their kid receives or send any graphic or sexual content.


It is hard being a parent in the modern age, where online sexual predators have more ways to attack kids. But the technology also gives you a sex offender locator app and parental control app like FamiSafe, which you can use to keep your kid safe.

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