10 Things You Should Never Say to Teens

Things Never Say to Teens

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Teenagers undergo many changes at the psychological and physiological levels. At this period of their lives, parents should be extremely careful about what they say because teens tend to take adults’ words literally. Statistics say that a lot of teenagers leave their homes because they have been offended by the careless words of their parents. Also, children at this age are at risk of suicidal thoughts. Specialists explain this behavior by the fact that teenagers sometimes consider themselves unwanted in their family, not loved or not understood by parents.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Teens

10 Things You Should Avoid Saying to Teens

Adults who unwittingly say offensive words to their children do not wish them bad. They just try to appeal to common sense when kids behave aggressively, acquire disastrous habits, or become reserved. How can family members keep harmony and maintain warm and friendly relations with each other? First of all, parents need to learn taboo words and phrases that they can never say to teens.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Teens

1. At my house …!

A house you live in belongs to all family members including children. This terrible phrase can push teenagers to the idea that they don’t have a home where they can be themselves and feel safe.

2. I don’t care what you want!

By saying this to your kids you will tell them that they are not important and are not needed. These words will stick in teens’ subconscious and it will be very difficult to find a common language with them in the future.

3. Do it now!

Such an order will immediately cause an opposite reaction. By saying these words you will demonstrate that you don’t care what other things your son or daughter has to do or that you don’t respect their opinion. If you teach an adolescent to obey commands, in the future everybody will take advantage of him or her.

4. I don’t care why!

Hearing this phrase, teenagers tend to stop listening and retreat into their shells. It is better to ask your son or daughter why things happened this way and not otherwise. Try to figure out together how to avoid mistakes in the future.

5. You are not grown enough to make your own decisions!

The more often you repeat your kids that they are still too little, the less responsibility they will feel for their actions. If you want to raise your children as independent people who are responsible for what they do then you should trust them more and allow making some decisions on their own (or at least together with you).

6. You do not have the right to talk to me like that!

Forget phrases that tell a teenager that he/she doesn’t have a right to do something. Remember, you an adult, therefore, you are responsible for a calm dialogue, not your underage kid.

7. Because I said so!

If a teenager asks a question "Why?" you should always answer it. Otherwise, your requests, demands, and statements will mean nothing to an adolescent. Give your teen daughter or son weighty arguments and, most likely, they will listen to your opinion.

8. You can’t have it all

Life is full of victories and defeats, but why to make your children feel like they will never be able to achieve everything they want? Teens remember our words and they remain in their subconscious. Youth have endless opportunities to become everything they want. Think about how different your life would have been if you had known it when you were a kid.

9. I told you so.

When you say so to your minors they may think you are happy that their ventures failed. Of course, parents want to protect their children from mistakes and their consequences but without mistakes, kids will not be able to gain experience, they won’t become persistent and persevering. The next time you want to say "I told you so", just ask yourself a question: "What is more important: to be right or to be happy?" Choose "happy" and let teens make their own mistakes because they will be the most valuable lessons in their lives.

10. You are not allowed to do this!

As you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet. When you forbid a teenager to do something, this makes him or her even more willing to go against your wishes. If your child's habits or behavior cause you anxiety, the situation won’t be fixed with prohibitions. On the contrary, you can aggravate it even more. Talk to your teen kid and explain why something is bad for him/her and that you are worried. An open dialog will help you achieve more than strict measures.

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The desire of parents to protect teens from the dangers of the surrounding world is quite natural and understandable. However, it is not possible to always keep an eye on kids, especially if parents work. You can give your children a list of rules, prohibitions, and requirements but with a probability of 99.9%, your child will go breaking them as soon as you are not around. Does it mean that you can’t do anything to ensure the safety of your children? Of course, you can! A reliable parental control app will come to the rescue.

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With the help of the app usage functionality, you can monitor which applications your teens use on their mobile devices, at what time they open and close these programs, and how many hours a day they spend on the apps. If you notice signs of addiction you can limit access to third-party software at certain hours (during classes or at bedtime) or when your child is in a certain place (at school, for example).

Along with app monitoring, you can also track your child's activity on the network. Browser history will help you find out which sites attract the attention of your son or daughter, whether there are sites with harmful content among them, and how often children visit different web resources. If the surfing habits of your kid make you worry you can block a particular site or configure FamiSafe to send notifications when a child tries to access it. You are also able to block inappropriate sites in one fell swoop by selecting categories of sites with prohibited access (those can be gaming, gambling, adult sites, etc.).


Using the screen time report, you can find out when, how often, and for what purposes your child uses his or her device. If you think that your daughter or son hangs on a phone for too long, you can set hourly limits for device usage.

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Finally, the smart schedule feature makes it possible to personalize FamiSafe settings and combine the capabilities of other functions. For instance, you can apply the app blocker or web filter simultaneously with the location tracker.

FamiSafe will help you unobtrusively keep an eye on your child without the need for strict restrictions. If the app notices any alarming activity it will let you know by sending notifications so that you can take further actions. All the control over a child's phone is carried out remotely.

It is important to understand that your kids will know that FamiSafe is running on their phones. That’s why you need to talk to them and explain that you use a parental control app not because you don’t trust or want to punish them, but because you are worried about their safety.

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FamiSafe can be installed on devices running iOS and Android. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play. All its functions are available for free within a 3-days trial period. Try it now and take the weight off your shoulders!

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